Nike Romaleos 3 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Nike Romaleos 3 you get a very comfortable and well-performing weightlifting shoe. Plus, the cushioned collar supports the ankle. For more features and a more detailed review on this training shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re doing the first impression video of the Nike Romaleos 3.

Alright guys, so today we’re going to do this one a little bit differently. I’m going to give you a little bit of a rundown about the Nike Romaleos 3 and then I’m going to do a workout in them, in about an hour or so, and I’ll have some initial impressions about the Nike Romaleos 3, with workout impressions, probably a video as well, for you guys, later on today.

First let’s start with what we have in my hand right here the Nike Romaleos 3, the highly highly anticipated updates to the Nike Romaleos 2. Right off the bat you’re going to notice that the exterior is a lot different. It’s a lot different looking of a shoe. It does resemble a weightlifting, shoe but it does not resemble the Nike Romaleos at all.

nike romaleos 3 weightlifting shoes

There’s a lot of updated features here. Initially what I had heard about the Nike Romaleos 3 were that the material felt cheap and it felt like a lower quality shoe, but I could see where they were going with that, but I don’t think it’s a cheap feeling shoe, it’s definitely a lighter shoe – that is the first thing that you’re going to notice with the Nike Romaleos 3.

When I weighed these without the insoles, they weighed about twelve point two ounces, which is pretty much the same weights as a Mike Metcon.

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With the soft insole, about a little over 13 and with the hard performance insole they’re at about 15 point 5, so somewhere around the weight of the Adidas Adipowers. These are a lightweight shoe and to make things even better, they fit really really well. They are not like any other ___ shoe that kind of feels like it’s pulling you down to the ground.

These feel like they’re just like connected to your feet…

Nike Romaleos 3 reviewThese feel like they’re just like connected to your feet, it’s pretty insane to feel how light these feel and how well they fit on your feet. The fit actually feels like a Metcon with an elevated hard heel, incompressible heel.

Another thing that I heard about with the Nike Romaleos 3, initially, was that they were soft, like they were they had compressible soles, but that is completely false. I’ve put both of the insoles in these shoes, I’ve tried to compress them and there’s nothing to compress.

A weird thing, an interesting thing with the Nike Romaleos 3 is that this honeycomb bottom part is hollow, you can actually see through it and it’s hollow right there and I think they did that to just save on a little bit of weight, the heel is still TPU, so there’s no way that you are compressing that heel.

You still get two options for inserts: this one with the black bottom is going to be your softer insole, which is not very soft, and then this one with the white bottom, is going to be your firm insole – they both come with stickers on them.

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Both of them are nearly incompressible, though, the performance one is just a little bit thicker and a little bit stiffer, it’ll fill up the shoe a little bit better than the non performance one or the soft one.

The forefoot is SuperDuper flexible on this shoe; all of this right here, all these grooves aid in flexibility and they also aid in ventilation. The strap is much shorter and there’s a little bit of clear space that you can put your laces in – without ruining them, like in the Reebok Legacy Lifter and I love that.

A lot of people said that the strap looks cheap, I don’t think it does, it’s kind of like a seat belt.

When it comes down to the fit of the Nike Romaleos 3, these are indeed a little bit more narrow, actually a lot more narrow, than the Nike Romaleos 2 – you’re going to notice that a lot in the mid foot, not so much in the forefoot, that kind of feels the same, but really in the mid foot is were we’re gonna notice it.

If you had issues with the normal insole and the Nike Romaleos 3 with that shoe being too wide, you’re going to probably like the Nike Romaleos 3. Not that they’re a narrow shoe, but they’re a lot more narrow than the pretty wide Nike Romaleos 2.

Nike Romaleos 3 also run a little bit smaller. I feel like I could have gotten a size up or half-size up and I think, if you are planning to do wads and these shoes, you’re not planning to just do weightlifting, you might want to go half a size up because they are pretty tight if you get them in your normal weight lifting shoe size.

I got a nine and I think I should have gotten with a nine and a half especially because I think that I’m going to be using these in a lot of wads due to how light and flexible they are.

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The only thing that I have issues with right now is just the tongue, it’s like the Nike Metcon tongue – it’s a little anemic and while it’s still lays pretty flat, it’s kind of cheap feeling and I feel like I’m gonna pull it off, I’m gonna stretch it out and that’s kind of weird.

Other than that, my right shoe is shiny and my left shoe is mat. It’s crazy, this is weird. Here’s the two, side by side. I think that’s a little weird, but, at least it’s black, so it’s not that big a deal.

That was just a little breakdown with the Nike Romaleos 3. I’m gonna go ahead and work out in them, it’s going to actually be a wide of power cleans, wall balls and rowing, when you see how these perform. No serious ___ lifts until tomorrow, but I’ll report back tomorrow on my Instagram. Make sure you guys check that out, as many reviews as possible.

The Nike Romaleos 3 did awesome!

Alright guys so I just finished my first workout with the Nike Romaleos 3 and the workout sucked but the Nike Romaleos 3 did awesome. It was three rounds per time of 30 power cleans at 135.95, 30 wall balls, 2014 and 30 calorie row and it sucked, but never once did the Nike Romaleos 3 get uncomfortable – they stayed very stable and they’re super duper flexible for a workout where you’re doing a bunch of jumping and balancing like this.

My feet stayed perfectly okay, there was no soreness, there’s no soreness afterwards like, especially like I got after, I was using the tsx fly nets that made my feet just burn like crazy and so, I had you guys asked me some questions before I went into that workout, so I think the number one thing that I got was what’s a sizing light on the Nike Romaleos 3 and the sizing is slightly smaller …

… and I’m going to say that if you are a dedicated weight lifter, if that’s all you’re going to use these shoes for, if I you’re going to do the squat in them or just powerlifting, then I’m going to say, you should go with your normal weight lifting shoe size, so that would be one size or one half size down from your training shoe size.

But if you’re going to use these during a ___, I’m going to say that you’re going to want to go half the size up with your normal training shoe size. Give yourself a little bit of room. I got a size 9 and normally were size 9 and a half of my training shoes and I think if I had to do it again, I would get these in a nine and a half.

The next thing that I got was, where did I get them, I got them from the Momentum Running company and they had them a little bit early so they gave me the hook up.

Here’s another one: stability compared to the Nike Romaleos 2. I’m gonna say that they’re just as stable. I don’t have the performance insole in these, but there was lots of stability as far as the shoe goes.

The platform is slightly more narrow, so you’re going to notice that right away, compared to the 2. You’re not going to feel as stuck to the ground as the Nike Romaleos 2, but every landing is – in my opinion – just as stable as the 2.

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When I weighed them they were 13 ounces with the softer insole and they were 15 with the hard insole, that’s at least up an ounce and a half lighter than the normal for the room loyalty’s.

Does the thinner tongue and fly wire dramatically improve the fit? The fit is much better, there’s no keel slip on these and I haven’t even reached them in all that tight and there is also another loop up here for lace lock, so I haven’t had any issues as far as any heel slip or any kind of fitment issues, so I’m going to say that the fit is improved.

I’m not sure it’s from those two things but the fit has definitely improved.

One thing I missed is I think the improve fit is actually from this amount of cushioning that they have around the Achilles area and in the ankle area, actually provides very good support for your ankle and it keeps your heel and your foot locked down in the chute very well.

So compared with the Legacies, these are way lighter, I mean Legacies weight 20 ounces. I think if you’re doing just weight lifting or just squatting, you’d be okay with the Legacies because they’re a little bit more stable, they’re wider, they’re heavier, so the Legacies would be a probably better solution for weight lifting, if you’re good about moving your feet and just squatting.


  • The interchangeable soles are very handy
  • Flywire cables and nylon midfoot strap offer dynamic lockdown
  • One customer says: ‘The buckle on the strap snapped the first time I wore them.’

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