Nike Metcon 3 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Nike Metcon 3 you get stability for lifting. The shoe’s all-around support lets you train with confidence. Plus, the mesh on the heel and ankle help keep you cool. For more features and a more detailed review on this training shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re doing the first impression video of the Nike Metcon 3.

They’re finally here, they’ve been circulating around for a while and I finally finally got my hands on a pair. Bought them off of Amazon, some people already selling them, early momentum – running company is selling them to places in the Midwest. I got mine off of Amazon for only $120 so that’s $10 under retail, with free prime shipping, no tax – can’t beat that deal.

I was going to hold off because I’m not enthused by all the launch colors, this is the black out colorway, there’s also the white and black colorway for the men and then there’s the great ___ and ___ colorway, all of which not the best color ways in the world…

Now, let’s take a look at some of the features of the Metcon 3, some things have changed from the Metcon 2 – first off you’re going to notice the upper, is a little different, it looks a little bit crazier, it looks more flying it ish, but the way that it feels is kind of like the Nike Metcon 2, so the Nike Metcon 2 – had this thermal wrap in the insole right there, and then I had that mesh part up front.

The problem about that is that it would end up cracking and it was superduper rigid, so what I think Nike did here was, they kept that thermal wrap but they just minimized it, so now the uppers are little bit more pliable and more flexible. Definitely feels a lot more flexible when you’re moving around in the shoe.

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The front area right here is still mesh, the new outsole is this crazy textured pattern kind of resembles spider-man 3 swoosh, still the same spot inside as well, once again – that outsole pattern – same material as the Metcon 2, the sticky rubber, new to the Metcon 3 you have the TPU heel cup, both sides, does not extend all the way around, just on the lateral and medial parts.

Now, one thing I thought they left out on the Metcon 3 was the TPU heel clip, but it is still actually there, right here, it’s a little bit lower placed and it’s made of the same material as this TPU section.

nike metcon 3 reviewNow it’s Metcon now, so I think the issue that I had with the Metcon 2 was that that area, the TPU heel clip was like this see-through material and it was kind of tacky, so just catch when you go up the walls, so hopefully this will just slide up the walls.

Metcon 3 logo on the back and you are now missing once again the will heel loop, you do have that extra bit of padding right here, the tongue is the same exact tongue sample, the laces on this shoe are flimsy and crappy, feel like they’re from like a twenty dollar pair of shoes, so I don’t know what happened there, but you know, everybody had issues with the Metcon 2 and the Metcon 1, lace is coming on tight, so I think they just went with a more pliable laces – to compensate for that.

Now, about the fit of the Metcon 3 is, the overall shape is the same as the Metcon 2, but the toe box is a little bit more narrow, it’s not a whole lot more narrow, it’s not drastically more narrow, but it is slightly more fitted up there.

The overall length of the shoe is the same – this is a nine and a half I got a nine and a half into Metcon 1 and the Metcon 2 and they all fit perfect on my foot. I love the way that the Metcon feel because they always fit my feet the best out of all the training shoes. So make sure you guys size these the same way that you would size your Metcon 2.

The insole of the Metcon 3 is the same exact insole as the Metcon 2, it literally is the same thing, so I’m worried, over time, that this is going to end up being that same squeaky insole that drove me crazy, drove everybody crazy, I mean you could work out with it, doesn’t affect your workout, but it did drive people crazy.

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I’m sad to say that the heel lift problem while minimized is still there, so wear thicker socks, lace them up tighter, I tried lacing on as tight as I could and I still ran into that problem.

The big question that I’m sure you’re all dying to hear the answer to is are the Metcon 3 better than the Metcon 2 and I don’t have a concrete answer for you just yet but, I’m going to tell you what I’ve observed in my first workout which was clean and jerks and then a fairly heavy back squat.

The platform is still as stable as it’s ever been on the Metcon 3, the flexibility is a lot better, the shoe is lighter as well – it’s about 2 ounces lighter than the Metcon 2.

This cup area does fit your feet a lot better and it feels like there’s a lot more lateral stability here – there’s not as much flex in that area – this part when you lace it, it doesn’t go like that and expand.

The traction feels better on the Metcon 3, they do feel lower to the ground, but I’m sure the drop is probably still forward with millimeters.

Stability is excellent, power delivery is excellent, all the things you want on the Metcon is excellent – they took everything about the Metcon 2 obviously and improved on all the areas that had issues, most importantly, the flexibility of the shoe, the pliability, durability, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see but right now it looks like it’s going to be more durable, just a lot more flexible

Now, one thing I did notice with the Metcon 3, ​is the toe area. The toe area has more of a slope upwards, very similar to the Noble shoes, so toe off should be a little bit better for running, but at the same time you can have to stay a little bit more back or be a little bit more conscious about staying back on your heels when you do any kind of lifting, squats in these shoes .

Now I didn’t notice it, then affect me too much when I did my back squats today, so it’s probably not that big an issue, but if you are forward, then you might have an issue with that.

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Once again the Metcon 3 is supposed to launch on January 6th, for the normal model and in January 2nd for the Flyknit model, but you can already get them from a few resellers – momentum running Co – some other ones in the Midwest and I just got them at Amazon, so if you want to grab them I would say go ahead and do that.

If you are looking for a completely different shoe than the original Metcon 2 – this is not anything different as far as what it feels like, there’s refinements, it’s a better shoe, but it’s not a different shoe, I’m sure Nike did that on purpose, they’re not going to change formula that already works, but they did take a lot of the things with it and they fix them.

Guys this is a first impression video of the Metcon 3, this is not a full review I just wanted to quickly go over some of the things about the Metcon 3 that I noticed on my first day wearing them.


  • Sole is flat, grippy and hard, perfect for those leg squat exercises.
  • The shoe laces are a bit short
  • Good for both lifting and running

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