Basketball Shoes Selection Buy GUIDE [2018]

How to choose the best basketball shoes when there are so many options out there?

basketball-shoes-buy-guideOne of the most important decisions a basketball player should make is to choose the correct shoes. To play basketball you must run, jump and change direction quickly, so you need good quality shoes. When athletes choose basketball shoes, they must consider several factors to make the best decision. In this sport, the right shoes can help a player perform well on the court and avoid the risk of injury to the foot and ankle.

Always choose the best shoes!

One of the most important decisions a basketball player can make is to choose the best shoes to practice this sport. It is important to take this into consideration as they tend to run a lot, jump or change direction quickly and without slipping, so they must choose a type of footwear that allows them to do all this without any inconvenience and also receive the strong impacts that have each time the players fall to the ground, since it is their joints that receive the pressure of the body.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

If you like basketball, it is important that you take certain considerations on how to choose the best basketball shoes, thus ensuring the health of your feet and your future as an amateur or professional, to avoid injuries to your feet and ankles that could interfere with your passion. sports and make you stop playing. Bearing this in mind, one of the first things that you should do is go to have your foot measured and take all the necessary measures, this should be done in a specialized store where they sell sporting goods and provide services like these, in this way you can Know what size is best for you and determine if you need a wide or narrow model.

Take all necessary precautions

When you already know what your size is, as well as the width of your feet, it is good that you keep in mind what is your style of play and then take these characteristics when choosing your basketball shoes, for example, some players are very agile and the speed is something that characterizes them, in these cases they should wear versatile shoes, lightweight, that have special cushions, flexibility and moderate support. On the other hand, the shock basketball players need a slightly heavier type of shoe that gives them more stability and more cushioning, in this way they will fulfill their objectives and will make their performance improve a lot.

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Recall that basketball is a sport where there may be certain risks, you can suffer sprained feet, as well as, in very extreme cases, breaks can be broken in case of a fall or a wrong move, then, when looking for a specialized footwear for this sport, you should look carefully at the cut you have so you have more protection and do not suffer the consequences, such as foot pain , due to a bad choice.

Many professional and experienced players choose boot models because they offer greater support to the ankle, while other people prefer those of average height to the ankle, since it allows them greater freedom in movements. It is up to you to choose the type that suits you best, if you prefer, consult a qualified expert, you can even be a doctor, to give you certain recommendations, especially if you suffer from any condition in your feet, heels or ankles.

The footwear should always be adapted to your needs , which brings us to our next point: the soles.

Appearance is less important than safety

Do you know how to choose the best basketball shoes? We believe that not yet, since these tips do not end yet. As we said, it is important that you pay attention to the soles, the surface of this should be rubber , as well as having a special pattern that offers grip and good traction to the ground, thus avoiding unwanted slips and allow you to have a mobility more controlled. Some shoes are made especially for outdoor play, so their soles tend to be heavier, so this is an ortho point that you should consider: the place where you usually play.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

Choosing a striking model is important, because if you like them, you can really enjoy them, however, this point is only aesthetic, since the real importance lies in the functionality and how they can take care of the health of your feet, therefore, If you go to a store to try on the shoes, check the fit as well as the length, press with your thumb just between the big toe of your foot and the end of the shoes, there should be a small space there, the size of a nail of your hand. In how much width, you should feel that it offers comfort and that is not too loose or tight, if possible, you can run a bit with them and thus ensure that the heel does not slip from the back of the shoe.

basketball-shoes-selection-guideIf you have a pair of worn-out basketball shoes, you should not use them , since you can suffer serious injuries, so if you notice that these are no longer fulfilling their function, you should change them for a new pair, some experts say that this should be done monthly form, if you are professional.

Requirements for a good basketball shoe and tips to buy

A good basketball shoe is characterized by four features: It has grip, cushioning, stability and the lowest possible weight. In the selection, it depends on fit, so that the shoe can fulfill its functions and the risk of injury to the player is reduced.


The first basketball shoes were made of pure leather, which made them very heavy. Also they lacked any properties of damping and stabilization. Later, ankle-high linen shoes were developed. These were light, but they neither bounced off the impact nor did they support the foot.

Meanwhile, leathermix or Meshmaterialien have prevailed that give the shoe lightness without it loss of cushioning and stabilization. Made of imitation leather, the basketball shoe should only exist if the material has small holes for good ventilation.

Padding and cushioning

Each basketball shoe has special padding that stabilizes the foot and ankle area . There are differences in the type of padding. Blanket statements, how this should be worked, can not be met. Each player has to decide individually. It is therefore advisable to try on the models of different manufacturers.

The same applies to the damping system in the area of ​​the footbed. Some players prefer strong cushioning, others can handle less damp soles. On a particularly high-quality cushioning, the player can not do without if existing pre-existing diseases in the spine , hip , knee or foot area.

Sole and seat

The sole profiles of basketball shoes vary from model to model, which is partly due to the damping system. What they all have in common is that they are made of profiled rubber to give them good grip on the floor of the hall. The fact that these are indoor soles, which leave no streaks on the ground, is required for basketball shoes.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

But no basketball shoe can fulfill its functions if it does not sit perfectly on the foot. Too big a shoe causes the foot to slip. Too small a shoe narrows and damages the foot. Adjusting the basketball shoe should always be done with care, and preferably when the foot has been strained for some time.


Whether on the court, in training or in the game: most of us own between one and two pairs of shoes, which are usually worn for at least one season, if not longer.

The regular use inevitably leaves its mark: The shoes lose not only in the appearance, but also in terms of stability and traction (static friction) a large part of their properties. Also in terms of smell, the continuous use is gradually noticeable.

By proper care and some tricks you can counteract this decay or even restore some of the properties:

1. Take two : Basically, if the wallet allows you to buy two pairs of shoes, one pair for the free seat, another pair for the hall.

Especially with the expensive high-performance shoes, which are not necessarily made for the free space, it makes sense to save them by buying a cheap basketball sneaker.

No matter if small stones between the grooves or dirt on the sole – all this hurts the traction tremendously and has a negative impact on your style of play and health in the game.

2. Erasers : can be used not only in school, but also in shoe care. Strips or traces of abrasion do not look particularly exhilarating, especially in light-colored shoes. With a colorless eraser or a special Schuhradierer you get this problem relatively easily under control without the shoe is attacked.

3. No chemistry : Apart from the eraser usually already helps the cleaning with lukewarm water. The use of chemical cleaning agents and detergents is generally discouraged since they both attack the leather and adversely affect the adhesion of the sole.

For light to medium soiling, just use a little warm water and a cleaning sponge. It is best to make sure that you do not wash the shoe directly, but only rub it off with the damp sponge.

After cleaning, you should dry the shoe with an old towel and lay out with newspaper, as this binds the moisture. If necessary, replace the paper regularly (after 2-3 hours).

4. Sweaty feet : Everybody sweats on the feet while doing sports; This bacteria and fungi find a breeding ground to spread. The result is someday shoes that require a gun license.

buy basketball shoesThis can be prevented or stemmed by storing the shoes in a dry, well ventilated place. It should be ensured that the shoes are not in the sun or are exposed to high heat (eg by direct on-the-heating-places). The material is thereby brittle and can even deform in the worst case.

The best way to dry the paper is to help a newspaper. Simply crumple this and stuff the entire shoe with it. The paper binds the moisture and deprives the bacteria and fungi the basis for spreading.

In addition, you should take every two months, the sole of the shoe and spray both this and the shoe with a disinfectant spray (eg Sagrotan).

In any case, it is important to give the shoe enough time to dry.

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

5. Resuscitation Measures : If the shoe is already at a stage of smelling of death and decay, never throw the shoe into the washing machine. If the shoe is washed too warm, adhesive materials may liquefy and the shoe will gradually break up. The sole can also lose elasticity due to excessively warm laundry.

It is better in such a hardship cleaning with a simple home remedy. Put the shoe in the bathtub and fill some ordinary household vinegar cleaner in the shoe. This kills the odor-causing bacteria and fungi and pulls the smell out of the shoe. The whole thing is allowed to act for five minutes and then rinsed the shoe thoroughly with lukewarm water.

This is followed by a detailed drying with newsprint, which should be changed every hour. Please do not blow dry, as this may also lead to the liquefaction of the adhesive materials.

6. New grip : If the grip of the shoe is no longer optimal, there are several possibilities:

a) Clean your hall, because even the best shoe in a dusty hall at some point no longer has liability.

b) A wet towel on the edge helps at short notice.

c) lightly sand the shoe with fine emery paper.

d) Buy a new shoe, because at some point even the best sole will give up its spirit, and it will need new tires.

It is absolutely senseless to spray hairspray on the sole, as this only has the effect that the dust of the hall sticks to your shoe very quickly and you can dispose of it in the long term.

Guide for Basketball Shoe Selection

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes [2018] Comparison Chart

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