Adidas Ultra Boost X Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Adidas Ultra Boost X you get dynamic adaptive fit for optimal freedom of movement, endless comfort and a supportive fit. Plus, you get Continental outsole for an unrivaled traction. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

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This is the brand new model, the Ultra Boost X and yes, this is a women’s shoe – but if you guys have been following me for quite a while – man, like even if it’s a woman shoe – that has never ever stopped me of cop in a woman’s pair.

Ever since I first saw these, I was really intrigued about this and I wanted to see how this model is going to be like.

Now when they made the Ultra bBost X they combined this with three different shoes in my opinion. The Pure Boost X, of course the Ultra Boost (see review here) and the Ultra Boost Uncage (see review here)

Now where they got the Ultra Boost inspiration is definitely going to be from the Pure Boost X, it has the same type of silhouette in terms of the elevated arch right here and of course the Cage design, that can be found on the Pure Boost X.

When it comes to the ultra boost, it has that new primeknit upper, which we all know and love on the ultra boost and of course it got slammed down with the Continental outsole as well.

Now I don’t know why I forgot to mention this, but when it comes to the ultra boost X, it also borrows the midsole from the Ultra Boost, obviously – just because the Pure Boost X doesn’t have as much boost compared to in Ultra Boost. So Yes, it’s definitely a lot more comfortable than a Pure Boost.

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When we come to the Uncage, Ultra Boost it does borrow the design of the collar that you do see on the on the Uncage, so before I go ahead and tell you my first impressions of the shoe, let’s actually take a closer look of the shoe real quick here.

And we’re going to go ahead and start off with the primeknit. Now I did get the colorway core black and glow orange, so as you guys can see it does have that in the primeknit right here, but sprinkles in the primeknit is going to be a lighter gray. Now when it comes to this primeknit here, very reminiscent to the 3.0, just in the comparison when it comes to this primeknit here, I feel like if this primeknit is a little bit thinner as opposed to the Ultras 3.0.

Now for the aesthetics, it’s very reminiscent to the ultra boost 3.0, has like three horizontal lines going upwards, but towards the back, you don’t have those horizontal lines that you do see and the lines on the back become more vertical.

Adidas Ultra Boost XJust to break up the pattern here on the toe box and have this little portion right over here, I want to say, it looks like little teeny triangles here, instead of circles that you do see in the 3.0. You could also see the triangles here, on the tongue view, to take off the laces, that’s how it will look like right there.

And then, closer down into the arch right here, you can kind of see the little pattern break up right on the bottom, right here. Of course, we do have a different type of cage on here. I believe the reason why they call this the ultra boost X is because this cage is more like a X like structure.

I’m pretty sure this was made out of TPU, of course that’s a plastic cage here, but on top is a different type of material. Now I don’t know what kind of material this is on top here and I’m not going to pretend that I do know.

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When it comes to this cage here you do get a little shine on the outer part of the cage and of course this is going to be just a black cage. Here you do see the three stripes infused, you both get it in the lateral and of course the medial side of it; of course you do get the elevator arch, which is a brand new to this model. First showed up here in the Pure Boost X obviously, but this arch here it was designed to actually make a personalized fit for your running and yeah, I’ll let you guys know how this feels in the bit here.

We get a two-tone lace here, it’s a little bit hard to see on my camera, but it is a two-tone lace; primary color is going to be a black and it has accents of dark grey in there… you have one in gray and you have one in orange, which I definitely like.

So would the shoe here it comes equipped with a lace lock, which is a nice thing to have, with light gray being the primary of the color and accents of black and obviously the lace tips is going to be orange and gray, as well.

You do have the primeknit color that we all see in the Uncage Ultra Boost and of course the primeknit ___ . The heel cup is pretty dope because this is the first time we ever get to see like a different type of cut of a heel cup, so this is a regular ultra boost heel cup and then this is going to be your ultra boost X heel cup, so in comparison they do have a different cut to it, so you guys can see.

Now along with this new design, the thing that I do love about this is its new look to it, it has a really cool finish on it. I don’t know if you guys could see it on my camera here, it’s kind of gonna be like a metallic charcoal in the sense and inside of the heel cup has this like marble effect, which is really really cool.

We have the ultra boost branding right here, ultra is in metallic gold and boost is in metallic silver and of course this is all laid on the ultra boost midsole.

Cool thing about this is, since this has like an elevator arch right here, you can actually see the midsole for itself for once and it looks pretty dope.

For the outsole so we have this black stretch web Continental outsole and obviously we have the torsion plate here in black and silver, which makes this right here silver as well. And then for the insole, you do have that glow orange insole in here.

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Let me show you how thin this insole is talked about a narrow fit for the women feet. I’m pretty sure most of you are thinking like how does it feel as this fit when you actually throw this on.

The first time putting this on my feet I had to unlace the shoe; usually I could go ahead and put my foot in the footbed easily but with this one I couldn’t and the reason why is because of the X like cage here.

Now with this X like cage, we are so familiar with these type of cages, now usually, when it comes to these type of cages, it’s usually going to be locked down right here where I feel like it’s going to be more of the mid foot area of your foot – so would this new X like cage I feel like you get to lock down here in the mid foot – obviously but, then you also get more here on the back and here in front as well, so it’s really locking down your foot when you go out for a run.

When it comes to the primeknit collar here I really do wish it was a little bit tighter just kind of like the Uncaged ones. This collar here kind of reminds me of an ___ primeknit collar; it’s not too tight and it’s not going to be suffocating your ankle like some of you don’t like, but obviously, I do.

You don’t have to worry about that too much because with a cage like this it’s really going to still lock down your foot without having to worry about your ankle.

Now let’s go ahead and talk about the importance of this and the weight it fits.

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Feel like this is going to be a true to size fit. I got this in a woman’s nine and a half which is an equivalent to a men’s eight, which is my true to size and the fit on this really is very reminiscent to a ultra boost at the 3.0, so you definitely have a lot of room here in the primeknit.

I wouldn’t have to worry about that too much. My only concern about this was how narrow this shoe was because I have a wider foot. With it being a primeknit, just adjust this around your foot.

Let’s talk about the elevator arch. I’m really trying to understand what Adidas is doing in terms of having this elevator arch. On the website it says that it is made to adapt to your foot, so you could have a personalized fit.

At first I kind of didn’t understand that, but when I actually threw on both of the pairs, I don’t know if it’s me or maybe I just have one shoe that’s like tighter or one shoe that is a little bit looser, but on my left side I actually feel it more on my mid foot – towards the back of the heel – and then on my right shoe, I feel it more on my balls of my foot, all the way back.

Being as it is, like it kind of mine blew me that I could actually feel the arch when I’m inside the foot bed and depending on which foot that I do have it on, it feels a little bit different, – so with that being said you could definitely feel it in places in your foot where you have never felt it on the regular ultra boost.

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Since it does have this elevator arch, whenever I’m standing it feels like I’m actually leaning a little bit more forward, which is really cool.

As a runner, just working on my foot strikes and what not, I want to be landing more towards around this area right over here or even on the balls of my feet – just to have a better run and less injury when I do one.

Another thing that’s really cool about this is, like, since you are leaning a little more forward, it will just have gravity like, take your weight and you just really want to move forward, and that is one cool thing that I found out about this shoe.

I can’t really give you guys my final verdict on the shoe just because learning it for like 30 minutes versus wearing it for like nine hours is a totally different feeling, so I might have to go ahead and revisit this and give you my final thoughts.

Kind of like how when I first got my ultra boost 3.0 I did a first impression review and then I revisited to give you my final review on it. I’m going to go ahead and do the same thing on these guys here.

Also with this shoe here I really really really want to know how this performs when it comes to running. I’ll go ahead and maybe do like a little quick 5K, see how they actually feel when it comes to running. However that won’t be until later just because I really want my injury to heal up first and I don’t want to re-injure my heel because I do have another half marathon coming up in April.

Now let me go ahead and do a quick on feet for you guys so you guys could actually see how this looks like on feet.

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  • You can wear these without socks
  • You could use them for both running and cross training, typically on concrete surfaces
  • It feels like you’re walking on clouds

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