Adidas Pure Boost Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Adidas Pure Boost you get a single-piece knit upper featuring ghillie-style lacing and reinforced heel counter. Plus, they work for people with wide foot. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

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Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Wanted to bring you guys a detailed look and review of the Adidas Pure Boost that just came out 2017, really excited to actually see this model and get this one in hand and on feet.

Wore these for the last two days so this review is going to let you know, my thoughts on the model, is it worth buying and is it comfortable, how does it stack up against other sneakers like the Adidas Ultra Boost, the Yeezy, the NMD and the Legacy Pure Boost one and two and basically just give you guys my thoughts on the shoe, but if you guys have different opinions of course, feel free to weigh in in the comment sections and let other people know what I did say correctly or what I missed or just your thoughts about the sneakers.

These are a pair of sneakers I’ve been looking forward to and the aesthetics of the shoe are definitely very interesting, it’s hit and miss on this colorway for a lot of people because a lot of people said these look like those mall Yeezys that have been light-up, you know stuff going on, that upper material look very very similar to that maybe, it does look a little bit like it, but it doesn’t bother me at all.

I actually like this kind of pellet way, it is in a sense kind of it’s like an inverted sideways version of the glitch camo, as you can see here, so if the glitch camera was this way and the pure boost was this way, and then they flipped them the whites and the blacks, it would be pretty much the same shoe.

Let’s go ahead and get into the sneaker a little bit. Basically you have this upper material, which is very very different than the ultra boost, that’s because it’s not a prime knit material although they should and maybe they will make a prime knit version. Is it soft? Yes it’s soft, it’s as soft as prime knit, is like more spandex type materials, so it’s softer and it’s more stretchable, then this is kind of more of like a cloth, it’s soft enough that I could wear these without socks if I chose to and I wouldn’t bother my feet at all.

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Honestly the biggest thing that I can compare these two is the Yeezy, it’s really really similar to the Yeezy ones, this kind of material is a really not stretchable material on the Yeezy and the ___ does so it’s really really similar to this to be 100% honest and this is supposed to be prime knit and I thought but honestly I think this is the same thing, so I’ll I be wrong but I mean I don’t know you guys can be the judge if you look at it. It looks very very similar.

Adidas Pure Boost reviewNext up we have the lacing system and the laces eyelets poking through here and then you have the laces kind of circling back through and going across the upper and then you have rope laces on them as well as and yes I did actually double up, I ended up getting two pairs these. It was just one of those ones I knew I was going to like, so I got a second pair, but you can see they also came in with flat laces as well as the row places so you can mix them up. Honestly would be cool too if the flat laces were black and white instead of white in black, then we could have a little bit of a darker look.

The lacing system is interesting but not as interesting as this crazy tongue systems; this tongue system is kind of a like a burrito sort of style wrap it’s kind of bizarre but look at this, kind of like reminds me of one of those lizards … very very bizarre-looking, very very interesting and weird, but honestly, I got to say it’s kind of cool, it’s different than what I expected, it’s not something that I thought I would actually like, but this fold-over tongue, as you can see right here, is very unique – it got getting your way a little bit, sometimes this was get folded down or this one, it just, you have to readjust it, but it didn’t happen near as many times as I thought it would, and wearing them for like 12 hours each day, it just wasn’t a problem.

Interestingly enough it’s not uncomfortable and it doesn’t really rub it in too hard on your feet on either side. I can appreciate different and because of that this is definitely something that I thought was pretty innovative and interesting.

We also do have this three stripe running right here on the side as well as on the tongue, there is kind of a rubberized adidas logo centered of where that tongue goes and nothing on this side of the sneaker and just a little logo on the corner of the sole.

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You also do have pure boost on the inside of the sneaker. Speaking of the inside of the sneaker, this does not have an insole and this is just the way that the pure boots come. If you see the pure boost one, it didn’t have an insole, the pure boots 2 – didn’t have an insole.

I personally like it this way, I don’t like the insoles in the ultra boost, they always bunch up weird and they’re just, they’re not as comfortable for me personally, I know other people think they’re comfortable, just not my thing. I would definitely pull them out if I had them in there, in fact I did pull them out of my Yeezy’s as you can see here just because I just felt better without the insole and I liked a more direct contact with the boost so for me personally something I liked.

So let’s move on to the back of the sneaker, as you can see the heel section right here is definitely something that’s a little bit different, it has kind of the Princess Leia effect looking things with both of these rubberized joints right here. One thing I do like is that they have the perforation in between – reminds me of this, it’s almost like a little nod to the back section of the pure boost one and I thought that that was pretty cool.

Feels like you get a lot more support with this pair right here, which is primarily another reason why this is going to be a very versatile sneaker because you can wear this casually which is my favorite thing to do, but there’s also the option to run in these and actually I did run on the treadmill a little bit which is funny for me to say that, but I did trying to get back into shape a little bit, honestly, but yeah I ran on the treadmill and they using they felt really comfortable, I didn’t run a ton obviously but they were comfortable and the fact that I could wear these to the gym, but I could actually run in them and I could just break them out and wear it at work all day, it just makes it a very very versatile sneaker.

So moving on to the sole of the sneaker you can see it basically has some similarities to the ultra boost; the ultra boost is on the bottom, pure boost is on the top and it doesn’t have the torching system in the middle like the ultra boost does. It does have some interesting section right here that comes up to side with the rubberized traction, but the many differences it’s not Continental rubber, the ultra boost has Continental – this one does not say Continental – this is still a very significant rubber and it’s honestly a little bit softer and stickier than the kind of Continental, so if you want a softer kind of ride, this is probably a little bit softer that traction wise, then this one is, but this one probably lasts longer, which is why you probably pay the premium price for the continental on the ultra boost.

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So moving on to my favorite part of this sneaker which is the boost. I’m really excited to show you guys that because this is part of the reason why I was so excited to see these sneakers. I love the fact that they did not stick with that style of sneaker the ZG is also known as zero gravity, we’re just not very comfortable pair of sneakers for me it wasn’t a very boost like experience and you get that back in this sneaker.

They also did something to the pure boots that I thought was a very interesting move and they made it definitely or suitable for wider feet people and I have like, pretty wide feet myself. Look at how wide this is up here, from here to here, and if you can’t see that this is angled outward like this.

I know it might be hard to see but it usually would just go straight down and it angles straight out like this. It does it on both sides honestly, it kind of reminds me of the Yeeze’s, how the Yeeze’s do that as well, the angle downwards or outward and then it has a really wide foot pattern on the bottom. This one has a really wide foot as well. Somebody that has wide feet like, this is dope. I really like that.

So also for like wider feet, the ultra boost is a great model if you haven’t seen this one; you can see that this section right here is fatter than the regular ultra boost which is the reason why I find these extra comfortable because they’re just wider, so they’re just made better for people with wide feet and so both of these are really excellent sneakers.

You can see the pure boosts and the ultra boost ST have significant amount of boost on the back, so here’s a side-by-side of the ultra boost on the right and the pure boost on the left and you can see that it’s a pretty nice ride of boost material the ultra boots has, the angle right here on the boost versus the pure boost as is just straight.

Then you move your way on the inside of the shoe and then you can see the ultra boost down here and then the pure boost up here.

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Anyways as you can see though the boost is very significant on the pure boost and it’s definitely a reason why I like it a lot and comparison to the previous model you can see the pure boost on the old ones are even bigger than that so, that’s why I like these ones so much, because they didn’t ___ you and give you this rubberized traction, they made the rubberized part on the bottom really really thin and this maximized the boost.

So the original pure boost 2 is probably still more comfortable in my opinion, which this is the pure boost 2 which has the same soul as the pure boost 1, but it actually has more boost thickness wise on these, which is reasons while one of my favorites. So that is a comparison between those two as you can see and the soles on the bottoms, it’s an improvement for this only because this is again trying to be more diversified and be used as a running sneaker and this one was more geared towards a lifestyle figure.

Originally actually the pure boost was categorized as a running sneaker and then they kind of transitioned it into more of a lifestyle sneaker. This is one where they’re definitely bridging the gap and doing the performance and lifestyle thing combined. Provides kind of a look at the difference between the boost still thicker but definitely better than the pure boost ___.

So every one of the sneakers that I have out here is a 9.5 and that’s what I go with. I go true to size. Some people might go 9 on these if they’re in nine and a half. I go nine and a half because I like that extra room in the toe box area. Personally that’s just the way I rock with my sneakers. So that’s my recommendation for the sizing, is just go true to seize, also know that there are extra wide pair of sneakers and it depends on how you decide you want … if you want to run with them or if you want to train with them or if you know that you’re going to rock them with no socks or whatever, keep those considerations in mind when you decide on the size to buy for yourself.

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  • You may feel like you’re walking on a cloud of tiny air bubbles
  • You have to buy an insole if you want that
  • They may be used for casual wear

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