Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 has been updated with laser-cut pods for cushioning and comfort. Plus, the Flywire cables add durable lockdown support and stability. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 R is a very new model from Nike, it’s only the second generation. This is the first generation of the Nike lunar epic, it’s not a model like the Pegasus, which reached the 33rd edition, it’s only the second one, but it’s a very promising shoe – a shoe that delivered a lot of satisfaction to the runners and it will be one of the most important shoes in the Nike gear in the upcoming years.

It Incorporates Three Major Technologies:

  • the flyknit topper
  • the fly wire technology
  • and the lunarepic midsole.

The flyknit topper is what makes this shoe so special because it gives it that soft like feeling, giving you great stability while running. The fly wire technology which is basically some wires that connect the interior of the shoes, the outsole to the shoelaces and provide great support while tying your shoelaces. And the lunarepic midsole which is basically foam within a foam, which provides you good cushioning and shock absorption when you need it the most.

The Nike Lunarepic Flyknit 2 promises to deliver the best running experience for all the runners at the price of 749 RON (around $179 USD), available in all Nike stores and on

We ran with them, we tested them, here is our verdict from upper part to lower part. Flavia how did you feel while using the shoe.

Nike Lunarepic Low Flyknit 2 reviewThe Flyknit technology providing me with amazing support, especially I enjoyed these tiny perforations here at the top of the shoe which gives great ___ during running. What about you Radu, how did you feel about the upper part? I’m a big fan of the Flyknit technology, I loved it from the lunar epic 1 and now I see that it’s gotten better.

I love also the texture and the feelings of the upper part and I think it offers the comfort and stability at the same time and it can also adapt for runners with narrow and wide food because it’s very flexible and at the same time stretchy enough in order to give you the comfort that you’re looking for.

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Yes, the shoe is amazingly flexible without letting your foot slip from one side to another, so one of my runs actually I started to be a bit too tight on my left foot, maybe it’s a bit wider than the right one, I don’t know, or maybe it was a bit swallow at the time, but I adored it, this sock feeling.

And the Flyknit compared to Lunarepic 1, when I went on a fast ride, I felt a little bit unsecured on the turning points of the track, but this shoe improves that stability offered to the runners and I feel more safe while running on a curve or a turning point and I don’t feel that my foot is sleeping out of the shoe.

I Felt It So Secure That…

What is cool about the combination of Flyknit technology and fly wire technology is that the Flyknit technology works so well on your feet and I felt it so secure that I even felt sometimes that I can do with my laces a little bit loose and don’t use the firewire technology because the Flyknit is so good.

The first thing that I felt when putting on this shoe was the really plush feeling around the heel area and also on the, what was supposed to be the tongue of the shoe, but as you can see this shoe is just like a sock, you put it on, it has no tongue, one piece.

This is a great thing while running but at first time that I tried it, I felt like it pushed my heel out of the shoe, which is something that I’ve heard other people complain about, but it’s just the first sensation, it disappeared after two hours of wearing the shoe.

What I liked inside of the shoe is the feeling of the Flyknit technology on the exterior of my foot, it’s very plushy, comforting and at the same time, secure, which is a very good combination.

This shoe presents a ten millimeter drop or offset, is the one centimeter difference from here to here, which offers plenty of comfort on a scale from 0 to infinite, 10 millimeter offset is pretty big and offers the comfort amateur runners will be seeking and compared to fast shoe that can go to two millimeters, let’s say three millimeters, this is a very minimalistic shoe.

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For me it was the first time running in a Lunarepic low shoe and it felt great. I really appreciate it and I could feel the cushioning on the inside, the foam and the responsiveness that it gave me while running and what’s really cool is that you can actually see the cushioning and support that this shoe provides when using it.

It Made Me Feel Like a Running Spiderman

What I love the most about this shoe is the outer pads that you have on the outsole that made me feel like a running spiderman, you know how spider-man got on all those buildings and got the perfect grip everywhere he touched them, well I think that this pad offers the perfect grip for every runner, they’re in perfect shape to adapt to any condition, if it’s road or wet road or rainy road, you’ll have that stability and security that you’re looking during the run. I love the way they stick on the ground and I think these pads are the best thing about the Flyknit 2.

Also had a very good feeling about the laser-cut pads because I could actually feel them compressed and then release the energy at each stride, so that gave me like a push desire to run faster.

What I didn’t like about this laser cut shoe pads is that they turn you into a bit of a rock collector, tiny rocks get stuck into the pads and sometimes they can be upsetting, you have to stop and take them out or clean the shoes every two runs because they scratch every surface that you step on.

Did you know that the Flyknit technology took the engineers of Nike more than four years to produce and to implement?

The looks of this shoe, which are great in my point of view, I adore them; the first time that I wear them I drew attention everywhere, everybody asked me about them.

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I think that’s a great shoe. I love the colors. I’m a big fan of vivid colors and I’m happy to wear shoes that stand out of the shoe routine… and I also like that it has this small reflective part on the back of the shoe. It’s not much but it keeps you save while running at night.

Flavia, what did you feel when running with the shoe and how would you recommend it? For me, it’s a total yes when it comes to ​this shoe, different from anything that I’ve tried on before, very nice stability, I’m just very happy with the shoes.

I think that’s the perfect shoe for the amateur runners like we are, but people that go on the long-distance that choose to run 10 to 15 to 20 K and they’re aiming for the marathon or even running the marathon, I think this is a very comfortable shoe. I think that is offering everything you need from a soft and supportive ride as they ___ on the insole.

Let’s not forget that this is an extremely lightweight shoe, very flexible and I had a great time doing some speed runs in this.

We like the Nike Lunarepic 1. We love Nike Lunarepic 2. And we hope to see as soon as possible the Nike Lunarepic 3. We are very confident that shoe will become a tradition in the Nike family. It’s one of the few shoes that will satisfy slow runners and fast runners. At the same time most of the shoes are built for slow runners, with very good stability and shock absorption or for fast runners, this one will satisfy both categories.

The Nike lunar epic flyknit is not a shoe, it’s an experience that you have to live and try on your foot.

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  • They have a great bounce due to the sole construction
  • You could wear them in the gym and even play basketball in them
  • They run true to size

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