Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet [2018] Comparison Chart

best running shoes for flat feetDo you have flat feet?

Do you find it hard to run?

Are you looking for a safe and effective option to improve your running efficiency?

If yes, then this article is written for you only.

Inside, we will discuss the top 10 best shoes that are specifically designed for flat feet.

At the end we also have a buying guide. Read that too.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet [2018] Comparison Chart…

Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoes Review

Saucony guide 10 for running shoes continues to widen the pack by bringing in new updates and innovations. The 10th flat feet running shoe edition experience delivers dynamic engineering with tri-flex and meshes on the upper part and a streamlined midsole design for this running shoe that has an enhanced forefoot flexibility. Fast in the real sense feels a bit faster in the 10th edition Saucony shoe.

You should note that Saucony is one of the reputable and highly respected brand names in running shoes. We provide a wide range of walking and running shoes, each shoe comes with a Saucony trademark feel, fit, and performance.

Over the years we have spent a lot of time and energy studying athletes’ biomechanics. What is our goal? Our main goal is to design and develop creative engineered flat feet shoe systems to ensure maximum performance during your activity to allow you focus on what you are doing instead of equipment.

From our research, we have come up with various Saucony innovative concepts. We have incorporated advanced technology such as first sole based stability, grid, and a cushioning system that will provide benefits to all types of athletes. Some of the shoe concepts that we use in our design include the following:


This is geared towards providing protection to the amount of impact and underfoot feel by compression materials that are placed between the running surface and the foot.


Support is enhanced by pronation level control and ability that built into the shoes. Pronation is simply the inward movement of the ankle during the gait cycle.


This is the difference in the height that is between the forefoot thickness and the heel thickness of the shoes.
8MM Offset

Cushioning during an activity is usually evenly distributed between the forefoot and the heel in the shoes with the help of 8mm offset. What are the results of this? You find that you will have the ability to ensure your body stays in a comfortable and a more balanced position with every stride.


This is brought about by cushioning breakthrough. More responsive and livelier, with stronger takeoff and smoother landings.


A very strong but lightweight material is put to the shoes upper side allowing the shoe to have fewer layers. The results of this are flexible and seamless feel.


This is for increasing force dispersion especially over a greater surface while delivering an optimal traction and flexibility.

Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoe Concepts Quick Run Down

· Rubber sole
· Everun top sole that provides continuous cushioning
· Synthetic/textile
· Refined tri-flex outside designing that offer greater optimal flexibility and ground contact
· Imported
· Shaft length is approximately low from the archtop
· Upper engineered mesh giving the shoes, dynamic lightweight
· Light stability for athletes who are looking for extra balance and support
· Engineered mesh upper, flexfilm, tri-flex outsole design, and everun top sole design.


· According to many reviewers Saucony 10th edition guide was true to sole
· A shoe tester reported that the shoe was extremely comfortable
· An athlete commented that this shoe doesn’t require a break in time ad it performed optimally from the word go.
· For those who needed guidance appreciated this shoe model stability mechanic
· The upper unit has the ability to hug your foot securely and snugly, a purchaser commented
· Several reviewers were impressed by the shoe’s platform responsiveness
· The cushioning system of this shoe was suitable and long-lasting, based on different consumer feedbacks
· Everyone who have tried it have appreciated Saucony 10th edition overall quality, parts and components.
· Another reviewer who used in on relatively light trails said that the shoe still performed well


· Some athletes have complained that the forefoot area of this shoes is a bit narrow
· A purchaser commented that the footbed of this shoe placed much pressure on her foot’s ball leading to numbness.
· There is blistering complains according to a tester caused by the shoe’s interior cover system

Brooks Ravenna 8 Running Shoes Review

This is another running shoe that is designed with support and stability in mind, Brooks Ravenna 8 Running Shoe ensures that you run for miles with confidence and comfort. The following are Brooks Ravenna 8 Running shoe design concepts:

Air Mesh Upper

The upper inside part of this shoe is constructed with air mesh which keeps your foot dry and cool. Air mesh works by efficiently and actively absorbing away moisture and the excess sweat that builds up leaving your foot dry, comfortable, and cool as you strive to get the best performance and results.

Additionally, with this shoe cool air can circulate to create a healthier and drier environment for your feet ensuring that your feet will thrive. Synthetic overlays are also strategically placed on the upper side for resistance and protection against friction as well as abrasion.

A Padded Tongue

There is a padded tongue placed comfortably against your skin to guard you against unwanted irritation like chafing while the lacing system provides you with locked in, secure feel while running.

3D Fit Print

The 3D fit print feature adds a stretch for the full range of motion without feet restriction providing you with movement freedom.

BioMoGo DNA Cushioning Technology

The shoe utilizes the BiaMogo DNA Midsole cushioning technology that is comfortable and soft. It molds itself well to the underfoot shape carrying your foot well something that allows the shoe platform to support the underfoot curvature.

The support and cushioning helps to reduce attenuating shock as well as the impact that is placed on the joints, lessening discomfort and injury potential risk.

The transition of the midfoot zone is designed in a way that propels heel to the toe movements to ensure maintenance of efficient gait possible. It is an ideal fit for athletes with moderate and slight over pronation.

Blown Rubber Outsole

The outsole of this shoe is made from a compound known as blown rubber which is very durable and allows the foot and the shoe to be protected from dangerous and loose debris that can be found on the ground. The optimal traction and grip that this shoe has allowed the wearer to run comfortably and with confidence that they have an equipment that they can rely on.

Brooks Ravenna 8 Running Shoe Design Concepts Quick Run Down

· Fabric
· Imported
· Air mesh upper that allows free air circulation keeping your feet comfortable and cool
· Moisture management due to wicking away of moisture and excess sweat
· Synthetic overlays for added protection and support against abrasion
· Padded tongue that sits right on your skin protecting you against chafing
· Traditional lacing that keeps your feet secured


· A number of athletes cited that the shoe cushioning is reliable and soft
· The shoe is lightweight ideal for running
· The shoe delivered support without being too bulky, according to a number of athletes
· It has a breathable and comfortable upper, a number of athletes reported
· The Ravenna 8 running shoe is very responsive
· The shoe has a durable construction design according to a number of athletes
· The shoe is affordable
· The fit buzz when the shoe is right outside the box was prized for it by some reviewers
· Many buyers are completely satisfied with its stylish and sleek look
· The new air mesh makes the shoe more breathable in comparison to the past model
· The shoe’s grip is superior on almost any surface


· A few athletes have had heel slippage
· The shoe durability has been expressed by a number of disappointed athletes
· The shoe runs narrower and a little smaller in comparison to past models, a couple of testers commented
· The shoe doesn’t have more color option something that could have resulted in more athletes’ satisfaction.

Brooks Transcend 4 Running Shoes Review

Everyone loves Brooks Transcend 4 for its quirkiness. It is also a product that blends a cushioned ride with support; something that many shoes do not offer. Moreover, Transcend was the first company that brought the support category by removing the hard midsole wedge.

Key Specifications of the Brooks Transcend 4

The 2017 Transcend 4 is the 4th edition and it looks just like the first version in ride quality. However, unlike the T1, it has a softer midsole and upper comes with much cleaner aesthetics.

• Super DNA midsole
• 3D upper print technology
• Pebax external heel counter
• Guide rails
• Blown rubber and Flextra outsole
• The midsole has a double Omega Flex Grooves for more flexibility
• Comes with profile sock liner for extra support and customized fit
• Why you should Purchase Brooks Transcend 4


Just like most running shoes, this shoe features an open mesh material that has synthetics outlays. That way, upper material is breathable and allows air circulation. With the 3D print technology in the mesh, the shoe is ideal for customized, comfortable and snug fit.

It also comes with Element Lining (the inside lining) that is very comfortable and soft.
Other features include plastic outlays and plush tongue and collar.


Like all other Brooks’ shoes, T4 features a super DNA midsole which is very popular among fans. But this time 20 percent more adaptable than BioMoGo DNA midsole which is found in most shoes.

The Super DNA midsole is very adaptable and conforms to your feet creating a customizable and super cushioned experience. And the more you use this shoe the more it fits you.

Like its predecessor, this shoe has guide rails that are found in the midfoot area. Just like its name, they guide the user’s foot, avoid excessive rolling inward, guide the forward motion and put your foot front and center hence correcting pronation.


When it comes to design, it has ideal pressure zone that distributes impact effectively. It has borrowed the blown rubber material from T3. This feature protects the shoe’s midsole and offers another layer of cushioning.

You will also notice that this shoe has replaced the HPR plus rubber with responsive Flextra rubber compound. The HPR plus rubber was not flexible.


The weight has been reduced by a small margin from the previous iteration. The men’s model weighs 10.8 oz while women’s model is 9.1 oz. However, this shoe is still not considered by many as lightweight.

Fortunately, the shoe has responsive and cushioned technology that provides a springy feeling making the shoe feel lighter.


This is what this shoe is commonly known for. It provides runners with flat and medium arches type and overpronators great support such that there is no need of switching out insoles of your super feet shoes. This is because guide rails keep your feet in place and enhance natural and stable transition.

The super DNA midsole provides customized cushioning, support and cradles the foot.
Additionally, the Pedax external heel counter locks the heel hence lowers the chances of rotation as well as heel slippage.


• Excellent stability which is great for mild and moderate overpronators
• Good arch support for both flat and medium arches
• The Super DNA midsole offer customized cushioning
• Plush and comfortable cushioning
• Responsive and flexible midsole
• Perfect for track and road


• Despite, the $10 difference, the shoe is still very expensive
• A little bit stiff until broken in
• A narrow toe box

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Running Shoes Review

The new Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 is another great shoe that offers lightweight support that will keep you running for long.

Like all the versatile Mizuno’s running shoe lineup, it makes use of wave system that enhances the shoe’s durability with amazing cushioning. The concept of wave system was introduced by the Mizuno designers who wanted to mimic how a wave works; energy is intense in the impact but spreads out evenly.

There are significant updates from the previous version but the foundation is the same. Here is a list of the outstanding features:

• Lock-down overlays
• Blown rubber outsole as the first cushioning layer
• X10 outsole material in the heel area for better grip
• Flex controller for flexibility
• The heel has u4icx cushioning that absorbs shock
• Wave construction design that improves bounce and reduces pronation
• AIRmesh upper
• The insole is removable hence accommodating custom orthotics
• DynamotionFit technology for better upper fit
• Weighs 9 oz for women and 11 oz for men

Why Buy Mizuno Wave Inspire 13?


Running shoes should offer a robust platform that withstands repeated friction caused by running on pavements. It should also be in a position to grip slick ground after and when it is raining.

This shoe does not come have anything fancy but has a blown rubber outsole that offers good 1st layer for the user’s padding and X10 material in the heal for better grip.

It also has a Flex Controllers that enables the shoe to adapt your fit as you run.


The updated version comes with 2 types of cushioning material namely u4icx and u4ic. The u4icx is a new feature found in the heel area that enhances the user’s ride feel. The u4ic, on the other hand, is a feature that was also found in the previous version that offers lightweight padding in the mid-foot area.


No one wants to come home sweaty after a long run. Made of Airmesh fabric this shoe is breathable and lightweight.

It also has DynamotionFit technology that ensures the flat feet shoe fits you comfortably. Its insole is also removable in an event you want an orthotic inserted. Its padded tongue ensures there is a great plush feel on your skin.

Another feature present in the upper is the many outlays that lock your foot down in the shoe hence snug and comfortable fit.


• With the X10 material found in the heel makes the shoe’s sole very durable
• A perfect shoe for average mild over pronators
• Plush removable insole
• Very spacious toe-box material
• Supportive, stable, and balanced rise
• Smooth transitions and stable forefoot


• In order to get the midsole’s full responsive cushioning, a break is crucial
• Absence of reflectivity
• The Eva foam cushioning degrades with time
• The heel grip should be improved

Brooks Beast 14 Running Shoes Review

These running shoes have been built keeping in mind needs of over pronators. This pair of shoes is especially for moderate to severe over-pronator whose running stance can cause severe injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendonitis etc. and we can understand how painful those injuries can be.

This nice pair of shoes can provide you with the required stability while running. The upper layer of shoes is made up of light weight synthetic material which would fit your feet nicely. Its breathable mesh keeps your foot cool and refreshed with its sock liner technology. You will hardly get sweaty feet while running.

Several doctors highly suggest wearing heavy cushioned shoes if you have got severe case of over pronation. Shoe’s padded tongue and collar along with soft fabric lining greatly contributes to maintain your foot’s coziness.

One thing to be noted is that this pair of Beast’s is for those who are looking for a very heavy version of stability and support shoes. For a US size 11, this pair would weigh at 431 gms or 15 Oz; definitely belonging to heavy shoes spectrum. This is surely one of the heaviest shoes we have ever worn weighing roughly twice of Hoka Cliftons.

If you are a very environment friendly person, then this pair of shoes is good news for you. Its BIOMOGO midsole, along with providing lasting plush, are biodegradable.

The shoe is made up of non-toxic additive that would have no trouble in breaking down once it is buried. This pair of heavy control shoe is powered by Extended-Progressive Diagonal-Rollbar (PDRB®) and its full-length Brooks D.N.A midsole adjust to your steps providing you greater stability.

However, as far as the comfort level goes, this pair of shoes does not compromise on anything. Especially considering the fact that this pair would cost $150, it is essential that they have everything to justify their hefty price tag. Its segmented crash pad provides an even transition with every step. The Abrasion-resistant H.P.R Plus rubber outsole added with Omega Flex-Grooves promises longer durability and fluid forefoot movements.

Its excellent built quality can be stressed from the fact that its midsole consists of four different foam densities and eight different components. The upper layers also use quality material for its construction. This pair of shoe consists of premium and top grade parts. No compromises there at all.


  • Many runners appreciate its comfort, quality and stability. It provides adequate friction on dry and wet surfaces due its incredible outsole.
  • One runner felt that outer elemental mesh provided was suitable foot coverage and its water-repellent characteristics kept the shoe cool and dry. Its midsole was especially in positive focus because of its ability to adapt to their needs. Its flexibility allowed for a more natural movement thus ensuring no trouble for those over-pronate.


  • Though there were a few who were not happy with its narrow fit. It was unsuitable for their wide feet. Some also noticed that their mid soles started to wear down after a few months of use.
  • Their heavy weight was also off-putting for some people as was its price tag.

Brooks PureCadence 5 Running Shoes Review

Like its counterpart, this pair of Brooks running shoes serves the need of the over pronators. It specializes in serving mild to moderate over pronation problems.

Right from the start, one thing to be noted is its minimal design. However, it does not lack of any necessary functionality because of that. It is a light weight shoes built for those who want the same quality comfort but don’t want to be dragged down by the weight.

It is equipped with a thin tongue and padded collar with fabric lining offering promising a comforting fit for runners. Its upper layer is made up of breathable mesh with no-sew 3D Fit Print synthetic overlays giving wearer a cool and dry feet.

So, like the previous version, you don’t have to worry about getting sweaty feet while running. The insole is made up of removable foam and its BIOMOGO midsole can provide customized comfort adapting to runner’s strides.

This pair of shoes controls the foot movement which is a blessing to those who over pronate. Its external heel counter controls the outgoing movement of foot by locking it in its place.

Its rounded heel also greatly reduces the stress felt on foot by equally distributing the impact energy. Omega groove improves mid sole flexibility and Duel Toe-Flex protects toes during take-off from ground. The shoe’s heel to toe height difference is 4mm (Heel: 18mm, Toe: 14mm) suitable for high arches.


  • This pair of shoes is a gift for those who have got big toes.
  • Its large toe box is very comforting for many runners.
  • Also it comes in 5 different colours.

Despite its minimalist design, its cushioning was appreciated by many runners. Given its light weight, it won several praises due to its round heel design giving runners a more comforting run.


  • A few runners noticed that it felt stiffer compared to previous version. They also pointed out that its traction could have been better especially in wet conditions.
  • The cushioning could have been much better considering that it comes from a company which produces top quality products.
  • The harder out sole of the shoe lacks quite a lot in comparison to its counterpart.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoes Review

If you have flat feet, you might be looking for some specific shoes to get comfort and stability. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoe is a great combination of both these qualities. It comes with high energizing cushioning to offer stability and comfort. This shoe is made of flexible and breathable mesh and supportive synthetic material. It has asymmetrical and adjustable mid-foot saddle to offer a customizable and secure fit.

Some other key features are tongue and collar, lace-up closure, and comfortable fabric lining to offer a great feel. There will be a removable molded foam insole and gender-friendly cushioning design for a dynamic and stable ride. You will also have the tri-density midsole to get progressive pronation control.

Full length and segmented crash pad will offer a smooth transition. You will also appreciate the blown rubber forefoot, Flextra rubber outsole, and deeper-V groove. All these are incorporated to offer durability, enhanced flexibility, and improved transitions. The measurement of the shoe might vary depending on size.

This is the 17th inclusion of Brook that will be lightweight and will come with some developed technologies. But you can expect a few similar features. This new version can be ideal for those runners who want a fast result while combating over pronation. When it comes to the price, it will be a bit expensive. But if you consider the overall benefits and advanced features, you will find it worth spending.


• Imported
• Mesh/synthetic material.
• Rubber Sole.
• Perfect balance with a great combination of cushioning and stability.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 running shoe is one of the best stable shoes available in the current market. Brooks has a good reputation for offering the best shoes and this model is not an exception. It gives a good competition to the Saucony Omni and Mizuno’s Wave Inspire and ASICS’ GT-2000 line.

This shoe is designed to offer a fantastic support while running. You will love the design, stability, and support. All these features make it one of the best selling shoes. The users find it impressive in the first look itself. It comes with the yellow and electric blue colorway to offer an impressive look.

The colors of this shoe were a bit crisp that makes it stand out. The performance is incomparable.

You will love the laces. Moreover, you will be overjoyed with the first ride. It will be pleasant and light. Most of the users said that they love this shoe more with the first ride. It was stable, light, comfortable, and supportive.


• You will not experience any pain or blister. A user said that he did not experience any discomfort and pain while using this shoe for a half-marathon.
• Though it offers a bulky look and seems that it will be heavy, still, it is lightweight and offers a light and pleasant ride.
• Users find it very effective both for the walking and running.
• It can be a great companion for running and can offer required support and comfort.
• You will love the stability mechanism that prevents any injury and discomfort.
• The look is impressive and appreciated by most of the users.
• The cushioning system is supportive, long-lasting, and responsive.
• Many customers find the forefoot section roomy enough for the toes.
• This shoe did not offer any discomfort and did not feel tight as width allows a bit of wiggle room.


• A few users are not satisfied with the size. They feel that it is half of the size of the normal shoe.
• The mid-sole platform of this shoe is unwieldy and stiff as said by a number of the testers. This cause underfoot discomfort.
• Some users are not satisfied with the toe box. They find it narrow and that cause discomfort to their forefoot section.
• The front section of the upper unit of the shoe will rub against the small toe that will cause some irritation, said by one user.
• The insole also needs some improvements. A few users feel that the insole makes the interior tight and uncomfortable.

Nike Lunarglide 8 Running Shoes Review

Nike lunarglide 8 running shoe can be ideal for the flat feet. It is designed to offer a stable and comfortable ride without feeling heavy. It is not super light like the LunarTempos. But the added weight will offer additional support and a stable ride.

You will find some improvements in the Lunarglide 8. It will have an engineered mesh and the sole will be of the very minimalistic pattern. The key difference between the lunarglide 8 and lunarglide 7 is that the new model will have a smoother heel support. All the improvements make the lunarglide 8 is one of the developed version that is better from the previous one in many ways.


• Made in the USA.
• Synthetic and mesh material.
• Rubber Sole.
• Lightweight and smooth.
• Lunarlon foam to offer optimal comfort.
• The shaft will measure around Low-Top” from the arch.
• Upgraded design for an improved performance.
• Flywire cables and flyknit material for great support and breathability without making bulky.
• It will have soft cushioning and plush inner sleeve to offer a comfortable ride. These features are appreciated by most of the users.
• The shoe will run light while maintaining the stability that makes it a preferred choice among the buyers.
• It is normally used as the high-mileage trainer and up-tempo by most of the users.
• You will also appreciate the breathability as a few user find it helpful.
• Several users find it more comfortable, light, and stable than many of the popular shoes.
• The price is also appreciated by a few users.
• You will have more than ten colors to choose from.


• Many users feel that outsole needs some improvement. They did not find the pebbles that effective.
• A few users feel that the previous model was better in terms of the responsiveness. This shoe lacks responsiveness.
• You might find it narrow and tight, unlike the previous version.
• The outsole has received a lot of negative comments. It is the major difference between these two models. If you are looking for the best option, you should go with the earlier one.
• The outsole is not durable that might affect the performance of the shoe.

GEL Kayano 24 Running Shoes Review

GEL-Kayano 24 has introduced in the market after two decades of research to help the users to have the best product that will offer both the durability and improved performance. It is a great combination of innovation and technology.

GEL-Kayano 24 can offer you the required comfort and stability while improving your running efficiency. In fact, it will decrease the possibility of the injuries. It comes with cushions to offer an optimal comfort while covering miles.

ASICS has come again with GEL-Kayano 24 to surprise the users with some new features. There will not be many differences. But you will appreciate the increased room in the toe box. There will be an improved upper as well.

With this shoe, you will enjoy your running and will be able to cover long distances. The shoe offers great comfort and that makes it possible to run long distances with ease. There will be an improved fit in the upper to support both the short and long distances.

What are the features?

You will get the best support and will be able to cover long distance without any discomfort. Some other features are the followings.

The material is synthetic/ textile.

Rubber sole for the durability.

Shaft measures around low-top from the arch.

FlyteFoam Midsole Technology for the proper fit, flexibility, and comfort.

GS Technology to improve your foot’s natural step from the heel strike to the toe-off.

Fluid Fit Upper Technology will combine multi-directional stretch mesh with the stretch corroboration that will offer a customized fit to your fit that will ultimately improve the efficiency and will offer comfort during running. It will offer a glove fit.

Fluid Mid Sole to provide an ideal combination of cushioning properties and rebound for the exceptional durability. It will also reduce the weight.

Heel Clutching System Technology will offer improved support while creating a better fitting environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Most of the users are satisfied with the comfort level and the cushioning system.
  • This shoe is designed to offer heavy-duty performance.
  • The shoe is suggested for the marathons and long-term races.
  • You will appreciate the grip of the outsole. It will offer a great support to your flat foot, especially to the heel area.
  • The sleek and snappy design is also appreciated by some users. They find the color impressive. You do not need to compromise your stylish look while wearing this shoe.
  • The mid-sole unit’s shock-absorbing ability is very impressive and helps in the long distance running. It will prevent any stress that you get after using a shoe for a long time.
  • This is lightweight that makes it an ideal option for the majority of the buyers.
  • It matches well to the standard sizing schemes as said by a number of the users.
  • Some uses recommended it for the flexibility, stretchy fit, and comfort.

The stability mechanism has received a lot of positive reviews from the users.

Is there any negative side?

  • Some users want improvement in the mid-sole unit as they feel that it does not offer the required amount of the comfort if you use it for a long time. It is actually stiff and can cause discomfort.
  • It is expensive and might not fit your budget.
  • A few users feel that materials used in the upper are not of good quality. The materials appear cheap. The colors might be faded away after using for a long.

Asics GT-2000 5 Running Shoes Review

Asics GT-2000 5 is designed for the flat feet. You will notice a few changes in this new model. Otherwise, it is similar to the previous version GT 2000 4. There will be slightly snugger forefoot and smoother upper interiors in this new model. The ride character will be same. Both these models will produce a mild motion-control behavior.

Asics GT-2000 5 comes with the FluidRide® midsole to offer a great cushioning and special bounce back. There will be an added stitch-down toecap to offer forefoot support and durability.

In 1949, Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka started manufacturing basketball shoes from his living room. His company ASICS was founded in 1977. The name was derived from the famous Latin phrase Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, means A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.

The meaning of the name of the company itself describes the goal of the company. The company is designed to offer a healthy life and fit body. In the current condition, ASICS is known for manufacturing performance-driven athletic shoes. These shoes are technically advanced and come with a number of the accessories to bring harmony to the body and soul.

What are the features?

Made of synthetic and mesh material.

Rubber sole for durability.

Shaft measures around low-top from the arch.

Dynamic DuoMax Support System to offer enhanced stability, support, and reduced weight.
FluidRide Midsole to offer a great combination of cushioning properties and bounce back with durability.

FuzeGEL Midsole makes the shoe lightweight and comfortable. It also provides rearfoot shock absorption.

Guidance Trusstic System Technology will integrate with the Guidance Line Construction to offer gait efficiency and midfoot structural integrity.

What are the benefits?

  • GT 2000 5 is highly appreciated by the users that prove the credibility of the product.
  • A few users prefer the shock-absorbing cushioning for great comfort.
  • Duomax Support System and The structured Heel Clutch System offer stability and enhanced support.
  • It has the new mesh upper to get firm fit and foot-hugging support.
  • The additional midfoot will offer a wraparound feel to your midfoot, especially to your arch.
  • It has deep vertical flex groove to offer the flexibility and enhanced transitions.
  • It will have a gender-specific cushioning to give better comfort and soft feel to women.

Is there any negative side?

  • The price is the downside. You will have to spend more for this shoe.
  • A few users did not find it very comfortable.
  • Some want improvement in the weight reduction.

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Running Shoes for Flat Feet Buy Guide [2018]

running-shoes-flat-feet-buy-guideRunning is the passion of every athlete and shoes constitute a major aspect of running. If you want to run smoothly, it is essential that you take care about your sports wear and especially the shoes because running is all through your legs. Your legs should be comfortable. There should an ease in running. What if you start running a race and realize that shoes hurt really bad?

You are sure to lose the race and also low quality shoes will lead to serious injuries and pains. The best kind of shoes will be very gentle on your feet and will help you run much better and faster. However, even today many people do not understand the importance of investing in good quality shoes rather than having massive pains throughout the leg and the lower body parts.

A good pair of shoes is a must if you are involved in running and sports in any way. Especially, for people with a flat feet, there should be special considerations while buying shoes. Do you think no shoes can help you if you have a flat feet? Or have you simply given up the idea of running because of that problem? Yes, it is a deformity but it is not as much serious as we make it. Good shoes can ease the pain and make any person run better and faster with the highest comfortability.

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