Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged is closely designed to naturally expand with your foot while you run to give you a more comfortable fit and help reduce irritation. Plus, you get OCKFIT upper for a snug, supportive fit. For more features and a more detailed review on this stability running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

This week I had a really really good shoe for you guys. Now it’s been out for a little while, not as old as the Nike Flyknit Racer, but still it’s been out for about a year. What shoe am I talking about none other than the Ultra Boost Uncaged. Now this shoe has been out for quite some time but thanks to Adidas constantly revamping it and constantly releasing new colorways, new additions like the Harley versions and things of that nature, it’s still really really relevant.

So without further ado let’s check out the review. Starting with some stats on this shoe, it’s a stability type runner, the weight comes in at 10 point 7 ounces, the heel to toe offset is 10 millimeters and the road that it was designed for is road or track surfaces.

The Upper

We’re gonna begin with performance, as always we’re gonna begin with the upper. So right here at the forefront you’re gonna have a really really good amount of strongly and thickly knitted yarn or climate’s and one thing to note is that despite this upper being one entire piece or a single piece of ___ it’s actually engineered mesh.

Moving back a little, you’re gonna get that toe box area, so this part is gonna differ greatly from the actual front of the foot; the reason being, it’s made of a different material – so at the front you only have the yarn or the cotton material. At the ___ toe box here, you have a more elastic or more a stretchy type material.

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In terms of breathability, it’s superb, obviously because it’s made of primeknit, it’s gonna be really really thin yet really hold this structure while also giving your toes lots of room to breathe.

Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged reviewIn terms of actual space, I was also really really pleasantly surprised – right out of the box I noticed that it’s super super stretchy and it really allowed my poster to nicely splay out, so you won’t have to worry about any cramping on this one, I’m sure maybe over time it’ll molt even more, but right out of the box, really really good in terms of toe box space.

Moving back little, we’re gonna go to the mid foot section. So here you really want that nice and secure mid foot lock now, and I won’t lie to you, I was really really surprised by the fact that this thing actually does have really good ___ for lock down.

Moving back a little, you’re gonna go for the heel section. The heel section is kind of a little tricky just because it has two components to it: you have the plastic bit right here, the heel cups, then you have the internal part, which is the knit portion of the heel cup.

Now, the plastic portions of the heel hub, phenomenal! You’re gonna feel the rigidity and you’re gonna feel the strength of them really hold your heel in place, whether you’re going left, right, doesn’t matter too much, you’re good, but the problem becomes actual knit part of this shoe, so right here at the top, I don’t know if you can really tell, there isn’t too much of a length on this little bit, it’s just this tiny little bit right here…

There’s No Shifting Left and Right

… so when you’re actually running your heel just scoop out a little, just in terms of up and down, so there’s no shifting left and right because that’s where the heel cup really holds your foot in place, but the up and down, that’s where this guys supposed to come into place, doesn’t do much of a good job, so I was a little disappointed in terms of the vertical heel structure so to speak and the heel of lock down.

Moving to the sole unit we’re going to begin with the outsole; so on the original ultra boost the outsole was actually made of the Adidas own proprietary rubber, there was actually some major major flaws with that, so I’m not sure what the original outsole was made of, but you know it’s sucked in terms durability and traction.

I remember when it first came out a lot of reports and a lot of images were coming out that also was just kind of fading away not too long after they started using it. So what Adidas did was it actually contact the Continental, I don’t think you can see, it but it is branded right here, and Continental is known for the rubbers and tires that they actually make for cars, so they contacted them and they had them actually make the outsole for them.

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Moving to the midsole you’re gonna get the boost famed technology. This is without a doubt the biggest selling point of this shoe, so overall it did really really good. There was a few things I didn’t actually like about the shoe, one obviously being the heel portion right here, it wasn’t as secure as I like, left and right – heel looked up fine, but up down, not so good.

Another thing I noticed was the fact that the weight of the shoe is just way too much; at 10.7 ounces, that’s a really really heavy shoe, and over time that extra weight is gonna kind of cause issues for your ankles, knees, lower back, etc. – so I really really like for them to somehow reduce the weight – I’m not sure how, but if you can hit that, you know, under 10 ounce mark, is a really really good achievement, which is why, overall when all things are considered, I give this guy an 8.5 out of 10 for performance.

There’s a Level of Sweetness that I Rarely Have Seen in Other Shoes

Moving on to design, this is also another area where the shoe really really excels. Since the lack of the cage, the digital camo color, the welded on overlays, such as these laminated parts right here, both at the front and the side, the heel cup, the way that Boost looks and feels and overall just the way that it kind of looks on your feet, there’s a level of sweetness that I rarely have seen in other shoes.

When I really put in perspective of what it can actually do outside of the training category, I’m gonna give this guy nine and half hour design.

Lastly we go on to price. Priced at $180, that’s just too much in my opinion. Now I know you do get a few proprietary pieces of technology, such as the primeknit upper, such as the boost cushioning, as well, you get the Continental proprietary outsole, so when you think about it, there are pieces of actual innovation gone to this shoe – when I put everything into perspective it just doesn’t perform as I think it should that in terms of the price category.

If it was maybe $120 to $130, that would be a lot more affordable and a lot more reasonable for the price that you’re asking. So this guy gets a six and a half out of ten for price.

Overall I was really impressed with the shoe. I know I kind of harped on it in terms of the price, but that’s just one component of it. In terms of performance, they’re really really good; you’re gonna get that breathability, that responsiveness and overall it’s a great shoe. In terms of actual design, is bar none – the best shoe that I’ve seen and reviewed.

It’s gonna work with a lot of outfits and it’s gonna be really really versatile.

In terms of price that’s the one place where the shoe does fall short and I understand there are pieces of actual technology that’s just not worth it the amount they’re asking. So overall, this guy gets 8.2 out of 10. Great shoe does have its flaws though.

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  • Perfect for walking and travel not just for running
  • May not be the right choice for “all event” type shoes
  • Good for marathon, not suitable for long distance running

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