Brooks Ghost 10 Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Brooks Ghost 10 you get high energizing cushioningh. Plus, medium to high arch support. For more features and a more detailed review on this reliable running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re going to go over one of your favorite shoes the ghost ten which recently released this month and help us out with that is Nick.. I’m senior product manager on the footwear side at Brooks and I work with the creative designer, the engineers who are developers and as a tribe, we collectively bring concepts and solutions and ideas – in finishing stage like the ghost 10.

Today we’re going to be taking a walk through the ghost 10 and how it differs from the ghost nine.

This is the shoe for that runner who is looking for that brilliant everyday reliable running shoe and in this case they’re looking for protection and that cushioning, so they can continue to love running. Some of these runners run even up to six-seven times a week and so, you’re really looking for that true tried tested reliable running shoe and that’s what that goes.

So you talked a little about cushioning so in our red signature philosophy here at Brooke we believe there’s a different shoe for every runner and the Brooke ghost 10 into the cushioning category, you may want to explain a little bit what that means and how it falls into our whole philosophy.

Sure, at Brooks we’ve done a lot of studies and focus on running and running gait and we feel that there is no one right way to run, like, the way you run – is the right way for you to run. So we look at it as your preferred motion path or your preferred running style and so, we provide different options focusing on different experiences and different mindsets.

So there’s the cushion quadrant and it’s all about protection; when it comes to the energized quadrant it’s all about that motivate me mindset, on the speed side is about better me and getting faster and you know getting to your PR, breaking your PRS and then finally, when it comes to connect, it’s about be me and really kind of choosing a shoe that’s in tune with your body allows your body to move, you know, as naturally as possible, and so we kind of look at building shoes with these mindsets and these experiences in mind and not saying that there’s you know, a specific way for you to run, but understand your body the way you run and then choose a shoe that complements that.

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Do you want to get through the tech specs of the Ghost 10 and how it differs from the ghost back? Sure, ​I think one of the key things for us when we looked at the Ghost 10 and updating the Ghost 9 which has been, you know, such an amazing shoe, it’s my favorite running issue, was to really be consistent and with being consistent, I was making sure that everything that worked on the previous shoe, we maintain, but some of the key updates that we did is, we made it slightly light up, so now it’s about 0.3 ounces lighter than the previous shoe.

It’s also going to be softer in the upper, so we’ve actually made it softer using the engineered mesh and reducing some of the TPU but using 3d footprint, so that 3d footprint is going to give you a little bit more support in that mid foot area, on the heel wherever you need it, early allows you to open up that four foot and it’s going to be slightly more breathable in the forefoot and then, we’ve also added in that outsole area, we expose a little bit of that VB, for what we call a flush transition zone, so as you kind of go through, it just feels a little bit softer, a little bit more cushion on the lateral side of the foot.

brooks ghost 10 reviewThe transition is still soft and smooth, if anything the transition is going to be slightly smoother, really nice soft lay down in the heel, with continuing with our segmented crash pad that runs all the way up into the forefoot. This is just a great, reliable shoe. I think we’ve done a great job and also making it look sleeker and faster relative to the previous Ghost.

So the Ghost is one of our best of all time, why do you think that is?

I think we just hit that sweet spot, you know, it’s a shoe that as soon as you slide it on it, just fits great and you know from that first step you take, it rolls so nice and smooth, it’s like butter, I’m not even kidding.

I ran in that shoe, I loved that shoe, and I just think that I look forward to running in that shoe every time I get out there.

Do you want to kind of walk through some of the tech specs?

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Aside from everything that I mentioned, we continue to use the same fit properties so that making sure that you have enough room up in that four foot area; you continue to use our more DNA compound so that midsole is going to be that same by mobile DNA compound. Like I mentioned that segmented crash pad, you also have a little bit of that softer blown rubber in the forefoot and the more protective carbon rubble in the heel and in the tip. And then it’s got great flexibility, so it flexes really nice but maintains, that inherent support that you need for your foot to be captured really nice and well in that midfot section. Just that reliable cushioned shoe and $120 .

So for those of you who are just joining us, we’re walking through the all new Ghost 10 and we’re taking any of your questions.

We have the Glycerine 13 which is also in our cushion category, they’re very similar shoes, but what makes them different. Like we talked about I think it was a couple of weeks ago, the glycerine is a premium cushioning shoe, so it is definitely a step up from a cushioning perspective relative to a go, so it has that super DNA compound, which is 25% more cushion, it’s also slightly softer then the ghost so when you step into the clustering you’re going to get that really nice soft steppin comfort, as well.

For Glycerine 14 review, click here.

The mesh that we use on the glycerine has a little bit more stretch to it, so it’s going to feel like it kind of like moves a little bit more with the foot. The ghost suddenly had a lot of cushioning as well, it’s just not as much cushioning and the trade-off I guess over there is that the ghost is slightly lighter than the glycerine, so in this case it’s about 0.3 to 0.4 lighter than the Glycerine, and you’re going to feel that slightly now, it’s not that big of a difference, but it’s definitely it’s like noticeable difference, so I’d say those are the key differences.

Let’s start with women’s, we have this really cool black diva pink where the diva pink is on the base side of the a mesh, so it kind of comes through, it’s really cool and then the one that you’re holding is an all-over bright aggressive pink color option, with a little bit of turquoise in there, we then have a nice gray blue option with that colored blue midsole and then another option which is just a little bit on the lighter side, it’s a microchip gray color, I think that’s really going smart as well, different from a lot of the colors out there and kind of excited about that. It’s my personal favorite. So that’s on the women’s side.

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On the men’s side, I think we have widths in the shoes as well and so, on the men side, a dark tree or a cobalt with this electric blue Brooks blue is going to be your one of our key options and then this all over great black has been lights out right now at retail, so I know that’s doing really well up there.

We’ve got a all over red red color, so that’s smart as well, something that you want a little bit aggressive and then a call on black silver option as well

We have a question from Peggy who actually likes a lot of the men’s colorways and she wants to know what is the size difference between a men’s and a women’s shoe. Usually when it comes to men’s and women’s shoes, there is a size difference of one and a half, so for example a men’s size-nine kind of equates to a women’s size ten and a half to some extent.

I’d still suggest that if you did like one of the men’s colors more than the women’s Peggy, I would still ask you to go into the store, try on the shoe, make sure that it fits, so that you know, you get that good fit prior to getting the color that you want, but that’s just a suggestion because we know if it is really important, so we want you to have a shoe that fits.

Jamie asked earlier, ‘are they okay for people who pronate’?. A great question… when we look at our philosophy at Brookes and with the run signature, it’s again you’ll prefer the motion bar, so we really don’t look at a lot of just pronation or supination, we’re looking at the impact kinetic change, so what’s happening at the ankle, also what’s happening at the knee and that’s why we really love encouraging people to go in to running stores where you know the running store will look at all these different aspects or coming to the trailhead where we have the run signature happen, they can look at the entire kinetic chain.

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From that perspective, I’d say that the Ghost is built more for the neutral runner whereas a GTS for example, which sits in the same cushion kind of quadrant, is built with the same cushion properties but for someone who is looking for that support, so to kind of answer your question, I would say that the Ghost is not built for someone who has pronation.

That being said, again, if your preferred about the motion allows for some movement of the ankle and that’s what’s okay for you, the Ghost might work for you.

We have a question from Adam, ‘the Ghost 10 doesn’t have a lot of toe protection’ he wonders why. So we still have that toe cap on the Ghost as Kayla has over here, so you’re still going to get that protection with the toe cap and then we’ll be done with the engineered mesh, is we have it filled in a little bit, especially where that big toe is and then even on the lateral side, we have it more filled in, so there’s less breathability or less of the perforations, it’s more filled in and that allows for that durability for where your toes are, to kind of protect the foot and not also allow that mesh to ___ .

We actually had a similar question earlier, someone who needs stability shoe would they go to run in the Ghost 10? Yeah I think again that’s similar to one of the previous questions where we just got, you know, this is a neutral shoe without a doubt, it does not have a ___ on the medial side, it doesn’t have a guide rail technology, so it’s not built for someone who’s looking for support, so from that stability perspective in that sense, no.

That being said, it’s a shoe that inherently is balanced, so it is going to capture your mid foot in them, in the midsole area, you are going to be held early nice, … and even in the upper you have you know a 3d footprint that provides that a little bit of you know, lightweight support in the upper, that you might be looking for, but again it’s not built as in stability shoe.

Can you read rate the difference between the Ghost and the Glycerin?

Like I said the glycerin is a premium cushioning shoe, ​so that’s going to have the highest amount of cushioning in a line and within cushioning quadrant, the Ghost head by mobile DNA, where the Glycerine has super DNA which is 25% more cushion, so you’re going to get that cushion that additional or amplified cushion feeling in a glycerin relative to a ghost and the glycerine is slightly softer, as well, so the midsole is slightly softer, so you’re going to feel that as you step into the shoe.

The one other difference is the mesh on the Glycerine, has a little bit of more giggle stretch to it, so it’s going to move with your foot a little bit more; some people might prefer that, but overall again, on the Ghost you’re getting great cushioning, it is slightly lighter, so it’s point 3 to point 4 ounces lighter than the Glycerine, I think that’s the difference, that’s the trade-off that you’re gonna get when you want more cushioning and then the weight might go up a little bit more relative to.

Peggy also wants to know what is bio DNA? That’s our propriety midsole compound, so it is midsole compound EVA that we use, it is biodegradable hence the bio aspect to it, so that’s our way of looking at how we build shoes and being environmentally and socially conscious.

One of our other really popular cushion shoes is the Adrenaline GTS what is the main difference in a Ghost and the GTS? The GTS is that shoe for someone who’s looking for a little bit of support. The current GTS, GTS 17 does have what we call PDR ___ on the medial side, so it is a formal material on the medial side and that helps with that for for this consumer; in addition, some of the material on the upper helps capture the footing in battle or you know hold the foot in a little bit better for someone who’s foot may be a little bit more mobile.

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  • The sole is sturdy and comfortable yet doesn’t seem as bulky as with the 9
  • You may feel they are comfortable from the first step
  • It may work to alleviate pain from plantars fasciitis

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