Top 20 Best Plantar Fasciitis Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

Best Plantar Fasciitis ShoesDid you know this? A lot of runners find that during the course of their training over time they begin to feel heel pain. This is a good indication that plantar might have set and that it is time to look at a different kind of shoe.

Plantar fascitis is a condition that sets in as a result of you pounding the pavement or doing those cross country runs. The Plantar Fascia is a tendon that works as a shock absorber that takes most of the pressure that would go to your arch. It stretches and tightens as the foot moves.

This tendon does get overworked and in time, with constant pressure small tears begin to appear.

These get progressively worse and the pain increases as the tears become inflamed as you put the foot on a repetitive stretching and tearing process when you walk, stand or run.

Ideally, when you have Plantar Fasciitis, you should treat your foot and let it heal, but more importantly, get the right pair of shoes that support your arches and provide you with just enough cushion to keep your feet reasonably comfortable.

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The most important factors to look for in the ideal running shoe for plantar fasciitis are a strong arch support, comforting cushion, and a high level of shock absorption. The following shoes are some of the stand-out pairs ideal for runners who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.

Orthofeet Serene

Orthorfeet has been a leader in the orthopedic shoes space. They have a wide range of different styles to fit different needs and tastes. However, when it comes down to which one offers the greatest support and comfort, then the Orthofeet Serene is the best.

Special Features

This leather orthopedic shoes have a couple of really special features like an orthodontic insoles that provides premium support, an anatomic arch support as well as a heel pad that cushions the contours of your feet. This not only alleviates the pain on your feet, but it reduces the pain that your hips may feel as well as your lower back for standing or walking around for too long. There are a couple of technologically advanced features. One of the innovative features is the Easy Gait – Ortho-Cushion™ System. This system uses a sole, cushioned by air. The design of this system is meant to help reduces stress that joints are often subjected to. It facilitates a more natural and comfortable foot motion and will give you a spring in every step you take and alleviate pain in the heel, arch,and balls of your feet. These are the perfect shoes for anyone who suffers from corns and bunions, plantar fasciitis, arthritis and neuropathy.

What people have to say about them

These are great shoes that can be worn by ladies. They are the go-to shoe for people who are looking for the best orthodontic shoe. They are generally just for people who are conscious about the health of their feet as suffer real pain as a result of certain medical conditions.

Orthofeet Coral 

When you run, your joints are put under stress with every step you take. It is important to wear the right kind of shoe that offers great support for your feet. Orthofeet Coral is a great running shoe created by a company that truly knows how to make great orthopedic shoes.

Coral is a great look running shoe that has a number of unique features. This shoe has been designed for the perfect form and function you don’t find in many ladies running shoes. With this shoe, Orthofeet has broken the mould of what a great running shoes should be.

Special Features

– An insole that gives your arch the right anatomical support.

– A gel padded heel seat to prevent pain in the heels.

– A soft and stretchable upper made from a breathable material to keep your feet comfortable and cool.

– A contoured orthotic insole, with anatomical arch support and gel padded heel-seat.

– The Easy Gait – Ortho-Cushion™ System with air cushioned soles which adds a spring to your step.

– Ergonomic-Stride™ design which softens your steps, enhances stability and facilitates foot motion.

– A soft, seam-free lining in the interior, which eliminates friction and removes pressure points in the shoe.

– there are also two sets of removable spacers that can be adjusted to create the perfect space inside the shoes for a perfect fit.

What people had to say about the shoe:

This is cool, trendy and fashionable. Running with these shoes could be described as running on a padded but stable surface, no painful impact on joints, no tired, sweaty feet at the end of the day. These could double-up as more than running or workout shoes, but it could also be worn with some trendy casual clothes.

Gravity Defyer

Sports scientists have worked out that the force exerted by gravity when we are walking, running or simply standing creates pressure on our feet. Gravity pulls our bodies down so much that our lower extremities are under constant pressure. Gravity defyers are designed to counter this force. The result is less pressure on your lower back, hips, knees, ankles and third that carry most your weight. Users often claim that they feel lighter, like half of their body weight has been removed. Now you can imagine how many things you may be able to do if you felt lighter and had shoes that reduces the pain in your feet. You would be able to stand, walk and run for longer without any of the pain that comes with doing all of that.

These shoes aren’t just designed for men or just for when. There is a range of different fashionable styles that will appeal to both women and men and there is also a children’s range. You could take care of the health of your entire family’s feet by choosing the Gravity Defyer brand.

Special Features

– The Omega VersoShock® Sole designed to absorb shock like a trampoline.

– A spring mechanism in the sole to give you that extra pep in your step.

– A Smart memory spring.

– A Stabilizer.

– A specially molded midsole for greater comfort.

– Removable insoles that allow you to insert custom orthotics insoles.

– A breathable fabric upper that allows cool air through to keep your feet cool and comfortable in the summer.

What people had to say about the shoe

People who have worn these shoes have raved about how they make them feel like they are walking on fluffy clouds.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 

ASICS have been a leader in the design and manufacturing of comfortable high performance shoes. They have used a lot of technology to create what could arguably be the best performance shoe for serious runners and athletes, and that shoe is the Gel Nimbus 18. This shoe is not only great for runners looking for comfort and functionality but also anyone who suffers from foot pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Arch Pain, Knee Pain, and lower back pain

Special Features

These shoes are made with a synthetic upper and have rubber soles. Other features that enhance the comfort and functionality of the shoes are:

– A low-top arch.

– FluidRide technology, which provides the ultimate bounce and cushion.

– They are lightweight but extremely durable.

– They have a rear and front foot Gel cushioning system that absorbs shock during the impact. It also allows movement along multiple planes.

– FluidFit technology on the uppers that stretch in multiple directions. The uppers are made of a mesh fabric that lets air in. The FluidFlow technology allows the foot to adapt to the shape of your foot and how it moves inside the shoe when you walk or run.

– A heel clutching system consisting of an Exoskeletal heel that improves heel support.

What people had to say about the shoes

The construction is seamless and gives a real meaning to what shoes that fit your foot like a glove should feel like.


The Asics Gel-Kayano is supportive enough for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and also happen to be flat footed. It is stiff and stable providing that extra support if you overpronate. The midsole is constructed to restrict movement inside the shoe. The shoe is designed with the Asics trademarked FluidRide design which gives you extra cushion for that bounce and support without weighing you down. The shoe is constructed with a breathable, stretch material that moves with your foot creating added support and comfort. The Rubber soles have a textured outsole for added grip. Asics have added their special cushioning system to enhance the shock absorbing properties, and just for added comfort, there in also a removable insole that comes with the shoe.

You can literally run for longer with these shoes, they are intensely stable, comfortable shoes that you could buy if you have issues with your archs.


– Durable

– Provide greater support for the midsole

– Have impressive shock absorbing abilities

– Great traction

– Surprisingly light

– Durable


The upper does not exactly fit the foot like a stocking


New Balance has been the go-to shoe brand for many people who suffer from Plantar fasciitis. The 1540 V2 is the perfect shoe for people with wide, flat feet. These as the brand’s top of the line shoes so they are quite expensive, but you do get your money’s worth. New Balance brought their A game when they designed this shoe. They pretty much threw everything in that would give superior support, comfort and stability. They have a midsole with two layers of foam for a cushioned rebound. New Balance has also added a Roller position system in the heel to restrict movement of the foot inside the shoe. The upper is made with synthetic mesh material that lets your foot breath. New Balance has been making superior quality shoes that are designed to protect and support feet for over 75 years. It is a brand you can trust and one that doctors have trusted for years.


– Great arch support

– Rubber sole absorbs some of the pressure

– Superior cushion insoles give you that extra bounce

– Endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association

– May be covered by Medicaid


It is one of their most expensive New Balance models created so far.


Brooks have been masters at the running shoe design for some time. They have garnered themselves a serious following in the running community. They are known for creating shoes that offer magnificent support and comfort. They have come up with technology over the years to keep the runner in perfect stride.

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a great shoe for flat footed runners. Everything about the shoe, from the uppers to the inners and sole, has been put together to enhance comfort and support. Here are the stand out features for this shoe:

– The uppers are made from a flexible, breathable material

– Rich inner fabric lining

– Removable molded foam insoles for underfoot cushioning. Brooks has employed their BioMoGo DNA technology for an enhanced cushioning effect

– A tri-density midsole designed to control pronation and the Crash Pad ensures smoother transitions.


– Stable

– Designed to take impact away from feet

– Great for people with flat feet or medium arches


Not as durable as they should be. You could probably get around a 600 good runs with these.


SAUCONY has been pushing their designs to create shoes that provided stability, support and have a cushioning system that gives great comfort to the foot. Saucony has been known for simplicity and understated design excellence. You would not know how heavenly wearing a Saucony can be until you put it on. The Kinvara 7 continues where the previous model ended by having a strong cushioning from the new Everun foam insoles. Saucony has included impact absorbing midsoles to help absorb the shock to your feet.


– Stable

– Extra cushioning provided by Everun foam insoles

– Low heel-toe drop

– Great for mild pronators


None to point out so far

Vionic Orthaheel Walker

These sneakers will ensure that you realign your stride most naturally. The situation comes about form various technologies employed by Orthaneel in this version. You may be wondering whether this is just a marketing strategy. No, it isn’t since these are technologies that you can observe for yourself. First, the shoes have contours on the arch support and heel cup which gives your footbed an even balance. Second, the sneakers have a mesh lining, an EVA midsole, and a rubber traction outer sole. Thus, you will have a better fit when wearing them. With other features such as water-resistance and a Podiatrist design, you will have a safe and stylish way to beat plantar fasciitis with the Vionic Othaheel Walker.

Asics GT-2000 5

This version of the Ascic is a combination of technologies that go all out to give you the support you need during your runs. First, you get the Impact Guidance System (I.G.S) which will provide you with a smooth transition from heel-strike to toe-off. The situation arises from the close linking of all the components of the shoe. Second, it uses the Duo Max system that balances your weight on the feet by increasing platform support. We aren’t finished yet! The third technology is the rear foot and forefoot GEL cushioning. What does this do? This system weakens the shock in your foot area when your heels hit the ground and when your toes leave it.

This pair of shoe is the go-to product for the high-intensity runner that hates plantar. Other elements of comfortability in it include a carbon rubber under the heel and blown rubber under in the area under the forefoot. Further, there is an air mesh and a plastic heel counter on the upper sides. Therefore, no matter how intense your work out will be, the chances of Plantar fasciitis are reduced immensely with the Ascics.

Brooks Ghost 9

Have you ever felt that your shoes are dragging you behind? This feeling can be contrasted with those times you feel everything is falling behind you as you run. The Brooks Ghost 9 is that kind of footwear that will enhance your speed capabilities during a run. What’s more, you get to display the US flag stars and stripes with these shoes! Aside from the aesthetics, the Ghost 9 has superb features to put at bay plantar fasciitis.

The model gives you a lightweight and breathable feeling due to its engineered mesh and synthetic overlays. Additionally, they come with soft fabric lining and a removable foam insole to enhance fit and comfort. The manufacturing firm used the BioMoGo DNA technology which offers a uni-sex cushioning design to make your exercises dynamic. Finally, the Omega Flex Grooves at the forefoot offer fluidity during the run. So this is the real deal if you need to crunch those miles.

Brooks Beast 16

The Beast 16 comes in handy to offer you motion control and high-level cushioning. As a result, it comes with features that keep you comfortable enough to enable you to take charge of your weight. For instance, you get a fresh in-shoe feeling with the moisture-managing upper mesh. Also, the sneakers come with a structured saddle on the outside allowing you to adjust the shoes’ grip on your foot. You will also like the plush tongue and collar as well as the removable sock liner. These features give you maximum cushioning thus enhance flexibility. The likelihood of Abrasion using Beast 16 is also reduced immensely.

Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker

What better way to realign your strides than with the Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker? These advanced sneakers have a number of interesting features that might prove useful for the consumer such as:

Upper – It is designed with a beautiful leather upper that is water-resistant. This means that you do not have to worry about water splashes on your shoes or being rained on with these shoes. The leather uppers are full-grain for that much-desired premium look.

Active Motion System (AMS) – This is a new technology that combines the product’s podiatrist-designed orthotic with a breathable and lightweight upper as well as a cushioned outsole.

Mesh liner – It is made of high quality polyester material and has a PU foam base to decrease friction against the wearer’s skin thus protecting it. The mesh liner is both moisture-wicking and breathable. 

Outsole – It is made of very durable rubber material that promotes high traction.

Heel counter – This feature is made of thermoplastic material and is firm for better support and stability.

Orthaheel Technology – The orthotic that is biochemical removable and Podiatrist-developed has a top cloth with anti-bacterial that uses Orthaheel Technology to eliminate foot odor. 

Recommendations – The product is supported and promoted by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Midsole – The molded EVA midsole is neatly built-in with an elevation of .5″ to allow for a smooth transmission into the heel-to-toe strike zone.

Quality – The Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker has received the prestigious APMA – Seal of Acceptance. This attests to its high quality. 

Do you want to step into play and work everyday with style? Consider the Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker. 

Spira Classic Leather Walking

The SpiraClassic Leather continues to redefine women’s footwear in a good way. This is because it is a product that delivers exemplary comfort for casual walkers as well as serious walkers. Do you stand for long durations? Consider these shoes. This unique product is fitted the following interesting features:

Dual spring technology – This functions to decrease the harshness of impacts for maximum comfort in every step. 

Upper – The shoe upper is made of leather material that is highly durable. 

Lace-up closure – This is a traditional feature that promotes both comfort and the feeling of security when you have the shoes on. 

WaveSpring technology – All Spira shoes are fitted with WaveSpring technology that works to store energy harnessed from every step and effectively disperses it back to the wearer. The estimated quantity of energy that is dispersed back stands at 96% (test results by an independent source). In addition, the technology promotes maximum cushioning. It is beneficial because it is alleviating the joints of stress induced by impact. These shoes significantly decrease injury risk through the absorption of additional impact. Since it is mechanical in operation, it retains its feel over long durations.
Do you want an actual spring in each step? Think Spira Classic!

Do you want more of these best plantar fasciitis shoes? We’re not done yet, continue reading and thank you for your interest so far! 

Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap

Are you a man who desires the feel and fit that a running shoe has to offer but is a casual shoe that can be used for walking daily? Look at the Brooks Addiction™ Walker V-Strap. The brand has delivered some exciting features that will leave everyone impressed. Its features are as follows:

MoGo midsole – This is well cushioned for comfort as it safely absorbs impact. The stored energy is returned to the person wearing the shoe. 

Outsole – The material used in the manufacture of the shoe’s outsole is slip resistant. It uses top-notch rubber. This means that men wearing these shoes have one less thing to worry about i.e. slipping. 

Straps – The hook and loop straps of these shoes are convenient to users. They are secure and comfortable. The hook and look straps will allow you to easily put on your shoes and leave when in a hurry. 

Color – This product as a gorgeous 110040 white color, this is fairly neutral thus can satisfy most preferences. 

Sturdy – The shoes exhibit a sturdy support that effectively regulates pronation and low arches. 

Anatomical Brooks DNA – It serves to provide adaptive cushioning that can accommodate walkers of all foot shapes, sizes and speeds. 

Shoe upper – It has an upper made of premium leather material and is also full grain for aesthetics. It is designed to be highly durable hence a long service life.

Fabric lining – This offers a desirable in-shoe feel and its breathability keeps the feet cool. 

In-sole – It is removable thus can allow for orthotics. 

Diagonal Rollbar (extended progressive type) – This helps to supply medial arch posting (dual density) and robustness for regulation of progressive pronation.

Skechers Go Walk 2

The Sketchers Go Walk 2 Supersock are the ideal casual shoes for women who are fashionistas. Their design looks awesome. Its salient features are as follows:

Suitability – The product can easily fit all age groups. This means that every woman can enjoy this product regardless of her age. 

V stride technology – This has an outsole that is angled for ease when walking. It is flexible to allow for a natural walk and stride.

Resalyte™ Midsole – This feature assists in absorbing jerks with the aid of a special compound that is injection moulded. 

Wide fit – The product is made with adequate room in the interior surface. This means that it can fit individuals who have flat feet or wide feet. 

Mesh fabric – It allows the feet of the user to breathe properly and keeps them cool.

Skechers Performance Technology – This is designed using materials that are particularly meant for walking. The technology provides adequate support and flexibility. 

Pull on Heel Loop – Don’t you love convenience? This feature is for those that like convenience because it allows them to easily put on their shoes and to take them off. 

GOimpulse sensors – These help in eliminating fatigue. The last thing you want is to wear shoes that make your feet feel tired. 

Uppers – The shoes have a suitable fabric made of heathered jersey for added comfort and daily practicability. 

OrthoLite Insoles – These are fitted with a powerful anti-microbial sockliner that functions to keep off odor. This means that it is possible to wear the shoe without socks. 

Do you want to make the ideal fashion statement with regard to footwear? Get the Sketchers Go Walk 2 Supersock. 

Spira Classic Leather Walking

The Spira Classic Leather is an amazing product that allows women to put extra spring in every step. This is the walking shoe of choice for both casual and serious walkers because of the optimum comfort that it provides. The Spira Classic Leather is the perfect show for individuals who are required to stand for a very long time or those who are accustomed to being on their feet the entire day. It has a number of features that might pique the interest of consumers, the notable ones are as follows:

Dual spring technology

This functions to decrease hard impact so that every step that is taken is very comfortable for an enjoyable walking experience.

Durable leather upper

This guarantees a long service life as it can withstand the elements as well as wear and tear.
Traditional lace-up closure

It is a feature that makes your feet comfortable and secure as you go about your daily activities.


This product exhibits exceptional cushioning for unparalleled. 


It exhibits top-notch traction for stability when moving on any surface. This means that your chances of falling down are very slim. 

WaveSpring technology

Most engineers that are specialized in comfort and athletic shoes have been attempting to create a design that provides adequate buffer between the ground and the foot. The engineers at Spira have cracked it via their new energy return solution that is designed to expend the impact energy back to the person wearing the shoe.

All Spira shoes have it. It simply operates by storing the energy and effectively dispersing it back to the wearer of the shoe (up to 96% of the energy is returned). The best part is that it is able to do this while facilitating optimum comfort for the user. 

Are you ready to experience the real spring in every step? Try Spira’s WaveSpring technology

Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap

This is a premium shoe for men who love exquisite style. It exhibits the feel and fit of a running shoe. It has an array of interesting features, the main ones are as follows:

MoGo midsole

This is a unique feature that is intelligently designed to return energy to the wearer for a powerful yet comfortable step.

Full-grain leather upper

It is a feature with an aesthetic appeal and also has high durability to ensure you get value for your hard-earned money. 


The outsole of this shoe is incorporated with reliable material that makes it extremely slip-resistant. This is a useful feature as it reduces the chances of suffering an injury from a fall. 


It is fitted with refined hook and loop straps that are both convenient and secure for outdoor excursions. The dual hook-and-loop closures promote a customized fit. This means that it can be put on as desired by the consumer. 


This shoe exhibits a sturdy support system that regulates pronation and is good for low arches. 


It is manufactured in a beautiful 110040 white color. 

Collar and tongue

These are heavily padded for optimum comfort. 

Fabric lining

This is designed to be breathable to offer a superb in-shoe feel. 


It is designed to be easily removable and to accommodate orthotics.

Anatomical Brooks DNA

This is a feature that provides an adaptive cushioning system for that much-desired personalized ride. It s a feature that accommodates walkers of all speeds, foot shapes and sizes.

Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

This is popularly known as PDRB®, it provides the user with dual-density medial arch posting that is robust to guarantee progressive pronation control. 

Honestly, who would not like to enjoy the fit and feel of a running shoe from the Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap?

ASICS Kayano 21

The GEL-Kayano 21 is considered to be the lightest in weight since the production of Kayanos commenced. It continues to fortify its long and strong legacy of designing very stable shoes. It has the following amazing features:

FluidFit Upper – This technology applies stretch reinforcements and multi-directional stretch mesh to make a strong glove-like fit. It is a useful feature because it is a running shoe and fit means everything. Wouldn’t you like a running shoe with a superb fit?

Support System – It uses an unparalleled new Dynamic Duomax, a support system that makes it comfortable, stable and plush. This enhances support and stability but decreases the overall weight. 

Versatile – It is designed to accommodate an array of running gaits. 

Cushioning – This product uses GEL Cushioning material that is expansive that is most suitable for the overpronator. It is good in absorbing shocks from all impacts when stepping on surfaces. This cushioning is provided in forefoot and rearfoot. 

Are you mentally prepared to run longer with the lightest Kayano in history?

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