Brooks Ravenna 8 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Ravenna 8 you get an adjustable synthetic saddle which pulls from the heel to wrap the foot for a secure fit. Plus, Flextra rubber forefoot piece for increased flexibility. For more features and a more detailed review on this stability shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today I’d like to talk about Brooks and what they have that just launched in February which is the Ravenna 9. I know a lot of you are probably big Ravenna runners, so this shoe just launched in February and it looks a lot different than the previous version, so there’s two main things that are great updates about this shoe.

Number one, it looks real sleek, it looks so much better than their previous versions, it has this really nice breathable lightweight mesh upper and it also is one ounce lighter than the previous version.

Now you might say like one ounce that’s not a lot, but honestly, one ounce is everything in a shoe, this is gonna feel so much lighter on your feet than the Ravenna eight, so you definitely want to try this out.

A couple other key features about the Ravenna 9 is that it’s springy and it’s fast, but it’s also supportive, so this is a supportive shoe, its first stability runner and I’ll get to some neutral shoes here in a minute, but this is your go-to stability shoe for a energized sleek ride. So it’s slight weight, it’s sleek, it’s breathable, it’s an ounce lighter, it has responsive cushioning and also has quick transitions from this transition zone right in the middle here.

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Brooks Ravenna 8 reviewThis is a great update and I really hope that all of you stability runners are going to check this out either online or in one of our stores. And as you guys listen to me ramble talk whatever please go ahead and shoot your questions and I will answer them as best as I can.

Sam Oz has this compared to the Transcend models. Well the transcend was a little bit more of a shoe right, it was a little bit more of a bulkier shoe, it was a cushion level 5 by our standards, so you had a lot more of the cushion underfoot, but it was built a little bit more for not as a fast ___ right so this is going to give you sort of that really great transition, a really responsive ride, where the transition was a little bit more of a comfortable ride; so I hope that helps Sam, this is a great shoe.

It is also part of our energized collection, so the energized collection from Brooks is the Ravenna, but we also quickly talk about the launch V which is a neutral shoe and then they’re brand new levitate which I’ve already talked about but this is your whole energized question for Brooks you’re gonna get a lot more energy, a lot more return and a lot speedier of transition. So the levitate men’s and women’s at one 49.95 our neutral level size shoe, then you have the launch five which again is our neutral level four shoe, it comes in at ninety nine ninety five and then for the stability runner we have our ravenna again, our energized return, and what is the support level.

So for us this is a stability level 4 by roadrunner standards so you’re still gonna get a ton of cushioning under your foot, it’s just gonna feel a little bit lighter than the adrenaline. Again please keep asking those questions.

So the Ravenna comes in at 109 95 and it comes in whips so the men’s will come in a 2e with the women’s will come in a D width, which is amazing and then we also have three colors available online.

Chris EOS is there breathing room in the toe area. Yes, so, this new upper has been updated so you’re going to get a little bit more of a breathable of room then the ravenna 8, it’s gonna give your toes a little bit more room for this set.

I have some questions about neutral runners running in this or civility runners. Guys this is a stability, you can’t run in it if you’re a neutral runner, I guess, but I would recommend like I said you would go with the lodge if you’re new to run okay? You’re gonna get the same energy return but if you need that stability alright then you’re gonna go there.

I also want to talk a little bit about Brooks because if you’re a runner you know Brooks, right. Brooks spend all of their money, all of their time, all of their sweat, all of their tears, into running product – nothing else. You do not look at anything else, they focus solely on you, solely on the runner, to have the most perfect ride possible for you – so I really encourage you to try these out.

Denny asks what’s the drop, great question. Ten millimeter drop on these and so I really encourage you to try Brooks out if you haven’t tried them before; they are an amazing brand, it really care about the runner, they really care about their community, they put all of their effort and time and money into creating the best of the best in the running rough, so and, as the sizing the same as the last month – size is the same, total.

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  • You could feel arch support almost immediately
  • Good choice for gym workouts and treadmill runs
  • Don’t worry about foot sliding around in shoe, order a size larger than your normal

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