Hoka One One Arahi Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? Hoka One One Arahi is the lightest shoe within the maximum support category. Plus, it may be the ideal pick for flat feet and arthritic big toes. For more features and a more detailed review on this stability running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

This shoe in one of the in other reviews I’ve done, a gentleman had said that the Arahi were more like the Clifton, the original Cliftons, so I had to give them a try. So the Arahi, let’s do the weigh in on the Arahi, it’s ten point four ounces. This is for a ten and a half shoe, ten point four ounces, which is not a bad weight.

Let’s look how that compares to other shoes. This is for the regular, is ten point four for ten and a half, ten point four ounces, so this is the wide, the Hoka wide and it’s ten point seven ounces, so it’s three ounces heavier, which is not bad for a wider shoe.

Let’s look how that stacks up against other shoes. This is the Tesla shoe, it’s a slip-on, great for 5K, you slip it on. Seven point four ounces for ten and a half. Amazing. Let’s go over here to the four hundred. This is the shoe, this is the sketcher shoe, it’s the four hundredths, it’s one of my favorite out of their lines and I use that for 5K, super cheap, does it last very long, it’s very lightweight. Look, eight point six ounces and the cushioning is great and I love the upper, no welds that are going to rub on your toes or anything. So great shoe for 5K and I’ve done a review on that.

Here’s the original Hoka Clifton, this is a Hoka Clifton 1, as they got Hoka 1, the 2 and 3 started getting heavier, but the original Hoka Clifton is only eight point five ounces. I stopped having to wear this because the front toe box is too tight and it would push on my toe and cause some kind of weird tingling sensation, so I had to stop using that shoe – but it look a lot it. Is 8.5 ounces. And now, you have the Brooks 9, this is a really stable shoe with lots of cushioning, but look at the 12 ounces. Wow, big shoe.

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Let’s actually take a look at the shoe now. Okay, here’s the Arahi. Cool-looking colors. Look at this, I wore these with some jeans one day, just kind of see how they felt and had a lot of people say: ‘man, that’s a good looking shoe’ and they have another color, I forget the scheme, but it’s more of a shoes more orange or reddish orange. I think that would be a good looking one too.

Hoka One One Arahi reviewThis color and other three colors come in just regular size, but they have a wide. Guess what, the wide only comes in this brown looking color, which is unfortunate, and the wide is the only one I can use because I had the same problem with the Hoka Clifton, the original ones, with the toe box being too narrow and these are the same thing.

I ran in these a little bit and I had to immediately stop because the side pushes in on my toes and for some reason, as I’m running it, causes some kind of weird sensation on my little toe up, like it’s being a nerve problem, but if I wear this one, the wide, I didn’t have that problem.

This is the one actually I ran nine miles in it, once around hot rock Lake there in Dallas and it was cushiony and it was nice ride, as you can see we’re going to look at the midsole first. I would say this is a medium so if you leaning more towards soft, so if you had soft, medium and hard, this would be like a medium look. See that? You can see it’s a little more cushion. The Clifton’s, you can tell, they’re super soft, so the riding would be like a medium midsole and the Clifton series would be like ultra soft. Which is good. Let’s get back to the Arahi. Little stiff, you don’t see a whole lot of movement there and then it has the medium cushion, which I did like to original Hoka, the real soft one, but I found these to be super soft too.

One of the big things that the Arahi brings to the table is , it has dynamic stability; now, this is their stability shoes, so this would definitely could be for any runner or neutral runner or if you overpronate or pronate, this would be for you and the reason they made it like that, is specially you can see it’s called their J design, see how this is look like a J, so for people to pronate like, if you run…

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… and if your heel kind of rolls in and you can tell if you look at your running shoe, if it’s wore on the inside, then this would be a good stability shoe for you also, because this it has a higher density cushion, you can see right there, so it keeps your ankle from rolling in, so it kind of keeps you more stable, so when you hit, you don’t hit and roll in, it keeps you more stable. It’s not so much cushion where it lets your ankle roll in, which can cause injuries over time, so it would be considered a good stability shoe and this stability shoe is pretty light. Just a little over ten ounces.
I really don’t think you can go wrong with this shoe.

I ran nine miles at the end of the nine miles of what I had found was… my left hip and then my right growing was kind of hurting it towards the end of that run and I contributed to the same problems on longer runs with these really hot cushioned shoes, you know, it takes some time to get used to, because you’re going to affect different parts of your body, so like, if it’s real springy and cushiony and a lot of cushion there, then it’s going to put more stress on your hips and you know your upper body, __ so what’s interesting, so I’ve stopped out the nine miles and took these, I was actually wearing the wide, I took a stop at the nine miles and took these off and then I put on Asics content 4…

… and they have about the same cushioning, maybe just a little harder, these are wides also, they come in wide, so I put these on and as you can see, they don’t have as much cushion and it’s a little harder, so my hips stop hurting, and I was able to run another lap, which was another nine miles, but my knees started hurting a little more and the bottom of my feet right here, so that’s interesting how if you get a thicker cushioning it’s going to affect more of your upper body it seems like, and if you get a harder cushioning, it’s going to affect more of your knees, it can affect different areas or the bottom of your foot.

If you look at a lot of the The Olympian marathon runners and you look at their shoes, they easily have harder material, even harder than this and less material, so it’s interesting how they run with less, less is more or less is better for them, so I think that’s something that you’re going to have to you work through, trying to find the shoe that fits you the best.

This particular shoe doesn’t have a lot of arch, some shoes have more arch and some people like that, it really helps them, so a lot of times you just have to try on different shoes and once you kind of get one that feels the best and you have less injuries or less soreness, then stick with that one and your body, the muscles that need to, will develop over time and get stronger.

You kinda have to fight to get that shoe that you like and stick with it and just kind of work through it and your body will kind of adapt to that shoe.

Let’s get back to the Arahi, there is a lot of rubber on the bottom, the shoes going to last a long time and the price isn’t bad for $130, so you can see how much rubber they have in different spots, it should last you a long time.

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The upper is pretty breathable, my foot wouldn’t sweat too bad or anything, they have the flat shoe laces, the tongue is pretty padded – no problems there and they do a really good job of hooking your foot in there, real tight, a lot of them are doing a good job with them and little hook there to pull the shoe on.

I would have to say, aesthetically, a good looking shoe if you are not getting the wide, I don’t know why they only have the wide in this ugly brown, but if you’re going to get one and you like that, a lot of cushion, yeah I definitely would say it would be up with the Clifton or even surpassing it in a lot of ways, especially the midsole being a little firmer. I think it’s better, and plus they give you the option for a wide, which they don’t give you that option in the Clifton.

If you’re starting out running or need to something with a little more cushion, definitely a great shoe to get, I would give it a thumbs up.


  • They’ll save your knees, back, neck, etc.
  • The shape of the shoe relieves pressure on the feet when walking
  • Great option if walk, jog or run for health or competition

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