Saucony Guide 10 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Saucony Guide 10 you will walk or run comfortably. Plus, you get light stability for runners looking for extra support. For more features and a more detailed review on this stability shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Have you ever thought if only I knew more specifically about the Saucony Guide 10, my life would be so much better? Yeah, me neither, but here’s a review anyways.

Today I have the Saucony Guide 10, it’s a stability shoe, I’m not much for stability but it’s pretty good. So yeah, let’s get into the review.

Let’s start off with some stats for the shoe. It weighs in at 10 ounces for a men’s size 10, it has a feel to throw drop of 8 millimeters and it’s built for the road. So it’s not going to be a type of shoe that you would take for any trail runs.

Starting with the upper, at the front, you have a nice toe card, it protects your toes pretty well, you have a nice little breathable mesh here, breathe super nice. The only thing I would say bad about the front of the upper is the toe box. This thing is actually pretty constricting from the first moment you put it on and you walk around a bit, so you know when you get into your actual stride.

Moving on to the mid portion, you have some overlays right here and they secure your foot pretty well actually and one thing to note is that all the overlays are welded on. There is a reduction in weight, there is no stitching on the inside, which kind of helps comfort, and it looks a lot sleeker actually without any stitch on overlays.

Another thing I’ll mention is the laces which actually are really really good. I’m not sure what they’re made of, but they’re kind of like, Lululemon material they kind of really stretch, but they snap back right away to their form, so pretty good laces surprisingly.

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Lastly, moving on to the heel portion. There is protection right here with, I don’t know, some plastic; some nice reflective material there, if you’re going on a run at night. Overall it’s good, but I kind of found it to be a little loose. I like my heel lock down really really tight, so, you know when you’re running, it feels like the shoe is just part of your foot, it’s an extension of it, there’s really no slippage moving forward and back.

Saucony Guide 10 reviewMoving on to the sole unit. First things first, you got some ever run for the midsole, pretty good, not as good as Adidas boost, but still it’s you know nice and squishy, really responsive. This middle portion I’m not sure if you can tell it starts here and kind of ends here. This is the stability unit kind of and it’s made of a much denser firmer material, that’s going to help with your pronation.

And for the outsole you have the IPR rubber, really really grippy, really really durable; it’s gonna help you on the track or on road surfaces, obviously not on trails or road drills, but yeah, still good.

The only downside I would say would be maybe the heel just because it’s so big. That might be a personal thing. You might be totally fine with the 10 ounce shoe and having a more fatter heel so to speak. I found that the lighter they are, the easier you move and the lighter it is on your body. Overall still really really good, outside of just a few things like the constricting toe box, slightly fat heel, and maybe a little bit too much wiggle room here, it’s still performed really good, so this guy gets an 8 out of 10 for performance.

Moving on to design. This guy was one of the better running shoes I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. It’s not as you know nicest still as Adidas ultra boost or a Nike Free but this thing works out with a lot of casual outfits.

Don’t choose a color way like this. I chose this one just because I kind of like the funkyness of it, but if you do want to have a multi-purpose shoe I would say go for a more neutral color do something like, I don’t know, a black and blue something for guys and whatever you like for the girls, but something that you can pair outfits with because, this one can actually work for your casual daily use, so it can kind of be like a two birds with one stone thing, you train with it, you also get to use it on your daily use, so you save some money there.

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Overall I give this guy an 8 out of 10 for design. One of the better shoes, still not as nice as, you know, some of the other ones out there, but by far, given the colorways you get and the sleekness of it, it’s a pretty good shoe.

Last but not least, price. So this guy was priced at 120 us which is a really fair price actually. Some of the other stability cusian shoes that are on the market cost much more something like 150 to 160. Ridiculous to be honest considering you’re just buying something to wrap around your foot and then exercise a little bit.

So 120 it’s a really fair price. I would say if you’re in the market for a new stability shoe with some cushioning definitely give this guy a consideration.

Performed really really well and given what you pay for for and what you get, it’s a really good deal, so I give this guy an 8 out of 10 per price. You get some really really good materials, some really good quality and durability, so they’ll last you all. But there are some issues with it so for what you get relative to the price I think weights fair.

The over all score for this one is pretty easy just because they got 8 out of 10 on every single category from performance to design to price so overall 8 out of 10.

Definitely I would say because it’s the spring /summer season really give this guy consideration if you do any type of outdoor running just on curbs or roads or if you like to go on the track, it’s a really good option.

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  • It’s a good option for marathon training.
  • The mesh upper hugs your foot like a sock
  • It may make you get out of the home and run more often even though you may not like running that much

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