Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit you get a flat platform and a firm-rubber heel that combine with sticky rubber in the forefoot, giving you the powerful stability you need for explosive lifting. Plus, the insole lining grips the foot for an incredibly secure fit. For more features and a more detailed review on this training shoe, check this video below…

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Today I’m gonna answer some questions and tell you my first impressions about the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit – Alright guys so it is Saturday December 2nd and the Nike DSX Flyknit 2 just dropped yesterday.

You can get them at Nike, they’re available in a few colors just not the blackout color, the women’s ones are also available. This is the metamorphic colorway which is like the Oreo colorway – they sell for a hundred and fifty dollars which is $10 less.

Now I was actually gonna do this video yesterday but I figured I should spend a little bit of time in the shoe before I say anything about it.

I did do a workout yesterday, I did do a little bit of lifting, but I’m gonna get back to that later, let’s just start with the way that the DSX fine it looks.

I have to say that this is quite possibly the best-looking training shoe there is and probably has ever been created. This is an amazing looking shoe.

Let’s take a look at the upper which has a redesigned flyknit it; now, with this new redesign flyiknit it has a lot more structure to it than the original one did, which I’m gonna pull out for you right here. So here’s the original Oreo colorway and there’s a lot of give to the original flyknit and there’s not as much with the flyknit 2, so pretty much the whole upper gets a full on redesign, as you can see there is no more tongue on the flyknit 2, it is a one-piece sock light construction around the ankle collar.

There is this area right here – where these lines are – and there’s a lot more structure in that area, there’s just a lot more structure to the whole ankle rear area of the Flyknit 2 in general. It feels pretty damn secure, even more secure than the DSX Flyknit 1 did.

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There is a much smaller TPU heel counter than on the DSX Flyknit 1, but it actually feels a little bit more secure than it did on these shoes. There is this pad back here for the Achilles area and it is pretty thick and substantial it, does a pretty good job of keeping your heel into place, but there is a tiny tiny bit of heel slip oddly enough, there’s a little bit more on my right shoe than there is on my left shoe, but I don’t know what that might be, it just might be my foot.

Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit reviewComing around to the front of the shoe, like I said, there is more structure throughout this area of the flyknit, the whole mid foot of the shoe feels a lot more secure. The toe area has some perforations in there, to give you a little bit more ventilation as opposed to the mesh that was on the original one.

Now the outsoles are the exact same thing, it’s the same sticky rubber same tread pattern, nothing has changed to the outsole of the DSX flyknit. Another small detail that changed is the laces; the laces on the flyknit are a little bit beefier than they were on the original flyknit, but these laces are pretty bad. I was just walking around yesterday and they came undone maybe like six or seven times and that was just for me walking around, so it was really really really annoying.

Now, but let’s get back to that ankle collar. There are two pull tabs, one at the rear and one at the front. From a looks standpoint I actually like the way that they look, I think it adds a little bit more to the shoe and another question that people were asking me – is it a mid cut and no I have to say it’s not a mid cut, there’s a whole lot of room for your ankle right here, it still feels like a low cut shoe, even though there is this area right here that is the elastic part for where your foot slides into the shoe, which does not sit completely flat with your foot, when it’s on, but it’s not too big a deal it, doesn’t feel like it’s loose either.

So sizing your DSX flyknit 2 compared to the originals, felt like the twos run a little bit longer, but it’s not a half size long. I have a 10 in both of these shoes and there’s a little bit of space in the front of the shoe on the line of two’s but it’s better than my toes making contact with the front of the shoe, which is something you definitely do not want in a training shoe.

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metcon dsx flyknit 2 review

The toe box width is probably the same between both of them, though the upper on the two feels a little bit tighter than it did on the original one; the mid part of the shoe feels a little bit tighter as well, there is less space in the mid area of the shoe, but once again I think it is from the upper being just much much more fitted than the Flyknit 1.

So the main takeaway of the Flyknit 2 is when it comes to fit is that they just feel a lot more fitted and a lot more secure on your foot and you’re gonna notice that the most at the ankle collar area of the shoe, the sock like design of the Flyknit 2 is in my opinion much much better than it was on the original Flyknit.

The whole upper elasticity is just a whole lot better and it just feels a lot more secure on your foot, so if you guys seen my review of the original DSX flyknit then you would know that I was just not a huge fan of those shoes and that was mainly due in part to the drop in midsole on them, I thought that it was just too squishy and I would not trust it for any kind of serious lifting. It was okay for body weight stuff, but even like light lifts, I didn’t like lifting in the original DSX flyknit and I’m happier to say that the 2 have a redesigned drop in midsole.

The way that it feels is kind of more rubbery, the texture is different, the material is for sure different; if I just kind of flip it back and forth it’s a little bit more like elastic and rubbery than on the original one, where it’s kind of stiff and kind of like more like styrofoam then the DSX flyknit 2, is kind of like rubbery one.

The outsole grooves are different between all of the shoes, this is the Flyknit 1, this is the Metcon 3 and this is the Flyknit 2. I don’t think that is gonna really do a whole lot of difference between all the shoes as far as for flip flexibility goes, but it’s worth noting that it’s there.

Overall I have to say that this insole, midsole is extremely responsive and it is closer feeling to the Nike Metcon 3, more stiff insole than the original DSX flyknit squishy insole. I would go as far to say that this is almost on par to the Nike Metcon 3, maybe just a little bit less stiff than the Nike Metcon 3.

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Now the drop on the DSX Flynkit 2 is 6 millimeters, that has not changed. You’re gonna notice that the most in the middle area of the shoe. The DSX flyknit 1 were once again 6 millimeters and the Metcon 3 are four millimeters in drop. Much much better, I feel way more confident lifting pretty much anything in the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit than the original DSX flyknit.

nike metcon dsx flyknit black

There’s a lot more structure to the upper and the midsole does not compress. I did a few snatches yesterday. actually maxed out my snatch and I almost peed on my snatch yesterday at 2:30. Today I did some power cleans and I had absolutely no issues cleaning in the Flyknit 2.

A little bit earlier on the day I posted something on my Instagram saying that if you guys had any questions about the flyknit 2, post in there and I would try to answer them in this video, so let’s go over some of that stuff.

The main question is do they feel more stable than their predecessors when lifting heavy and like I said before, they definitely definitely do, they are around the same league as the just normal Metcon 3, which is much much better but my disappoint fans of the original DSX flyknit.

Another one is about the fit, ‘is the toe box wider than the original one‘, like I said it’s not, but the upper is a little bit more fitted. so it feels like it is a little bit more narrow.

Now here’s one that’s popping up left and right and it is ‘do they squeak‘ and I think it’s a little too early to say anything about that, but in my experience so far they do not squeak and I don’t think they will because of the way that the midsole is redesigned – it feels like a lot more rubbery and it doesn’t kind of have that creaking sensation like the original ones did.

‘Running shoe or nah’, I’m gonna say no, these are still training shoes and if you wanted to do some running, I would definitely probably just stick with the original ones.

‘Are they worth the upgrade’yes!

‘Are they lighter than the original ones?’, when I weighed the Flyknit 2 they were actually heavier at 12.5 ounces and the original ones I weighed in at 11 onces for a men’s size 10, so a little bit heavier than the originals.

‘Stretching after use’, I think that’s a little bit too early to answer that question, but it feels pretty good right now.

Lateral stability is much better in these shoes than the original DSX flyknit, that was another thing that I didn’t like about those shoes. If you ever made any kind of cuts, then you would feel like your foot was falling out of the shoe, whereas this shoe you feel pretty secure.

So I’m not gonna answer all the questions but those are the main ones that popped up a lot: ‘are they more stable than the original ones’ – yes they most definitely are way way more stable than the original ones. ‘Do they squeak’ not yet but that’s still to be determined, I don’t think that they’re actually going to squeak because of the redesigned midsole and ‘how’s the fit around the ankle area’, it’s not loose, it’s definitely more structured in the whole upper of the shoe and once again ‘sizing’, they do run slightly longer than your DSX Flyknit 1.

what does dsx stand for nike

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Now once again guys, this is just the first impression video, I’ve only done a little bit of lifting, I’ve done only one WOD in these shoes, but so far I actually really like these shoes and that’s surprising because I did not like the original DSX Flyknit.


  • These shoes would not feel great the first time you try them on
  • They may not be ideal for running shoes
  • The uppert= could have been made a tiny bit stiffer

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