Brooks Glycerin 15 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Glycerin 15 you give your feet the boost they need during short or long runs. And that makes all the difference in running. For more features and a more detailed review on this shoe, check this video below…

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Today we’re going to be touching on the Brooks Glycerin 15, which is their premium neutral running shoe in their category. I don’t have to be biased but it is easily one of my favourite shoes to fit, and the main reason being is, it’s got a number of width offering.

With the women’s width offering you’re looking from a narrow to A, B and then also a D, so you get three widths in that category, so B being the standard, D being a little bit wider.

In the men’s through here we’re looking at a B, which is narrow D, which is standard and then they also offer a double E or a two ___ which is fantastic.

From our perspective someone comes into the shop, they’re are a neutral foot type higher pitched arch or they may have an orthotic, which doesn’t require any extra support on the base of the shoe… having three widths in both categories through here makes our life a lot easier in terms of fitting a shoe itself.

We’ll look at the shoes themselves, so the Glycerin 15 right through here.

This little guy I need to let you know he’s available as of June 2017 so we’ve come from the Glycerin 14, which has been a great shoe for us, in store and online as well.

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Brooks Glycerin 15 reviewIn terms of the feature differences or feature structure changes between the two again… when you look in the 15 and we look at the subtle changes, I want to just touch on them really quickly, so I’ll go the men’s version through here. Technically this wasn’t ticked off by Brooks but we just put a little rule or two and had a bit of a look. We have just come up with the other standing. The mid foot base looks a little bit, is a little bit wide and everybody talking about one and a half millimeters here, … …

… when we’re talking about the mid section, on the mid start space through this region through here, when you’re running, having a little bit more shoe under your mid starts, which is the part of your running or walking gait, where the force and the weight is on that leg, right through there, because your other legs picked up and in the gait cycle, so having a slightly wider, more stable base, mid starts part of me, makes life a lot easier.

For a review of Brooks Glycerine 14, click here.

Other feature which I’ll touch on is extra flex group stability through the forefoot, so the Glycerin 14 had six flex screws through the forefoot, through here, so we’ve almost look identical to what this little guy has happening, but you can see, just here, where your first metatarsal joint or your big toe joint is sitting, there’s a little bit of encapsulated outsole, so what that’s done, I’ll bring a little bit closer for you, just through there, what that actually does is, when the foot is going from mid stance and then toe off, having that a little bit of extra stability in the outside configuration makes your life a lot easier when you’re picking the foot up and putting it down again.

You won’t load up that big toe too much, so we don’t inflame that little guy, is an important joint in the foot system, make sure that you’re not overloading it and picking it up putting it down for next gait cycle.

One thing I also like to touch on is the cushioning system, so Brooks have used a cushioning system for the last couple of seasons called super DNA so super DNA is just their technical cushioning system. They use silicon paddles broken down and injected into the midsole itself.

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The cushioning system is essentially the same as what they use in the Glycerin 14 but just from my perspective and a few of the guys who’ve tried on guys and girls and try to on the store, it actually does feel a little bit softer under the foot. Now, whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, now jury’s out on that. If you got a softer chute, essentially the way it may wear out a little bit faster, but we haven’t found that with the super DNA in the past, so when a shoe itself is coming from Brooks and they’re still got their super DNA technology and it feels a little bit softer, it’s still held its model pretty well.

  • The other reason I touch on that is, the outsole sometimes … brands can actually increase the height of the outsole, to make you feel a little bit softer underneath the foot as well, but Books haven’t done this with the Brooks 15, the actually thickness of the outsole is the same in this little guy as what it was in the previous 14.

Now let’s talk to you about the offset or the heel to take gradient; so you’ve got a stack height and twenty four millimeters of the heel versus 12 at 14 millimetres pardon me in the forefoot, that say here it’s a difference of 10 millimeters, so you’ve got a nice human tight gradient, nothing too flat, plenty of shoe, 24 millimeters under the heels and substantial amount of shoe, so it will provide plenty of crash back pushing support as the foot comes down and then as you come through the toe off obviously you don’t want to have too much true through the formal handset slight gradient through that.

Touching the 15 and where it’s come from in the upper from the 14 third and 12, the actual 15 is a slightly shallower fit, so well we found going back to the 14, the toe box was quite generous in that forefoot, so yeah, plenty of toast base, you can wiggle your toes quite easily and didn’t have that restriction through there. The fit is different in the 15, it’s a more secure fit through the forefoot, but they can do that with that four-way stretch, so I’m getting that snug fit through the forefoot but having this shoe able to give and adapt a little bit through there, just gives you a really customized fit through that four. It’s a great feature.

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Also on touch on, with the heel canvas support through here, internal heel counter nice, is stable, it’s strong, you don’t want to lose out with a yield counter support because the upper of the shoe plays such an important role, not only the cushioning system when your foot comes down you really wanted to be nice to stay, will get your foot locked in that back position with a nice internal heel counter.

One thing which I absolutely love with the Brooks Range is their foam or their lining they use. In the Glycerin it’s really really soft and plush and probably one of my favorite heel counter that because I don’t want to come across as being biased or don’t want to persuade you into a shoe that maybe isn’t right for you, but for me, I just love how that shoe fits and feels through the back through, it’s so plush, so I can put your foot in, you get that really secure fit through the back after there.

Just want to touch on the early days feedback on the Glycerin 15 so for the customers the coming store and try and purchase it and the few guys who work for us that have actually ran in this shoe.

Feedback is and we’re getting that it is a little bit softer underneath the foot, super date DNA cushioning has evolved over the last few years and I’ve actually been able to make this shoe feel a little bit softer, which is great.

Also, the other major feature is the security in the upper, so how that foot and so it gets that hugging secure feel for mid foot right through the toe, so it’s nice and staying, you put your foot in, you know your foots, got plenty security, the shoe itself just hugs your riding spots, a little bit softer and more security in the upper. Two great features.

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  • Perfect for long distant walk or run
  • Ideal for high arches
  • It feels like walking on air

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