La Sportiva Akyra Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With La Sportiva Akyra you get a secure, structured shoe ideal for long-distance trail runners. Plus, the AirMesh pairs up with an innovative TPU skeleton to allow greater airflow, reducing moisture and heat buildup. For more features and a more detailed review on this mountain running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Wanted to talk to you guys today about a new shoe from La Sportiva called the Akyra. Basically when I first unbox the shoe, pretty excited about the way it looks, pretty aggressive looking shoe, has a nice rocker front to back, so I think for me, it’ll be a good long-distance shoe.

Other thing I noticed on this shoe, really nice aggressive tread, a lot of the trails I run are really rocky, sometimes I run into soft, sand and whatnot as well, on the trails I run, so I think this treads gonna be really nice for that.

La Sportiva Akyra reviewAlso very sticky rubber it feels like, so I think it would be great on the rocks. I like this sort of X skeleton on it, to kind of keep your foot in there.

Heel cut feels very nice, it’s got a nice catch area in there, easy to pull on, it looks like, also some padding. I’m not a huge padded shoe fan, so we’ll see how this goes, but La Sportiva surprised me on every shoe that I think is going to be over padded, has been super nice, super comfy and not too padded to where it feels like you don’t have any control on the ground or any feel for the ground, so I’m excited about that.

I think this shoe is gonna do well, considering I’m a used to be more of a minimalist shoe runner, but now I kind of like the way these are being built lately.

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Excited to try this out on the trails today, I’m gonna hit it and look for some opportunities to really put the shoe through the paces today and add that to the video so you can see how this does out there on the trail. I’ll have some more information about it when I’m done and what I think of the shoe when I’m finished with that. Talk to you soon.

Hey guys back from the trails to tell you what I thought of this shoe. So after about 200 miles of use on the shoe, obviously not one specific run but over a course of time, I have got a really good sense of what this shoe can do, what it is and what its advantages are and one of the things I will tell you off the bat is, it’s a stable shoe, it’s a shoe that’s gonna I think I talked about in the beginning of this video, that it looked like it was going to be a very stable shoe, it’s got the stabilizer that runs through it, that keeps it from twist.

This is a great long-distance shoe again. After a long period of time on the trail and some of the steep trails that I did take to go up to Baldy, the bite on it was great, the traction was great, you’re gonna see in the front hopefully you can see that in the video that.

On the red sections I talked about before that those are the softer rubber sections. Obviously you see some wear. Again after close to 200 miles, that’s to be expected, especially in a softer rubber area. I’ll tell you though, when I got to slick rock or rock that was decomposing a little bit, it really stuck and really did a good job.

Traction on it did great – really liked it. I’m a four foot runners so you’ll see there’s not a whole lot of wear on the heel. However there is some. and it did bite. especially on the really steep downhills. Great idea, great concept and put it in the practice, works awesome.

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The cushioning on it, I like it. Long distance, I like it. I was surprised and I’ll tell you honestly, I was skeptical because I’m not a big cushion shoe fan, so when I pulled this out of the box, I withheld from saying that I was a little afraid of the cushion on it, but now that I’ve had a chance to try it, I think this is going to be a great training shoe for long distance for me. Possibly even a ratio it in the hundred mile range.

I learned very quickly that this works well. I tightened it too much when I first went out on the trail and to be quite honest my foot went numb. Be careful, don’t over tighten your shoe. It will hold and it is not going to stretch out as the run goes on, which is great news. So the shoe will hold well, this X skeleton is going to hold well.

The heel I talked about how I felt that heel lip in there, great. I did not have any heel slippage at all. I had these shoes really loose at one point, just to kind of try them out and see how my foot felt in them and my heel wasn’t slipping, my foot was moving around on the inside, so I tightened it back down and to a comfortable point where, who doesn’t put my foot to sleep and it worked really well.

For a cushioned shoe I feel it’s pretty light, the 9 mil drop, perfect. Like it. No issues there at all. It’s a great shoe, try it out.

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  • These mountain running shoes can keep up in any weather
  • FriXion rubber is super grippy

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