Brooks Ghost 9 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Ghost 9 you get a cushy shoe with bounce-back. Plus, it is a neutral shoe to put in an orthotic. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

I’m back today with a full review of the Brooks ghost 9 and the latest update. Brooks has modified it top to bottom, yet kept a lot of things similar in last version, so let’s dive into the details.

The Comfort Stayed There…

Let’s start off with the upper. I really liked the upper of the ghost. I thought it was something that belong on like a hundred fifty or hundred sixty dollar shoe, just because of how high-quality and seamless, stitch less, comfortable all around it was.

There’s a little extra padding around the heel, akiwis and the tongue and I thought this provided a really comfortable fit around the ankle and just as miles went on, the comfort stayed there, which I really appreciated.

Another thing I really appreciated was the shape of the toe box – they rounded it out a little bit and it allowed my toes to splay a little bit more and have a little extra wiggle room with wise. Although in my opinion, this is a top notch upper, it does come at a cost and that cost is weight, with all the plastic overlays and just the heavier duty material they used, it adds on ounces to the shoe.

One of the Most Cushioned Shoes I’ve Run…

Let’s move on to the midsole; it is categorized as a cushion shoe and I hundred percent agree with this. This is one of the most cushioned shoes I’ve run in a while actually. From the heel to the toe, provides long-lasting cushion which, again, is something I’d expect from a higher price point.

I loved how it felt like you were running on pillows, the whole duration of the run. I especially loved it for long runs just because, at the end of the run, I’m tired. Still super cushioned and it also, for being a neutral shoe, has a little bit of stability in there, which makes it an even better shoe for long runs.

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Because of this high level of cushion though it does come at a cost and that cost is responsiveness. In my opinion, it wasn’t as responsive as I would have liked, especially in the forefoot, where I prefer my shoe to be a little bit stiffer just for a firmer toe off and because of that, I wouldn’t recommend it for shorter, quick paced runs, at stick to this mainly for logging miles on.

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Brooks Ghost 9 ReviewI Thought the Tread Was Amazing…

Moving on to the outsole. I thought the tread was amazing and super grippy, no matter what surface I was on, whether it be the road, grass or even some non-technical trails. I had no slip and sliding at all.

I also liked the construction of the outsole, to add in a lot of flex grooves and really made for a smooth heel to toe transition and definitely eliminated the clunky factor that I felt in the last version.

This tread is also going to be super durable in my opinion, it’s going to be one of those shoes where the tread out last schnitzel, but all this rubber does add weight and quite a bit of weight to a shoe that wasn’t necessarily very light to start with.

The ghost 9 is a premium daily trainer at a standard level price point.

The derbly constructed upper, the super cushion midsole and the durable grippy outsole make for an outstanding everyday trainer that provides cushioning start to end.

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  • The full-length segmented crash pad accommodates any foot landing
  • It has plush tongue and collar
  • They can be used for both running and gym training or cross fit
  • Works good for people with supinator pain (under-pronation)

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