Adidas Tubular Shadow Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Adidas Tubular Shadow it feels like you’re walking on a tempurpedic mattress but it’s still very supportive. Plus, the signature two-tone knit upper offers breathability. For more features and a more detailed review on this shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Today we’re taking a look at a heavily heavily requested model, the Adidas Tubular Shadow.

You guys have been commenting and messaging me non-stop to review this model – the Adidas Tubular Shadow. I wanted to get this review up a few days ago, last week, however ___ did not have them in stock at the location that I usually go to, so I wasn’t able to buy them, so this is finally the long awaited review.

Now this model clearly takes a lot of inspiration from the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350, mainly the OG colorways but on top of that, they also borrows some of the tooling from the v2 as well with the way they have the back pull tab.

I’ll straight up say this right now, this Adidas Tubular Shadow is honestly the best alternative you can get to the Yeezy Boost 350 by Adidas.

They released these bad boys in a few different colorways, the colorway I have here is supposed to resemble the Oxford tan colorway. I know they’ve also done some black NIC colorways, some white NIC colorways, they’ve even released ones made of a leather upper, like a black one and a white one, I think, but those ones aren’t doing too well.

The ones that are selling very well however are the ones that do resemble the Yeezy Boost 350 the most and I think the Oxford tan ones did a really good job or Adidas did a really good job with this colorway of the Tubular Shadow.

​I’m a huge fan of the Adidas Tubular line, I’ve been a huge fan from the very beginning – with the Tubular Runner, then the Tubular Doom, then the Tubular X and now the Tubular Radials and the Nova’s, like, there’s so many out there. So big giant family.

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This Tubular Shadow was honestly, I think, what Adidas needed for 2016 and 2017. This is going to help their sales so much, they’re gonna be able to cash in on that Yeezy hype that has been selling sneakers out non-stop, but they’re going to be able to do it at a lower price point, which means these sneakers will continuously sell out in stores.

And I honestly think the way that Nike release the Roshe’s and how popular Roshe runs were for Nike, I think the Tubular Shadows are going to bring that same amount of popularity to Adidas, in terms of everyday casual buyers who aren’t necessarily sneaker heads. So there’s going to be a lot of people out there who want Yeezy’s but aren’t necessarily sneakerheads and don’t want to buy fakes and don’t want to pay resale – so this Tubular Shadow is honestly going to be something that they can just hop on and buy for retail out, pretty much any Footwear retailer.

Let’s take an up-close look at these sneakers and show you guys some of the details. So coming up close to the camera, as you guys can see we have a completely tan colorway, the colorway for this one is called C Brown / L Brown / C black, so I’m not sure what C brown means maybe camel brown, light brown and C black, I don’t really see black on the sneaker but yeah, these sneakers do come with the typical Adidas Originals box nothing, too crazy, so it has a completely like knit upper and it’s a mixture of a sort of black, I guess, like a sort of sandy kind of color, like you guys know when you go to the beach and you pick up some sand, it’s a mixture of like light brown and black and like a bunch of different particle colors, well that’s the kind of like scheme it has up in this upper here.

Adidas Tubular Shadow reviewGoing down the middle of the sneaker you have sort of like the stitching here, which reminds me of the Yeezy Boost series, I like the Yeezy Boost v2, there’s a stitch going right down the middle and even on the V1, I think.

So you sort of have this like puzzle pieces kind of pattern here going on the middle, then on this inner side, you have a straight up, just hand upper, so they don’t blend it, with like a black, so it’s just completely ten so, nothing crazy on this side.

Going down the sneaker, you have the same upper pattern that was on the side, going down here. These sneakers came with the ___ , just like Yeezy Boost 350’s do.

On the very tongue, you have a suede patch that says – Adidas – with the trefoil logo. Let’s just get some zoom in action there for you, and underneath the laces is actually pretty cool. Let’s take a look underneath.

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So the inside of the sneaker, the weight system is to lock you in, is that it has like a strap here, underneath, and then you have another strap on top, covers that, so it’s pretty cool the way your foot would just slide in here.

You guys know Adidas is known for the 3-stripes, so it has to be 3-stripes somewhere on the sneaker and the 3-stripes are actually hiding underneath the tongue, where I showed you guys this earlier and it sort of in like a bronze kind of color way, it looks reflective when the light from my lighting kit hits it.

There’s also a little band here, inside of the sneaker, to keep your tongue locked in place, so it doesn’t wiggle all over the place, which I know can be annoying for some people.

As far as comfort goes, this sneaker uses a basic traditional Adidas insole, so nothing nothing too crazy, is super cheap, super thin. The comfort level though, like they did good job with the construction of the midsole and the outsole, just the overall way the sneaker fits – so it really reminds me of like a Roshe 1 or a Roshe 2 kind of fit. It’s going to be a comfortable fit for everyday casual wear.

Will I recommend running in these and training in these? Probably not, but for everyday casual wear, for like going to school, going to work and that kind of stuff, these will definitely fit the bill.

We go on to the back of the sneaker is where you have this sort of like spoiler here which reminds me of the Yeezy Boost v2. I’ll grab my pair for comparison. So here’s a look at my you Yeezy Boost v2, as you guys can see, this is the kind of spoiler it has on the back, the back pull tab and on the Tubular Shadows – they have a very similar kind of pull tab – so they definitely borrow that kind of aspect from the v2s and they really are taking the colorways from the View 1’s.

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Moving down to the outsole of the sneaker, it’s not your typical traditional Tubular outsole. Most Adidas Tubular models have a thick giant outsole, that sort of reminds you of a tire from a car, but this one, they went for a different kind of approach and it looks a lot more thinner and more streamlined, so it’s not as clunky or not as chunky as the OG Tubular were and even as far as the general outsole of the sneaker goes.

It doesn’t dig as deep as other Tubulars go, usually there’s like an inch of nothingness underneath the sneaker. This sneaker only ends up going for like a quarter inch of nothingness, so you don’t have that like nothingness feeling underneath the sneaker. Sort of weird to describe like that nothingness feeling. But if you had the Tubular model, you know exactly what I mean.

I’ve talked about comfort already; these are definitely comfortable especially for the price point that you are paying.

Now as far sizing goes for the Tubular Shadow, I would recommend going half a size down your regular size, you’re like a size 10 and Air Jordan ones, I would say go 9.5 in the Adidas Tubular Shadows.

If you have a wider foot, this sneaker will definitely accommodate for you, the upper is definitely forgiving and stretchable, so your wire foot will not have an issue with that. If you have wide feet, I would recommend going your true size or possibly half a size up, but again Adidas return policy is very very forgiving – so if you want to try them just by ordering them online and they don’t think you properly, you can return them hassle free, which is really useful.

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  • Not ideal for running
  • The type of laces they chose do not grip well and will always become untied

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