Jordan B. Fly Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Jordan B. Fly you get the internal shank plate which offers torsional rigidity, and the asymmetrical lacing for an ideal fit. Plus, a woven one-piece upper for a secure foundation on fast breaks. For more features and a more detailed review on this basketball shoe, check this video below…

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Today I have a performance review on the Jordan B. Fly for you guys, let’s get right into that.

We’re going to start out with the traction of the Jordan B. Fly, so as you guys can see, we have like this kind of unorthodox traction pattern, it kind of looks like the Asian egg waffles, but talking about the performance of the traction, basically as you guys can see, you have linear lines that goes throughout these like bumps in the outsole, I don’t know if you guys will be able to see but these little bumps protrude outward, and I got the solid rubber option, which is this gray black gray and white colourway and the ousole is gray, I don’t know if the color makes any difference in the rubber..

… compound of the traction, but my traction was very very good, like if you want a good traction you should get these, especially if you play on clean courts like a lot of other shoes, these shoes are very good on clean courts, you’re going to get ___ in your shoe and also just going to get really solid performance, however on a little bit more dusty surfaces like my high school gym, is nasty, like they never clean that, they never dust it, but like the dust clumps will get stuck in these, in between these lines, because these lines are kind of spaced close together, so the dust clumps will get trapped in there, so you’re going to have to wipe here and there, but the traction wasn’t too bad I guess on density courts, you have to keep up your white’s like normal shoes.

jordan b fly basketball shoe review

Outdoor use, I don’t think these will last long time, because this rubber compound on my solid rubber outsole is kind of soft and also it’s not very thick, so I wouldn’t recommend these for outside being, unless you want to burn through these real quick.

So yeah, that’s going to pretty much wrap up traction, on clean courts you’re going to get a one very good traction, it kind of reminds me of like the Jordan 10 like the traction pattern, a little bit, because of the lines that go horizontally from the shoe, but traction on clean courts was very good, traction on dusty courts were good as long as you kept up your white’s and traction outside I would take these outside because these will burn out really fast.

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Jordan B. Fly reviewUp next we have the cushioning of the Jordan B.Fly; to be honest with you guys, when I first saw these come out, I saw the price point of 110 and I immediately looked at the cushion set up, because of cushioning is a really big part of like whether or not I like a sneaker, because this is really important to me, because sometimes my knees hurt, so I do need cushioning, so I was expecting like regular cushion, like, you know, nothing too crazy, but to my surprise these actually felt really nice, it kind of reminded me of the Nike Zoom Rev of 2017 because of this outsole I feel like; this outsole..

… has like a little bumps, and I feel like above these little bumps they put more foam on and also in the forefoot they have but I feel like this did offer more compression because I don’t know if I can articulate this well enough for you guys, but when you’re on the ground, these bumps are touching the ground first and then there’s like parts of the shoe that are concave down and basically when you apply pressure to it, it’s going to compress and is going to go down and it’s going to lay flat, but basically just talking about cushion, it was responsive and also provided nice impact protection. In my opinion it kind of felt similar to bounce cushioning, I could feel the zoom unit in the forefoot a little bit, but it was nothing too crazy, but overall my experience in cushioning was really good.

Moving on to probably the most premium part of this shoe, probably the best part of this shoe, we have the Jordan woven upper, I didn’t know what to call it again, but basically this is the woven upward that Jordan had on the Jordan 29’s and the 30s. If if I had to answer does these feel kind of like the 29th, I would say that the 29th had a little bit more padding inside, but you’re still getting the same material and also there’s leather on the back, kind of reminiscent of the Jordan 29 low’s, but basically just to wrap it or really quickly on the materials because there’s not much talk about.

The materials are really soft and they wrap around your foot really nicely and you don’t even have to break these in, because as you guys can see, they are very soft and very comfortable on the foot.

Moving on to the fit of the shoe, I would recommend going true to size.

They have an asymmetrical lacing system, the shoe kind of reminds me of like the Jordans Future, it kind of looks like it and but basically we have the dynamic fit system that Jordan provides, basically Jordans version of fly wire and it provides a really nice fit around the foot, especially if you get your true size and if you can try these on, because my foot is different than yours, but I feel like I could have gotten away with half a size down, but true to size is always save.

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The reason why I said I could have gotten gone down a size is because I had like a little bit of like a toe room or toe space in the shoe and I feel like if I went half the size down, the woven like, it’s so soft, I would be totally fine I never would have fit just a little bit better but the fit in the forefoot like I said did have a little bit of dead space, but from the mid foot and back, you’re not going anywhere – the fit is perfect because of this woven upper and it’s really soft really nice.

Moving on to the support of the Jordans B. Fly you want to bask awash you that support you like a girlfriend or a boyfriend or like a wife or a husband, basically the support of the shoe I always felt support of the shoe, I had no problem with instability or heel slippage or anything. Your heels really locked into the shoe, it’s kind of like a mid top, I wouldn’t say it’s a high or a low, but it is mid top, it didn’t feel restrictive at all and it still kept your heel locked in, my ankle felt good and I didn’t feel unstable at any time, so yes support was definitely.

Overall that’s going to wrap up my performance review on the Jordan B. Fly, as you guys can tell, I really did enjoy the shoe, the materials were just the highlight of the shoe, they really felt comfortable on my foot, they gave a nice locked down feel and the cushioning was really good, as I said before, it just felt responsive and also they gave impact protection, which was really nice, especially with the lack of zoom in the feel, it still felt really nice and I felt like it just did a good job of absorbing impact and then the traction was also very good in my experience.

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  • the white around the sole turns to gray and looks dirty

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