Nike PG1 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Nike PG1 you get mesh and leather upper for ventilation and durability. Plus, you get Phylon foam midsole for responsive cushioning and stability. For more features and a more detailed review on this basketball shoe, check this video below…

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Today I had the Nike Paul George 1 performance review for you guys, let’s get right into it. Starting out with the traction of the Nike Paul George 1, as you guys can see we have a little colorful section right here and then the rest of the traction pattern is great and basically, what makes up the traction pattern is just a bunch of lines in a bunch of different directions, so let me just tell you guys how these perform.

The rubber compound on this traction set up, on this colorway, is solid and also it is pretty soft. I can’t tell you guys how soft the Paul George 1 shining colorways, the ones that translucent the bottom, those are really nice guys, I did strike out on those, so I got this colorway instead and this solid rubber outsole did provide very good traction.

I think that part of the reason why is because I got the solid rubber option but on clean course you’re not going to have any problems, you can be sticking like glue, you’re going to be able to make adhoc cuts and you’re gonna be able to cross people up and dunk up people – no problem whatsoever with the solid rubber outsole on at least clean courts.

On dusty courts, you’re going to wipe here and there because these lines are very close together and the traction pattern will collect dust after a while and then on outdoor settings, I definitely want to recommend these because these lines are pretty pliable and soft and they’re not too deep, so I feel like these would run down really really fast outdoors – so I wouldn’t recommend these outdoors, but traction overall was pretty good, I didn’t have any problems on clean courts, but I definitely think that the traction was above average on the shoe.

Moving on to the cushioning department of the Paul George 1, as you guys can see we have this a Phylon midsole with a Nike zoom unit in the forefoot, they did put that colored section on the outsole to show that they have a four foot zoom, but however this four foot zoom is bottom loaded, so let me tell you guys how the cushioning felt to me.

pg1 elements review

To me it was a really responsive setup, I didn’t feel like there was a lot of cushioning under my feet, it was pretty stiff, it was pretty responsive, but impact protection to me wasn’t it like a big deal breaker for this shoe, it was firm, but I feel like my knees and my joints and stuff were hurting after a while of playing in these, so I think impact protection was there, it just the feel under the foot wasn’t the most comfortable.

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I could really feel the Nike zoom unit in the forefoot, like you can kind of tell that there’s like a little bit of a bulge or something under the bottom of your forefoot, but it wasn’t like a springy, like how zoom is supposed to feel, if that makes sense – but the impact protection on these were pretty good and they did feel very responsive. I felt really quick and stuff, it’s just not going to be the most comfortable ride, but they are going to provide you with a very low to the ground and responsive ride, still kind of providing a little bit of impact protection.

nike pg1 reviewSo all the materials as you guys can see, we have a mesh in the forefoot with some cute overlays for extra durability, we have this strap, which is kind of made out of like a mesh material, with some fuse and some fly wire and then we have this kind of synthetic nubuck and we have a bootie construction with a little heel tab, regular laces and you do have like a dynamic fit system, kind of like what Jordan puts in their shoes, but yeah, materials overall I don’t really have any problems with them.

In the beginning, this part of the shoe, the back part of the shoe was a little bit stiff, but after three or four hours of hoping hard, you’re gonna be totally fine, the ___ is going to break in and there’s going to feel like normal materials. They don’t feel like anything too special, but I did like the fact that they did put syntetic nubuck and not look like a cheap ___ like mesh everywhere, for like such a low price model, but other than that though, nothing really special stood out to me in Paul George 1 material section. Everything felt pretty standard and it felt really good once they broke in.

Moving on to the fit of the shoes, I did go true to size in these, I have a semi wide foot – my true size is 11.5, I got an 11 and a half and I do have a little bit of a wider foot, so at first, these did feel a little bit tight, especially with this strap – I feel like if you guys watch other performance reviews, they did say that the strap does work and believe me it does work. When you pull this, the fly wire does pull in your foot and you do get a nicer fit.

Even though I have a little bit of a wider foot, after these broken, I feel like they did fit my foot really nicely, especially with this strap, it’s kind of customizable and I feel like the whole shoe just really hugs your foot nicely.

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I think that this bootie constructions really draws in your heel and I didn’t really have any problems with the fit so, in my opinion, if you go true to size, even if you have a little bit of a wider foot, you should be able to get away with these. If you’re not sure, if you have really width feet and stuff, you might want to try this in store or just get this shoe completely, but in my experience, the fit was really good, especially in the forefoot area, due to the strap and also the heel locked down to me was really good.

Something to keep in mind though is when you’re breaking in the shoe, when you’re flexing your forefoot and stuff, this strap is going to feel a little unorthodox or it’s going to feel a little weird, it’s going to pinch a little bit to your foot, but that does go away after a couple of hours of hooping in them.

I’m not sure if it breaks in or you get used to it but it just goes away, so that’s just something to keep in mind.

Moving on to the support on the shoe, this is a pretty supportive low top shoe, I feel like they did a really good job since the fit and the materials were good, the support on the shoe was really good as well, I feel like it’s kind of like the Kobe level of support for a lock down and stuff, like I didn’t feel like my feet were going to explode or I didn’t feel like I was going to break an ankle or like break my knees in these, so I feel like the support on these were really good.

The outrigger is pretty wide or I’m not sure if it’s super wide, I didn’t feel unstable in the shoe at all, the cushioning didn’t feel unstable at all, so yes that’s going to pretty much wrap up support.

Overall the Paul George 1 priced at $110, do I think the shoes worth it? In my opinion, I think it is worth it because you’re getting a pretty good low top shoe for $110. In my opinion though they don’t feel like anything too special in my opinion, I feel like they just feel like a T model, with an extra logo stuck on so, don’t get caught up in the whole Paul George.

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If you like the shoe and you just want a pretty basic but solid performer on the court, this is going to be a great option, especially at $110 price point. I’m glad Nike didn’t make these $150 or whatever, I think a hundred ten dollars is a good price. You’re going to get solid materials, you’re going to get pretty good cushioning, response cushioning and you’re going to get great fashions, great lockdown, great fit and stuff like that, so you’re going to get all the basic necessities you need in a basketball shoe.

For $110 I think it’s a pretty good model to play in or to start playing basketball in. It’s a good budget model, if you like low tops I feel like you’re going to really enjoy the shoe, but personally, I probably want a little bit more cushioning in the shoe, everything else though was really good and I feel like you can pick these up for 80 or 70 dollars in the near future, I feel like that’s a really good price.

However for $110 if you really like Paul George or you just really like how this looks, I think it’s an instant cop, you guys should get the shoe, nothing really failed me or disappointing me in the shoes, so that’s always a good sign.

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  • If you’re a wide footer, you may want to go up 1/2 size

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