Mizuno Wave Rider 20 GTX Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Mizuno Wave Rider 20 you get foam technology that delivers responsive cushioning and shock absorption. Plus, it comes in a clean and straightforward design. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

The Wave Rider 20 GTX is an adaption of the very famous and very popular 20th edition of the Wave Rider shoe. This was traditionally a running shoe for road runners and they have managed to create the trail version including Gore-Tex, hence the GTX in the name, as a part of the upper.

Now there’s some really cool things about this shoes and things I really wasn’t sure about as far as I guess the Australian market, so, as always I’m going to go into the things I like, the things I didn’t, like, talking about price, talk about, you know, who’s going to benefit from these the most and then, at the end, tell you what I think starts out five.

So let’s get to it so starting with things I like. What I normally prefer about is an 8 mil drop, this has a 12 mil drop toe, which is more I guess consistent with road running shoes and trail running shoes. I like to be a little bit closer to the ground and it’s a bit more reliable when you do going down sort of a technical trail and you want to have quick reaction time. As far as this 12 mil drops not too bad I did find a very cushioning which on your road runs until your fire trails are super comfortable.

As far as the Gore-Tex went, I’ll get into that as far as the dislikes because while I think running in snow or running in super cold weather in places like North America and Europe in the winter would be phenomenal, I went out running at about 23-24 degrees Celsius in Australia and about 8 kilometers and I found it very warm, so I will talk about that shortly.

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Other things I really liked about this shoe – it does have all of the strengths and control and all the right things for a trailer I know that you would want far as I guess giving you that protection out on the trail; it has the cradle it, has the you know a bit of strength at the toe the foot and it’s really just going to protect you on the trail, so if you are one of those runners that you know is right about having your feet all banged up, this is going to be a great option for you.

If anyone is a Mizuno fan and they have run in the wave riders prior from what I understand people are spoken to that have having many pairs of the Wave Rider, the shoes is very similar, so this is going to be an easy transition for you if you are looking for a trail shoe or your new to trails and you want to make a slow transition and I guess not jump straight into the sort of 8 mil drop of your own play through the midsole.

Now this one of those things I do that like. I’m going to really focus down on the Gore-Tex. I’m not sure that this was an idea for an Australian running shoe and the only reason I say that is that I found that within about 8 kilometers of running my feet were on fire, the shoe made my feet get really warm and I mean, Gore-Tex has been designed to be able to run in winter. iIt’s going to protect you from water but the problem is, if you look at the top of the shoe…

Mizuno Wave Rider 20 review… where you put your foot in it, there is an opening, so realistically if you’re crossing a river bed or anything in a trail race or even out on the trail, you are going to get water in it, so, it is a good shoe in the sense that it’s going to protect you from the elements to an extent, but is going to be cold weather. If we’re moving into winter, this is going to be a great shoe if you don’t like, you know, getting cold wet feet when you’re out on the trail – these are going to do exactly what you want. And the Gore-Tex they’ve actually nailed it with that.

What else didn’t I like about the shoes is really not much else I didn’t like about it. As far as an overall trail shoe, what I wouldn’t necessarily go to the Blue Mountains and do a lot of you know, technical descents, in these shoes because the grip whilst it’s not a bad grip for trail, it’s not something that I would be comfortable moving too quickly down the trail, but as far as fire trail goes or a mix of road running and trail running, it’s going to be really good shoe for you.

Now to the price, this comes in at $240, this is pretty standard price for most Mizuno running shoes, this is where sort of Asics, Nike, all of their road to trail shoes kind of sit around the $220-$240 price, so this is a pretty standard price, it’s very competitive and I guess moving into winter if you do want something that’s going to give you a bit of warmth, this is going to stand out against sort of your competitors beginner trader shoes and transition trail shoes from road.

All in all I actually really enjoyed this shoe. For me personally it’s not something that I would spend a lot of time in just because I spend a lot of time running in the summer and so I might struggle and might only be added run with it six months a year which I would struggle with a little bit as far as the longevity of owning the shoe, but for anyone that’s sort of getting into trail running now they might be preparing for that first you Ultra-Trail Australia 50, this is going to be a great shoe to think about looking at, it is going to provide you with the cushioning for the long runs, it’s going to provide you with the safety and it’s going to keep your foot in its place in the shoe and you’re not going to have to worry about much happening to it.

I’m actually going to give this shoe a 4 out of 5. I quite liked it. I would recommend it to most runners. Just keep in mind, if you are someone that doesn’t like or doesn’t like those sort of ultimate days of when you first run in a running shoe, you felt like it overheated quite a bit until times running, it’s a similar feeling, but as I said if you’re running in winter and you’re hitting the trails and it’s going to be wet, this is going to really do the job, so I highly recommend it.

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  • There’s plenty of toe box room
  • The U4icX cushion technology makes the mid-sole more robust and practical

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