Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Magic Behind Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Review

nike hyperdunk 2017 reviewNike came out strong as they unveiled their latest ‘React cushion’ setup in this pair of shoes.

The latest on the Hyperdunks shoe series, the 2017 edition arrives with new sole technology and revolutionary cushioning.

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This comes in the form of the Hyperdunk-2017 Flyknit that boasts an air-based cushioning (VaporMax), React & ZoomX. Let us explore more reasons that sets this pair of shows above others of a similar caliber.


The traction is remarkably good. Nike used data-informed pressure maps to create the patterns required to design the outsole traction of the shoes that prevent slipping. With the impact and movement of the foot in mind, the traction pattern ensures a supportive base especially at points that require traction the most.

The rubber compound of the outsole is not durable if you play with them on outdoor courts. On clean courts, however, the traction is like glue so you can count on it for stability even when in high-motion.


The Hyperdunk 2017 features overlays consisting of textile mesh and fuse around the eyelets to bolster durability. The flyknit material is tremendously comfortable around your feet. You never feel like your experiencing any constraint or uneasiness when changing direction on the court.

The flywire cables are essential in keeping your foot in locked down. The midsole/outsole comprises of a react foam cushion.

React Cushioning

The new Nike react cushioning is lighter and softer and absorbs impact and improves energy distribution for a better liftoff. The react foam needs a while to accustom to your feet once you wear them.

The foam molds around your feet and despite the ortholite insole the cushion still feels stiff. One feels the feedback upon impact when the foam springs back rapidly.


The support derives directly from the shoe size. A good fit will influence how your foot breaks into the new pair of shoes. The internal heel counter, the ankle pillows and flyknit wrapping the upper part of your foot provide sustained stability and balance.

Some models have their heel counters placed externally. Some players would prefer extra support and place an ankle brace for increased foot containment.

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Good fit

One of the best aspects of the shoe is that although it appears narrow at first, the hyperdunk 2017 contours to your feet well. The ankle collar with padding, the soft tongue, flywire and nylon yarn backing at strategic points make the shoe feel like it is part of your foot.

One does not feel any vacant space and material does not hinder foot movement whatsoever. The tight fit grips your foot and covers your feet to just above your ankles provides an amazing playing experience, especially for guards.


One merit of the Hyperdunks 2017 is the traction. The shoes work exceptionally well on indoor surfaces. The mesh that comprises the upper part of the shoe feels soft and holds the foot firmly. Players like to have this secure feeling as they play. The Nike React core is durable, responsive and lightweight. The cushioning and outsole design offer further rigidity.

In basketball, this impacts sustained play, sublime lift-offs, and quick movement. The flyknit upper provides air flow through its mesh pores and also provides target stretch. The provides something for every player on the court like the ability to move freely and quickly.

The low midsole also gives the player a court feel which enhances comfort. Overall the Hyperdunks 2017 have a right amount of impact protection for whoever wears them.


One of the downsides to this release from Nike is that they are indoor shoes, so if you play with them on an outdoor court, the outsole will not last that long. Another con is the stiff cushioning.

Although Hyperdunks 2017 improved on overall fit, the cushioning is still quite stiff. Players who tried out explosive drills with these shoes complained about the soreness at the arch of their feet they experienced afterward.

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In conclusion, the Nike-React Hyperdunk 2017 is a solid pair of shoes, with excellent fit, traction, support and made of suitable materials. The shoe build is well designed and implemented.

The React cushioning is a marvelous new addition regardless of its firmness. The shoe provides an all-around performance for any player with its traction as its most compelling feature. The support features will prevent player injuries.

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