Brooks Levitate Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Levitate you get a neutral shoe that’s designed with the highest energy return possible, so you will rise to every challenge you meet on the road. Plus, the lace-up closure delivers a secure, adjustable fit. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

In my hand I have the Brooks Levitate shoe, one of Brookes if not the newest running shoe, I’m looking forward to sharing with you first, my experience and then getting a closer look of the shoe zoom in and also talk about the technology that I learned.

There was a video that Brookes headquarters put out and so I got to take some notes and I’ll share with you, it really really cool, what went into the shoe, really amazing.

First, just with my experience, you’ve probably seen I put out several reviews on shoes and I really have gone through a lot. Some of my friends think ‘my God what is wrong with you’, but unfortunately I’m dealing with heel issues and plantar fasciitis. I’m getting orthotics this week, and I’m having a problem with both of my feet.

A Brooks fan, I used to have I think the Brooks Ghost 5, many years ago and I really did love those shoes and then I went to a zero drop shoe and I think that’s what really aggravated my heels, but I saw this shoe and I was like, wow, really cool, and when I went into the store and I knew they came out, I said I want to try them on, because one of the things… look good I, love the color, I like this royal blue look and the silver, very very cool, but I wanted something that was going to be comfortable for me to wear, obviously the heel needs to be comfortable, but also the material.

I had another shoe that I really liked, it had this knit type of material, what a difference it makes.

First of all, I am A to E – these only come in D width, so I had seen on some reviews to say go a half-size up, I went actually a full size up and it’s working fine, but I also have to wear a fin sock, so keep that in mind right.

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Now the company only has this in a D width, and perhaps you know how depending upon how things go, then they might come out with a wider shoe. I know I’ve seen on social media people like ‘why don’t you have a wide shoe’, so I imagine the demands gonna be there and you know maybe they will.

Brooks Levitate reviewAs far as the other color for men’s, it’s a white, mostly white and black really, don’t love that color. I would consider getting maybe the other color, if it wasn’t that white, and then for the ladies, that’s this nice greenish color, it’s like greenish blue I think, and also with the black, kind of similar, but with this greenish color and then also a gray in black, I think is that other color.

As far as some of the specs, it’s a neutral shoe, so this is if you are needing more of a stability shoe, this is again this is a neutral shoe, mid sole drop is 8 millimeters, the weight is now it’s this here on the website 11.2 ounces, it is 13.5 ounces on the 12 and a half and I did weigh that before.

Let me just verify that. Thirteen point five ounces, so it is heavy, for sure, but you know, when I walk around in it, because right now I can’t run, I’m walking and doing some exercising unlike the bike, it doesn’t feel like it’s, you know, holding me down.

As far as the the arch, it’s a medium arch – medium, high – and it says country of origin is imported and I’ll go more into the technology and about the net here in a few minutes when I zoom in.

As far as the removable insole, this is the insole, it’s got these nice little bumps. While I have taking these out of the meantime, I am using another insole, that provides a little bit better support wit my arch and my heel.

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I am a little concerned hopefully that the orthotics won’t make the tool box even more crowded than it is, but it’s worked okay right now. I really love the look.

As far as the DNA AMP and the energy rebound, you know, I don’t know if I could say that I’m getting this energy from walking, again, I’m not running I’ve heard mixed feeling some people say ‘wow this is an awesome awesome shoe’, filling that and I’ve read some people saying that it is not giving them this difference in energy, but it does feel really good.

I will say that I tried several shoes and… huge difference! I mean I was trying another brand shoe and they were really hurting me, I’m so uncomfortable and I put these on, it was like ‘ah heaven’ and I was like ‘yes thank you so much’ and even drove to the company as far as my heel, I said ,I don’t know what magic you put into the sole but my heel feels so much better, and so definitely has made a difference for me.

When I was watching the video by the way, expectations as far as mileage, to get out of the shoe from a runner, I recall it saying about four to five hundred miles – you should be able to get in the shoe if you’re around 400 and you’re not feeling that energy rebound or it just doesn’t feel that same, then you know it’s about that time within you know 50 miles to change out the shoe.

From my experience and wearing it every day, while it hasn’t eliminated the pain, it’s helped quite a bit, it feels so good on my foot, really so comfortable, this knit material it just makes a big big difference.

What I want to do now is zoom in, I’ll show you close-up of the shoe and just share with you a little bit about what I’ve seen on the video that I’ve taken the notes and I’ll share that with you as I highlight shoe closer up.

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This is a really cool shoe, retail is $150, so it’s a high price point shoe, but again, I like it a lot and it feels good on my feet. Very breathable by the way as well and they look good with jeans. When I wore them to work the first day I got a lot of compliments, they said ,wow this is a sharp-looking shoe and that silver pops’, and for some they might think it’s a little much.

First I thought yeah it’s a little much, but I do like it, it pops so well, they really did a very nice job with design.

By the way and actually I’ll show you once we zoom in more about the shoe lace and the tongue pad.

brooks levitate vs ghost

Okay so before I get into what I learned, first of all, the tongue is a thinner tongue but it does provide little padding and makes it very comfortable to wear.

The shoelace is thin but stretchable and the area here snugs around the foot well, very similar look to the Brooks Ghost 10 and it’s got some nice thick cushioning around that area of the shoe, so I mean it really is just such a beautiful shoe.

I was watching the video, it was Carson, he’s a director of product line management and he manages his shoes and what he was sharing is the idea behind the shoe, it started about seven years ago and they wanted to create the springest ride for runners and the technology took a long time to develop and the DNA AMP, which is now called the DNA AMP, and they partnered with BASF, you may have seen some of their commercials on TV, but they are one of the largest chemical companies and they work on foams polyurethanes and these have got a much lighter and Brooks asked if they can make the most springiest polyurethane and they did that.

So what they did was, they wrapped the polyurethane in the thermoplastic which is this silver color, and it’s on the bottom of shoe, and it’s just not for aesthetic, it is for a purpose – it’s three millimeters thermal plastic and it is a kind of elastic then what they do is they vacuum sealer to the mold and as they pour the polyurethane on top of the mold, it locks the foam and has nowhere to escape.

So when you’re running and my notes are that the foam will push out, but the skin will push the polyurethane back and bring the energy back and it then pushes the energy back to the body and this is the DNA AMP, so a little history on the shoe there.

As far as the sole, it does allow for flexibility, as you can see there but it springs right back in place, so you can see that. And what happens is, so there’s not too much flexibility, so too much flex diminishes the energy return, they made the grooves on the arrow shape and this allows it to flex but snap back, it creates an elastic effect on your foot and enhances the DNA.

The point follows the heat pressure pack of the foot, moves and flexes with the foot, so very cool, I mean they put a lot of time and science into this, really amazing.

As far as the upper, which I just absolutely love, this upper it’s a circular knit upper, the knit goes around in a circle and they’re done in a three dimensional tube, this gives the upper more elasticity and forgiving, the yarn is more fine, making the layer very thin and very comfortable.

When you put on your feet you will love it.

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Most people will ask ‘what’s the difference between the Levitate and the Glycerin shoe‘ so, as he explained it, Carson explained it, the Glycerin is like the Cadillac, the 7 Series BMW, it’s plush, it rides down the street, you don’t feel any bumps, kind of running on clouds.

As far as the difference here, the Levitate is more like a sports car, more tuned suspension, it’s in the energy quadrant and makes the run feel springy, really lively on your foot.

So that gives you a little bit of an idea about the technology that went into the shoe, it’s really pretty amazing. I’m very pleased with the shoe.


  • A little slippery on wet pavement
  • Ideal for long-distance running
  • The narrow toe box feels uncomfortable

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