Nike Kyrie 4 Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Magic Behind Nike Kyrie 4 Review

Nike Kyrie 4 reviewNike Kyrie 4 Evolves Into The Perfect Mix Of Comfort & Traction. If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that work really well on a wide range of courts, consider the Kyrie 4.

These sneakers are designed with multi-directional herringbone, which is one of our favorites.

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A quick look under the sole, and you’ll be dazzled by a traction pattern that looks familiar, but sharpens the aggression. The old is given something new.

The Kyrie 4’s traction pattern is what gives it the edge on almost any playing floor. The outsoles start off a little bit slick, but over several days of use they grow better with the wear and tear. No more wiping the outsoles so often!

These crocodile teeth-shaped traction can carry you across the court, even through the most insane moves. It is literally possible to turn on a dime with these sneakers.

Hands down, this is the best and most well-rounded Kyrie brand sneaker we’ve ever seen.

Killer Cushion

The cushion in the Kyrie 4 is the best so far in the brand. You might argue that the featured Zoom Air unit was unnecessary, and I’d be with you, since you’re not supposed to play on your heels. But for the times you can’t help landing on your heels, it’s there to help you.

Not only is there fantastic cushion, but it makes up the entire midsole. The design team knew what they were doing when they decided to bring it to the forefront with the Kyrie 4. They made an interesting move – Cushlon is typically featured with a Phylon carrier for that extra soft bounce, but it’s not included here.

It’s all about balance with this model – what you have here with the Cushlon is a blend of bounce and the solid “court feel.” The midsole at the front of the foot is thin, which reduces the bounceback to a minimum. The designers understood that I need that flexibility, mobility, and comfort, but not so much that you lose control and stop experiencing the robust traction the Kyrie 4 has to offer.

The reason why Cushlon is such a comfortable material is because it has a higher rubber content than your traditional nylon. Here we have a super smooth transition between the heel and toe, and it’s absolutely amazing. If you want a low profile with high responsiveness (and a bit of cushion), then you are going to love the Kyrie 4.

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Hopefully, the Kyrie designers will be smart enough to continue featuring Cushlon in their models – I’ll be looking forward to them from here on out if they do.

Fit Is Snug, But Wide-Footers Watch Out

I first noticed that the Kyrie 4’s forefront is exceptionally snug, and that matched my tastes, making me feel secure in the shoe instead of sliding around all the time – something past Kyrie models were notorious for.

However, if you happen to be a wide-footer, consider purchasing a model that’s up your side, unless you’ve work Kyrie comfortably in the past without any adjustments. You have a solid lockdown all the way through, and the lacing plays it safe so there’s nothing to worry about there. Only that snug forefront – it might work for you, it might not. I say it’s worth a try.

A wide-footer needs to watch out, because these shoes are for a narrow fit. Don’t throw them away as soon as you take them out of the box, though – most likely, it will take several sessions before they break in and loosen to your shape. A few hours of play, you’ll be good to go. Just be absolutely sure to try them on at the store first to prevent surprises.

I had no issues with the support on the Kyrie 4, although I did feel as if I lost out on the cradled feeling that comes with the best shoes – but the emphasized “teeth” jutting out in the back provide a similar feel, so it’s not a total loss. The way the teeth wrap around the forefront provides stability to the Cushlon and puts your forefront in a safe cage.

Losing The Edge …

While the Kyrie 4 might look like the most aggressive model out there so far, I had a different experience out on the court. The Kyrie 4 lost its edge somewhere during its performance. By no means does that make it total trash – it’s just lost that beastly bite that made the brand famous in the first place.

Past Kyrie models had more of that bite than this one, but for a lot of players, that might not be a bad thing. Some of us don’t want to go around feeling like our ankles could snap off any minute. This traction pattern works amazingly, and doesn’t beat up your ligaments.

A Balanced Design

Mixing the old with the new is what the Kyrie 4 is all about. You have engineered mesh that cages the forefoot, with lightweight material all around that barely needs any time to be broken in.

While the nylon attached to the underside limits the airflow your foot is getting, in turn it strengthens the material. Going back to the heel, there is suede material that might not be top of the line, but also certainly isn’t cheap.

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There is reliable durability with this model thanks to the mesh and the nylon glued to it. Without it, you’d be faced with it ripping over time and after extensive use.

Can You Pay The Price?

As the basketball market has been dropping over the past several years, the prices of these shoes are coming down with it. You’ll be looking to pay around $120 from most online vendors for the Kyrie 4. That’s quite the deal, considering the well-rounded and balanced features that this model provides.

You won’t have to cough up a fortune if you want a pair of sneakers that will provide you with everything you’ll ever need, from comfort to traction to optimal balance. These are the shoes you need to wear on the hardwood on your next game, and with this price practically being a steal, there’s no excuse to pass it up.

Layers, Layers, And Layers

This is a model with many layers. A small, synthetic leather panel is attached to the panel to give the model an extra spice. A lot is going on here for just $120.

Until now, we can safely conclude that the Kyrie line was being severely neglected by Nike in terms of material satisfaction – the models were consistently coming out cheap and utilized nothing but plastic mesh. That’s barely usable even for a $120 price tag.

Bt now the Kyrie 4 breaks into the market, and it’s changing up all the rules and standards. You might argue, however, that the only part they forgot to change was the mesh, which still feels cheap to a lot of wearers.

With the negatives out of the way, we go on to the positives. Besides that mesh on the front, one look at the Kyrie 4 will have you convinced that you’re gazing at a premium model – and it still retains the old school appearance, as well.

Move your attention toward the bac, and you’ll find massive suede panels on the medial and lateral sides – these are what give the premium look and add support and containment in critical places.

Solid Through-And-Through

The suede and leather backup provides the Kyrie 4 with solid additional structure inside the upper part of the model. If they’d upgraded or implemented new supporting technology, that would have driven the price of the shoe a lot higher up – take it for what you will.

Pay attention to the internal heel counter, because there’s more to it than you’d initially think. Sure, it’s not the strongest heel counter that I’ve ever experience on a model, but it still gets the job done very well by keeping your feet tight in the shoe and firmly in place.

We’ve lost out a little on the airflow, but this is a necessary tradeoff when we’re considering what the model is truly after – security and stability.

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Now look at the forefront. This area is extended with traction teeth working in harmony with Flywire cables that further bolster the balance the Kyrie 4 is all about. Those crocodile teeth are what prevent your feet from sliding around when you make that hard cut, or you have to pivot on a dime. No matter how badly you’re shredding the pavement, the Kyrie 4 is going to hold you tighter than your mother and keep you on your feet the entire time.

Lastly, but not least, a Kyrie is never a Kyrie unless it has the signature rounded outsole. This is the part that takes the heel-to-toe transition and notches it up to a whole new level. The result is a performance full of motion, smoother than a lightsaber through a stick of butter.

Take a look at all of Nike’s past releases, and you’ll find the Kyrie 4 stands out for incredibly versatility and a rare opportunity to get your hands on a well-rounded performing model without emptying your pockets.

Nike is finally paying better attention to their Kyrie line that it has long since deserved, and the Kyrie is quickly evolving into a model that reaches out to a wider group of people and provides a much better performance for everyone.

The Nike Kyrie 4 – The Verdict

When it comes down to it, the Nike Kyrie 4 is the company’s best performer this year. In all aspects, the model is well-rounded and balanced, bringing in both the new as well as the old with its traction design and the materials.

You have just enough cushion to make for a comfortable, enjoyable ride, but enough traction and control that you aren’t sliding off the court.

This model is great even (and especially) for those who aren’t fans of the Kyrie line. With this model, the designers have proven that they are catching up with the times and going in a completely new, awesome direction.

The Kyrie 4 is truly a surprise coming from the Nike line – the return of Cushlon was a very smart move. A lot of wearers are going to realize that this was the sneaker they’ve all been waiting for this year.

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Nike Kyrie 4 Review and Insights

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