Under Armour Curry 4 Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Magic Behind Under Armour Curry 4 Review

Under Armour Curry 4 reviewAre you looking for good sneakers? The feet support, traction, fit and the quality of material are some of the factors that you may look out for when buying sneakers.

One of the latest sneakers in the market is the Under Armour Curry 4. Here is my review of the sneakers to help you make a good choice.

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Under Armour Curry 4 is a mid-top tier sneaker that can be worn to a basketball match or a high-quality casual sneaker for your chinos and jeans.

It comes with a choice of more than three colors which includes white and black, red and black, and blue and white among others.


The new Curry 4 sneaker has redesigned the sole and gotten rid of the herringbone. While the herringbone is a standard part of the sneaker shoe, Curry 4 has opted for a spiral pattern instead. This pattern offers coverage for any and every move that you make to any direction. It does great work in both linear and lateral coverage when the playing is moving about.

The rubber compound on the sole attracts lots of dust if you are playing your basketball on poorly maintained courts. You may need to clean it after a while. However, you can still look sharp all the day with the translucent sole option which does a good job of hiding the dirt.

However, the solid sole performs better on the court than the translucent sole. Therefore, if performance is your main goal and not the looks, go for the solid sole.


UA has incorporated a proprietary foam on the inner sole of the sneaker to improve its performance more so the responsiveness when you are running down the coat. The company has not come out clear to let us know if the foam is charged like the Micro G or not.

When you wear the shoe, the foot rarely feels the cushion. The coverage has been reduced to minimal to increase the comfort. However, on the same line, the cushion has very low impact cushioning capability. This is not the best shoe if you are looking for a shoe that offers maximum cushioning.

However, if you still feel that its cushioning is inadequate, you can always swap your cushion for a thicker and better one.

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Curry brand is known to put more emphasis on stability, control and enhance your feel on the court. This excludes maximum cushioning.

The Curry 4 has also done a great job with the mid-sole tooling. The predecessor, Curry 3 had a very firm and thick mid-sole without any additional benefit. The new sneaker has a minimal mid-sole setup which is very good.

This does deals with the problem that was with Curry 3. Although the shoe was stable, the thick mid-sole made you feel like you were riding high but without a good cushioning. This made you feel unstable, and the shoe felt very heavy.

The new shoe feels light on the feet, and you feel more stable when close to the floor. With it, you can move quickly without having to hesitate to avoid falling. The perfect insole set feels perfectly set up.

However, it would have been better with the Micro-G which is present in the older Curry models. The Micro-G improves the insole feedback while allowing you to enjoy all the attributes in the Curry 4.

The mid-sole is hidden

UA has given very little information about the technology they are using in the mid-sole. However, there is a general feeling that there are features that are lacking in the mid-sole that negatively affects the cushioning ability of the shoe.

The Curry line of shoes does not pay much attention to the mid-sole. This may make the sole feel less stable for some users. However, the shoe is still great for those looking for a show that is responsive, has a great court feel and one that enables zero delays in making moves on the court.

Material selection

Curry 4 has picked the material used by UA on all the models in the line, ‘threadborne.’ The material provides a good need on the shoe’s upper. In addition to threadborne is the synthetic leather outlay that does the work of reinforcing the shoe and retaining its structure.

This material combination is effective on the court and at the same time, very durable under normal usage. You will feel a little tight fit when wearing the shoe for the first time. However, one the material conforms to your fit; you will enjoy a nice fitting experience that is not too firm.

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What is New?

Unlike the other Curry sneakers, the Curry 4 does not come with the mesh. The knitted upper covers the whole of the upper part of the sneaker. The shoe also has an internal knit sleeve that works well although to the tip of your toes.

Some parts of the shoe near the toes, the synthetic leather overlay works with the internal sleeve to give your shoe some structure and to give the foot some nice support

The Fit

As always, when buying a shoe, go for the fit over style. Your foot comfort is important when wearing the shoe and reduces chances of sore feet. The Curry 4 has done a great job in creating a minimalistic upper that gives your feet true to the size fitting.

You may feel the shoe being a little tight when wearing it for the first time but it gets better with time. The shoe breaks in with time and feels comfortable to wear. All the shoes have the ‘break in’ period where they are a little tight because our feet are not true to the size.

Note: Do not go for a very large shoe so that you escape the hustles of breaking the shoe. Most likely than not, the larger shoe will not give you perfect support and will compromise its structure, On the other hand, do not go for a shoe that is too tight for your feet as it may injure you before you have time to break in.

What is good about the fit?

The knit inner sleeve and the upper knit threadborne makes the shoe a soft shock. You will not be feeling it while running around the court. This kind of comfort is not available in most sneakers and something you may consider.

However, as said earlier, be ready to break into the shoe. The leather upper backup ensures that you will not be buying a new sneaker after a few uses by maintaining the longevity and its structure.


The minimal design enhances the support of the shoe. Unlike many other sneakers in the market, the support is not tagged on the upper or the sole, but everything seems to fall into place together. This design gives your feet utmost comfort when wearing it from the tip of the sole to the rear.

The only downside to the design is a small heel counter. If the heel counter were a little bigger and covered a larger area, the shoe would feel a lot better especially when you wear the shoe for extended periods. However, the shoe still feels good by the way it sits on the floor and moves with the foot.

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If you like lots of play on the court, this is not for you.

The support and stability serve the shooters well than anyone else. However, if you love lots of action on the floor, the shoe may not be a great fit as it has a delicate support setup. This setup does not provide enough support when ducking here and there and may cause you to get distracted by avoiding the hurt rather than concentrating on the game.

In the same line, the shoe has tried to cover the support with the midfoot speed plate made of carbon fiber. They are wide and spring well when you are making those fast movements on the court. The plate stabilizes the feet when you are making literal movements by ensuring that the foot sits on the shoe’s footbed.

Overall Performance Curry 4 is the best in the class of the curry line. It has greater stability, better fit, and great control. The improvements from Curry 3 make Under Armour one of the premium brands in making great sneaker shoes.


  • The shoe has great traction with the spiral patterns
  • The low to the ground cushioning provides better stability than the Curry 3.
  • The shoe fits like one big sock which makes it comfortable even after wearing for long periods
  • Stability is enhanced by the minimal mid-sole, minimal cushioning and a great fit
  • The shoe is highly durable thanks to the synthetic leather outlay
  • The shoe is very light, and you would not feel like you are walking with one when on the court


  • You may need to wipe the underside to maintain great traction
  • The fit is too specific without room for wider feet
  • Expect some pressure on the foot and ankle as you break into the shoe

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Under Armour Curry 4 Review and Insights

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