Brooks Launch 4 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Launch 4, the 3D Fit Print upper technology applies strategic stretch and structure for a better fit and feel. Plus, you get blown rubber in the forefoot for an extra-springy toe-off. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

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Today we’re going to be talking about 2 of our shoelaces in January. The Brooks Launch 4 and the Ravenna 8, to do that our friend Bennet is going to join us. As you guys cheated make sure you say hi in the comments so that we know you’re here. I’m excited to be here, I’m a junior here at Brooks, I work on the footwear team and these are some of my favorite products, I’m really excited to be here and talking to.

Ravenna 8 is a really exciting shoe for us this season, it is a great update that we really wanted to focus on bringing Ravenna a little bit closer to what the launch will have. Launch was of one of our most accessible shoes right now, it has a lot of exciting followers and really fun running experience and we wanted to bring Ravenna a little bit closer, so let’s start with the upper here.

What you see is you create a really simple upper this season, opening up this toe box and not putting very many overlays on it. So the goal here is to allow your foot to be able to spread out and move as freely as it needs to, but also be really breathable and comfortable on the run.

Added to that is we have the saddle structure here, so this is truly a supportive feature here, where you notice the laces come together, this little thing that loops up around it and what those laces do is, when you tighten this lace, it pulls this ___ structure around your foot, so it gives you the beautiful encapsulating feeling through the style part of your shoe.

So, important structure for the foot and also really breathable simple upper ___ support. A lot of fun that comes into the shoe is in the midsole and the outsole, so people that know a lot about the product, are really going to notice a similar design lang as for what we have on the Launch and there’s reason for that right, we learned about some things through Launch to really make this shoe more bulky and fun, so let’s start on the outsole to talk about it.

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So first what you notice is this transition zone here, so the purple bit that I’m pointing out right here, so this transition zone was created to allow for that heel to toe transition to be really really smooth, but also playful; so we didn’t want you to be sitting on the shoe for a long time, we wanted to spring you forward again, energize you, and get you running faster.

It’s also in combination with five and a half millimeters of blown rubber, so what you see here is black on this shoe, this black rubber is a softer rubber compound that we use called blown rubber and the benefit to the runner here is it’s springy, it’s bouncy, it allows you to really spring off your forefoot in a faster way, something that you’re going to see on the Launch am I talk through it, so beautiful learning from last year.

Where Ravenna becomes really important is for the runner that needs support, so we have our ___ structure, so this is a higher durometer foam, that’s a nerdy way of saying, it’s a little bit more dense here and so it allows the runners foot when you start to have any deterioration in your running form, your body’s going to bounce off harder foam and keep you running straight and comfortable. So that’s Ravenna, really important fun shoe for high GPA runners.

What would you say is the biggest difference between the Ravenna seven and Ravenna eight. So the biggest difference is bringing it closer to the Launch, so you are going to see it be simplified a little bit. It’s still been a feature all of the support that Ravenna runners have known and loved, but we are going to find is a little bit more breathable and a little bit more playful running experience in this version than we did in the last.

Do you want to talk a little about the colors for men and women. So we have really fun colors of season, on the women’s side you’re going to see the silver purple really leave here, but this Navy is just absolutely beautiful, we love how the Navy executed, really really fun colorway, then we have one more back hear for the people that like a little bit of a louder shoe here, so brighter, fun, really playfull, a kind of tying off that energizing run experience, then you want to show some men’s product, so we start with all black, so super classic for guys, and little hits of silver to really bring…

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… some color to it, but this is definitely a driver for our business here with this black shoe, and then a little bit louder for that red blue fun way to tie in what you’re seeing on some barbell style to the season, to bring these colors together and really be fun and playful, and then of course this classic black with green and __ , this is a really true Brooks color story here, simple to wear, but still loud enough and then fun enough to play.

My favorite shoe the Launch 4. This is a simple fun playful running experience. It’s a really beautiful simple design, a really classic run silhouette that we are absolutely happy to have, it’s a shoe that actually started with our professional athletes, so we actually created a shoe in tandem with the Hansons, what’s so great about it, is it has such great crossover to all athletes and all runners, so that’s really why it’s taking off.

What you see what I’m holding up, you’re going to see a similar design language so what’s happening on the Ravenna here and that’s on purpose. We want to bring this energized experience to not only their running experience but also the design of the product.

Let’s start on the upper, so you’re going to see a similar thing here, we got this really open toe box, a really beautiful breathable stretch mesh, so you got this really fun area for your foot really ___ out it, is much freedom as it needs to have during the run, but in this back calf we have a more structured closed mesh, and what that does is it really encapsulate the foot, so the Ravenna have that saddle piece, well we just used a really simple mesh here to give you a beautiful piece to pull your laces together and give you a great fit.

brooks launch 4 reviewLaunch has always been known to have a really amazing fit, whether you’re going on a five-mile run or to running a marathon or just around the block. It’s really about giving you the Brooks look and feel. But let’s talk about the midsole and the outsole here.

You’re going to see similar things to what I talked about on the Ravenna and that’s on purpose. The run’s mature philosophy is whether you’re a runner that needs support or runner that doesn’t, you’re probably still looking for that same experience, so we want to be able to give that to you no matter of what type of support you need.

Let’s start on the bottom here, again, you see this beautiful transition zone right, so I pointed it out on the Ravenna. It’s really important here on the Launch, that’s something that Launch has had since the first model and it’s really given up a lot of learnings for all of our product going forward.

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You see this this beautiful transition zone, again, it’s created to allow for that heel to toe propulsion, a really fun transition that’s playful, but it really gives you the stability you need when you’re landing on your foot.

And then up toward the front, again we have the five and a half millimeters of blown rubber, so you can see on this model, it’s the blue rubber, and you can see it’s a little bit thicker than the rubber anywhere else. The goal for that rubber is to allow for it to be a little bouncy and springy feeling, so to kind of propel you forward when you’re running, but it also is a little bit softer and really gives you that energizing spring for experience.

One thing that you’ll notice here is throughout the entire midsole, so the white foam here on this shoe, it’s the same compound all the way through, meaning that we don’t use any higher densities to give you any type of support in certain areas – this is a really truly neutral shoe – and what I mean by that is, no matter where it is you’re going to be landing in this product, there isn’t going to be anything getting in your way, so it’s really going to allow your body to move it naturally as possible, and of course we use our bio mobile DNA on this shoe, so DNA is one of the best foam compounds in the industry and the reason for that is it really adapts to you as an individual, so both Launch and Ravenna features this foam.

And what it does is, it’s a non-newtonian material, so I can get nerdy if you want, not going to, but what it does is it, it really adapts to how much pressure is going to be applied to, you so it can be soft, when you’re just kind of walking around, so you start running quicker, it’s going to firm up a little bit and become…

What is the biggest difference between Launch 3 and Launch 4. So this shoe was a little bit more of a easy evolution than I would say the Ravenna seventh or Ravenna eight, so the Launch is such a successful shoe for us and it’s so simple and that’s kind of the beauty of the shoe, so we didn’t want to do any big drastic changes, but what you did see us do is focus on more, kind of clasic materialization here, so the last Launch we had this, almost a three layer mesh story, this one we went with a really traditional sandwich air mesh for breathability and some support, it’s going to be a really great upper fit – so upper is kind of the main story here – but focusing on that same beautiful running experience.

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So Beaumont obviously being a more playful kind of faster paced shoe, you’re going to see really bright colors from us, so fun, get out there, be happy, so these are kind of driving that on the colorway story for the women, then we also have an all black, we have a black and white color but I don’t have out here, we also have a green, the teal and the grey here, and then we have this really cool fake print, so you’re going to see actually I think six colors on for women and five or six for men also, and keep your eye out for new colors in the future because this is a shoe you’re going to see us turn a lot of really fun and exciting colors coming forth.

Our goal is to keep shoes close to what the runner is looking for, we have people that love and follow our models from model to model, our goal is always to create a product that’s more inviting to more runners, so we just did little things on the Ravenna that should just make it a little bit easier for other runners to feel that same love that you have ___.

Is the Launch OK for cross-training? Everything we do at Brookes is based around running, so we absolutely create shoes with the running science behind them, but that being said the Launch is a really great shoe for doing more than just the run, it’s such a simple shoe and there’s not a whole lot extra built up to be scientific and keeping you running in your preferred motion path. It’s a shoe that kind of gets out of your way and because of that it really allows you to be a little bit more versatile in it and use it for anything you really doing in gym. We don’t like recommend playing basketball in it…

What’s the biggest differences between the Launch 3 and Launch 4.

Launch three to launch four is really just an evolution, so we didn’t want to completely revolutionize the shoe; the followers of the Launch are really adamant and passionate about their shoe, so much so that we had a big hurrah to bring it back to the market. So the big updates here is we actually added an extra half millimeter of blown rubber here, we used to have five millimeters blown rubber under your forefoot, it’s now five and a half and the reason for that is we wanted to make it a little bit more bouncy and more springy feeling, so for the runner, you’re just going to get a little bit more of that high end Launch experience, but a lot of similarities between three and four as far as the transition zone is concerned, your experience is really about giving you kind of a beautiful neutral faster running experience.

The upper is really different, the fit is the same, but we’re using a more classic sandwich mesh for breathability and allowing your __ , so beautiful updates but nothing huge and scary.

What is your favorite thing about with Launch 2. What we build the shoe around and call the last and the last of the Launch two, three and four is really what gives it the fit that it has, and my favorite thing about the Launch 2 – and now the Launch 4 is the fit, the way it fits on my foot, the upper where it’s supportive and where it’s really not, so again really open here in the forefoot, that’s being important to me and keeping this shoe really executing what the runners looking for.

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Our feet swell a little bit throughout the run so it’s really good to not have anything getting in the way here on the Launch, but the other thing is again, I already talked about and talk about again, it’s a transition zone, it’s a really simple thing to think about, most people are going to land here and then kind of transition through on the run and what this zone does it allows that to be a really smooth clean movement, so if you look at the Launch 2 – and then you look at this Launch so if you have your ___ out, you can see it’s a really similar, it almost looks like design lines, but it’s really bio-mechanically driven and experience driven to keep that kind of transition zone in the right place for your run.

Trail running is… it kind of depends on how much trail you’re talking about, so depending on the type of surface you’re running on, you might want a really trail specific shoe. That being said, both the Launch and the Ravenna and most of the shoes in the Brooks line, we create our outsoles to be able to be durable, last a long time and also give you pretty good grip, so you can do light trail running and all of our shoes absolutely – but if you’re talking about doing like western states crazy real trail running, I would recommend going through one of our trail products like the Cascadia or the Mazama or the Caldera or the Grid.

Trail running is really unique so we do really specific research and really specific Footwear development to create shoes specific for the trail.

What’s beautiful about run signature and why we value it so much here at Brooks is it’s really about letting your body do what’s best for your body, so what we’ve learned over the last five or six years of biomechanical research is, your body moves in its preferred motion path, and so what I mean by that is, there are absolutely people that are considered overpronators or what has historically been told they need a support shoe, but their body so their entire chain up through their ___ and their knee and their hip is it’s still running in the same path that they’ve always run in, so what I’m getting to is, if you’ve run into Launch and have success in the Launch, you are absolutely still going to be comfortable running in the Launch.

So just because you’re an overprontor does not mean you need a support shoe, it depends on how different your body moves in the run process and in just your normal walk process and we’re talking all the way up the chain here not just your foot, so long answer to your question, but absolutely you can run a Launch if you have a little bit of over pronation, but it’s really smart to know your body and maybe spend some time if you haven’t been in this shoe before and you know you need support, it’s a shoe that you would kind of want to introduce slowly and make sure your body feels good running in it.

That’s a really good question, it’s a little bit of a personal preference, so we always recommend having more than one shoe at a time, because your body responds differently to each shoe, so what I mean by that is when a shoe is a little bit softer, parts of your body respond differently than if it’s a little bit firmer, and every shoe is going to fit your body and your foot a little bit differently, so what’s happening during your run process is going to be slightly different and on top of that, it’s actually makes your shoes last a lot longer if you give them a day to kind of rest between runs.

So I highly recommend having a shoe like the Glycerin for your long run days or easier days and then anytime you’re doing like a faster type of a run put that Launch on, anytime you need to feel that extra little pet, but absolutely having more than one, she was really really smart to be healthy throughout the marathon training cycle.

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