Nike Zoom Fly Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? Nike Zoom Fly is a versatile shoe, featuring a dual-density foam midsole, which provides mild support from overpronation. Plus, it has enough cushioning for daily training or speedwork. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

The shoe we’re gonna be taking a look at is the Nike Zoom fly; the Zoom fly is a road racing shoe designed specifically for the marathon, however you can still feel its benefits at shorter distances.

It’s based on the Vapor Fly 4%, a shoe that was developed for Nikes recent sub 2 hour marathon attempt. The main difference is they use more conventional less expensive materials to develop the shoe.

Now that we’ve got a little bit of background on it, let’s take a closer look and go over some specs.

I would like to apologize for showing you all a dirty shoe, you know I would have loved to do a clean unboxing, but as soon as I got these guys, I just had to go running them.

The Zoom fly has a one piece fly mesh upper which is gonna be really nice for breathability, it’s gonna let your foot breathe a lot in there, and you’ve also got the fly wire lacing system here, that’s gonna lock your foot in place and a nice rigid heel cup for that same reason, to keep hold your foot in place in this very fast shoe.

This shoe falls under the neutral category of shoes, it’s a lightweight neutral shoe, there’s no corrective properties added to it, the sole is comprised of Lunarlon foam, so it’s gonna give you a nice soft and cushioned ride.

Nike Zoom Fly reviewAnother layer of that midsole is gonna have a carbon infused nylon plate, which really makes the Zoom fly, it’s gonna add a nice layer of springiness, a nice layer of stiffness, really helps shoot you forward and really help you pop off the ground.

The heel in the forefoot have some high abrasive rubber there, for some extra durability and we’ve also got a little bit more aerodynamically designed heel, as you can see there, it’s shaped a little bit differently than a conventional running shoe.

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First Time I Put These Guys On I Felt That Springiness in the Shoe Immediately…

The hill to toe drop is ten millimeters and it weighs just under eight and a half ounces and a size nine and as of right now it’s MSRP $150, so not chump change you can’t be paying a bit of a hefty price for this. It’s a pretty high-tech kind of shoe.

First time I put these guys on I felt that springiness in the shoe immediately, even just walking around in it, it was a totally different feeling that I’ve ever felt in a running shoe.

Size-wise I’d say it fit pretty true to size, I wear nine and nearly everything and it felt good. Not too tight but nice and secure. One thing that I did love about it, was in the heel, I didn’t slip at all that’s something that frustrates me a lot and a lot of my running shoes my hill slips a little bit and it fit very nicely in this one.

I will say however initially upon putting the shoe on, I did feel like it might have been a little bit too tight, tiny bit too small up in the toe box, however after a few wears, it felt great and there wasn’t any discomfort at all.

Running in These Things Is Definitely an Experience

Running in these things is definitely an experience, not quite like anything I’ve ever ran in before. Every step I felt like I was getting propelled forward, every step I felt like I was being pushed along, I felt like I was popping off the ground, it was incredible.

I’ve done a couple of workouts, couple regular runs in these things and I can tell you that it makes shifting gears feel effortless, almost.

I’m not sure if this phenomenon is unique to my situation but I’ve noticed that during the runs and workouts I’ve done, I’ve been going along and I’ve been shocked to find that a certain split I would run would be dramatically faster than the previous one, with no real change in effort, like I’d be going along for, let’s say, you know five-six mile run or something, and my third mile would be 30 seconds faster than my second one and I didn’t feel like I was trying any harder, but I think I just got into a rhythm with these and it just feels so much easier to go fast.

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So I’m going faster with no real change in effort, I’m not complaining about that, you know; people always say and they want a shoe that can run for him, it’s almost what this feels like.

One thing I am concerned a little bit about is the durability of the shoe. Now this is just speculation because I’ve only run 50 or so miles on this thing but so far I’ve noticed some creases kind of starting to form in the shoe, you can kind of see him there like right there, right in the midsole. Now I’ve always been told that one of the signs of shoe is on its last legs, is if creases are starting to form in the midsole, however the shoe still feels just as amazing as it did the day I bought it, so right now I’m not really worried, but I’m just a little little curious about that foam creasing already.

Also, this is just the way that shoe was built, I would recommend running strictly on roads in this thing, maybe hard packed dirt, I don’t really think the traction is ideal for running on trails, which I’m a little bummed about because I do like to get on trails every now and then, but, you know, we got to remember is that this shoe is designed specifically for running fast on the road, I can’t really be upset that it’s something it’s not. That would be like me being upset that I can’t go off-roading in a Formula One race car. I just have to remember what it is, you know. when you’re going into a possibly buy this shoe, you just remember what you’re buying.

To end on a positive note, I think the shoe looks awesome. I’ve heard mixed reviews on that aspect, some people think it looks ugly, but I think they look pretty sweet. I think it’s an attractive, unique looking shoe, in both colorways. The other colorway is basically everything’s the same except there’s just dark grey for the upper rather than this light bluish gray.

So now that we’ve considered all these things, I guess it’s time to rate it.

All things considered I’m going to rate this shoe, the Nike Zoom fly and almost perfect 4.5 out of 5 stars. If it weren’t for those concerns about the durability, then it would have been a 5 out of 5. I love this shoe. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical hearing about it. I wasn’t really sure what they were trying to try to pull with this thing, I really believe that a shoe would actually make you run faster or feel faster, but once I tried it out, you know, it really changed everything for me.

I definitely recommend this shoe to anyone who’s a serious or semi serious runner, who wants to get a great racing shoe and I also recommend it to recreational runners, who just, you know, want to go fast, want to feel fast.

I would say, just remember what you’re buying, the shoe is made specifically for quick running on the road, so when you purchase it, just remember that. I recommend going into your local running store and trying a pair out. I think that probably a majority of you will be pleased with what you find.

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