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Did you know this? Altra Timp feel less big, and less clunky than the Olympus. Plus, they provide the perfect amount of cushion while remaining super stable. For more features and a more detailed review on this shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

The brand new shoe from Altra, the Timp, was designed to fit in the ultra trail running line right between the Lone Peak and the Olympus. I reviewed both of those shoes. The Lone Peak is one of my favorite trail running shoes.

Last year I did a lot of races and running in their shoe, tons of miles, also run a lot in the Olympus and liked it. It’s definitely a bigger shoe, so when I heard the Timp kind of fit in between those, oh my mind was getting blown; hype for the shoe really got me, couldn’t wait to try it out.

Could this be my big win? A wide forefoot foot-shaped durable cushioned grippy running shoe that would go the distance. Will this shoe potentially help me run faster, climb higher, experience comfier miles and make me more attractive? Let’s be honest I’ve already reached peak attractiveness.

Well, unlike other tests and reviews that I’ve seen about this shoe the Timp was a bit of a miss for me. In fact my first run is more frustrating than it was freeing and every run since then has gotten progressively more tearful. I’m going to get into all of it in today’s review. I’m going to warn you though, there’s quite a bit more dislikes than likes for this shoe, going to bum a lot of you out, especially me.

Of course, with all my unbiased reviews, I like to start with things that I liked enough, so that’s what I’m going to do now.

Durability. I got to give it to Alter, they’ve been nailing the durability as of late, the shoes haven’t really broken down at all. Compared to other shoes that I’ve been running in both road and trail, Altra have been holding up well.

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Altra Timp reviewThe upper materials are as damaged protecting as I expect from them now.

Timp has held up really well. I really like the idea of the tip, a more cushioned Lone Peak, I’m on board, a grippier outsole – yeah – a more performance oriented fit in the upper, a little bit less volume, hell yeah, a new interesting lacing system, sure I’m gained.

A lighter more nimble version of the Olympus – yeah – these are all design ideas I can get behind – it’s just the execution with the shoe that didn’t really get in there.

And you know, from a shoe brand like Altra, seeing some new innovations and new shoes, I get excited about it. The gator tongue. The tongue on the Timp is attached on both sides to keep debris out of the shoe, I like it when shoe manufacturers do this. Altra done it before, but I like what they’re doing with the Timp, keeping it essentially all one piece.

You’re dealing with loose debris sand dried dirt, especially up here in the Pacific Northwest it’s been super dry as of late; the shoes do a great job of keeping the debris out the gusseted tongue. Helps.

Okay as I said there are more dislikes than likes for this shoe and when I get to a lot of the things that I don’t like about it, starting with the midsole.

I’ve had this problem with some other Altra’s, as of late, the midsole material while cushioned, at the very beginning of a runner, when you pull them right out of the box, it begins to flatten out prematurely. The Timp, I felt it more so, than other shoes from them, in fact it felt like my very first run in them completely flattened it out.

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After those 20 miles everything started to hurt, I lost a lot of the cushioning in the forefoot, really going to notice it on flat long stretch as a trail, longer runs or longer descents, I was super bummed and I was running with a friend who was also running in there Timp for the first time, the same sensation was verified by them as well.

Outsole ridge. Right here along the forefoot is a outsole rubber durable ridge. Of course these lugs are great for grip, but unfortunately this falls right underneath where my midsole started to flatten out, so what I ended up getting was a ridge of discomfort on all surfaces, primarily flat and harder surfaces, compact, dirt, rock, but man, I cannot stop feeling that ridge and it sucks.

Sizing. I wear size 11. Always have an Altra, has been a great size for me, across the board. Size 11 seemingly fits perfect, right out of the box, until the upper really began to stretch, so now the lacing begins to touch here along the upper, as I begin to tighten the shoe down, loses a lot of adjustability, so you think – okay with the upper stretched out maybe you need to go down a size – but unfortunately, my toes are rubbing here along the front of the toe box, does a hard stitched in material, so I can’t get the uppers tight enough that the shoe itself just doesn’t fit, so I’m having sizing issues across the board.

End of note, sizing down did not remedy the situation. The sizing issue goes hand in hand with lacing. What’s interesting is that the have this asymmetrical off-center lacing that begins to come towards the medial side of the shoe. Unfortunately you’ll never be able to get these laces tight down here, which limits all ability to tighten across the forefoot, makes it really difficult to get a good solid fit in this shoe.

It started out great, but as you wore the shoe in after one or two runs, all adjustability is lost – which makes this a big bummer of a shoe for me.

Fat. The shoe is about twelve point six ounces in my size, size 11, which is pretty cumbersome for shoe that supposed to fall between the Lone Peak and the Olympus. The Olympus 3.0 is over 13 ounces in my sides but for shoes that I was hoping would be more on the Lone Peak side with a bit more cushioning, a twelve point six ounce shoe is heavy.

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And finally the heel ___, a lot of Altra’s have it. I’ve talked about it in the past, made many many mentions of it. It gets in my way when coming down stairs or off routes, rocks, it always catches, you can always fault me for that, you can always fault the fact that maybe I’m not kicking my feet out far enough in front of me, on descent.

Now look at this innovation is less than official and more detrimental to the enjoyment of a run. I’m going to make a note of it again and that pretty much wraps up my number of dislikes for the Timp. I just couldn’t get into the shoe. which is a real bummer. because it made me so excited.

I do know other people that have run in the shoe and not had a single one of the issues that I’ve had

I do know other people that have run in the shoe and not had a single one of the issues that I’ve had… perhaps it’s just the review sample that I have, but I did try an alternate size, which didn’t remedy a lot of the issues that I had. See how this works out in the long run, we’ll see the future versions make me excited, so I hope that they’re able to remedy some of the issues that this shoe has.

Quality. Because of the combination of the lacing, the midsole of that, I’m going to give them three out of five. The shoe holds up to abuse but unfortunately it doesn’t hold up to long miles.

Comfort. This is where I’m going to have to ding him. Two out of five. I did not have an enjoyable experience with this shoe in any of the runs that I put in it. I wish I could say the opposite, unfortunately no though.

Price at 130 bucks. It hits that price point where I feel like most trail shoes should fall, four out of five.

Finally, looks. You know I’m not a big fan of the looks, I think the upper looks across between camouflage and modern boilie. I’m going to give it two out of five on looks.

I think there’s a lot of room for improvement on the shoe. I think where it is in the line is exciting for a new development. but a large majority of my experiences in the shoe were not positive and that’s a real bummer.

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  • Great option for longer, technical training runs and ultra distance races
  • They are not waterproof
  • They have integrated gator toe loop and heel fastener

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