Adidas Dame 4 Review [2018] the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Magic Behind Adidas Dame 4 Review

adidas dame 4 reviewGreat news to all users of adidas dame shoes. Due to changes in technology and changes in uses for adidas customers they released a new product in the dame product line. It is the fourth generation in the line.

Adidas dame 4 shoes come with its unique designs, materials and features to keep you locked in the game. Tried dame 1, dame 2 and dame 3?

Try dame 4 and it will give you extraordinary experience ranging from its compression, stability and bounciness.

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Adidas has tried to improve all aspects of shoes more so in the dame product line. It is more stable and has more improvent compared to other lines of adidas.

The shoe is as result of lighter construction from the previous dame shoes. It has mesh material and duo which guarantees complete stability.

However the adidas dame 4 shoes is stacked with Damian Lillard details signature giving you an opportunity to have hold of true signature something not common to most shoes.

The shoes offers similar performances as other but u can feel little evolution
after playing with them.

However, this design didn’t not distort the original adidas version intended purposes so you will not get anything specific from using it. The only difference is different feel.

The main support core did not change making it a supportive sneaker. Adidas has fancy support tech to make you feel complete secure and is widely used in courts. Consider adidas dame 4 to keep your foot locked in all the time and maintain your stability throughout the game.

This can be credited to the unique midsole extension in heel and midfoot sections. Ankle collar and the lacing system give perfect one-to-one fit if you have the right size. This gives you a golden look.

The dame product line is the best signature guaranteed for your money. If you’re playing both indoor games and outdoor games you may want to experience adidas dame 4 shoes.

Adidas dame 4 shoes come with various patterns

Traction pattern

This is one of Dame 4 pattern. This pattern is designed to be comfortable in all seasons. It has coverage in all direction and has wide placed channels to allow any dust present pass on as time passes. Are you in a dusty environment? Don’t worry. This pattern just perfect for you. A simple one time wipe will get rid of right away and you will look as beautiful as before. However the pattern does not support outdoor games because the rubbers are very soft on the outer sole. Works fantastic for indoor games.

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Beefy grip pattern

This is a wavy tread pattern characterized with tiger like scratches. It will keep keep you comfortable at all times because it has beef that holds you on. Safe for both outdoor and indoor activities. Can be stressful in dust environments though it has wide spaced grip in the outer sole that collects dust. Therefore it requires frequent wiping to get rid of solid bite and can be tedious and boring. The tiny gaps between the threads increases chances of collecting more dust.

What to expect from Adidas dame 4 shoes

Bounciness Cushion

Dame 2 and dame 3 use same cushion implementation and setup as dame 4, but adidas dame 4 is very low. Does this change the bounce changes? Yes. There may be less bounce especially in the forefoot. However if inner sole is adjusted the bounce experience can be felt. Its low level to the ground nature gives you a court feel that helps you to make quick first step.

You will love the heel because it makes your experience the bounce feels. It is plushy as opposed to other versions. It has a midsole with low tone but still gives a beautiful experience when bouncing. Its heel area gives that bouncy ride and ton of impact protection. Characterized with incredible responsive and low profile set up that allows you to accomplish every single step.

Provides more stability

This design has mid sole that ensure your foot is wrapped up and around to keep the foot on supposed footbed. The shoe is lower to ground and this makes the designers to keep the midsole sculpt leaner because much cupping is not necessary. The shoe support is derived from fair flat and stable midsole sculpt extended lateral mold, internal heel counter, and wonderful 1-to-1 fit and midfoot torsional shank.

All this combinations from a single design of shoes? That is really awesome! If your new to using the shoes go for newest brand. If you have tried the other old version dame shoes you will feel the evolutions between the designs

Gives a good Fit

Any size that fits you is good. Some can fit in two different sizes and feel comfortable. Always try to fit the shoes when in store to be hundred percent sure the fit will be one to one perfect. Those blessed with wide foot can go to exact size as the mid sole and materials will break in to accommodate your foot.

It has an incredible lockdown due to its compression collar and lacing. Tired of tightening you shoes races time to time? Here is a solution for you! The shoe eyelets have rubber coated cables, therefore they don’t loosen you only have to tie them once. Wear your correct size and avoid sloppy fit to avoid heel slip.

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Made up of mesh material

The material used in adidas dame 4 differs between color ways which could be annoying some time to those who prefer textiles. It is made of mesh material best to allow free circulation of air when you wear it. Black wire threads, within the mesh, give the shoe strength when stretching it is coated with PU spray for additional strength in case of abrasion. The materials break in well and fast and don’t lose any strength afterwards.

This has been a solution to those who did not enjoy the plastic feel in adidas dame 3 shoes. It has compression collar which gives you an extraordinary experience
of real compression in the ankle and heel area. Other sneakers have sloppy fit, compression which is loose giving them a bad look. If you happen to tweak your ankle don’t worry.

You will resume the play just as before. The collar compression will get loose and warm giving you a comfortable walk; this can be used to replace your brace. Sometimes you can forget the brace but with adidas dame 4 shoes that should not worry you.

The neoprene duo feel Adidas dame 4 shoe has a comfy tongue area, extension which is easy to access ankle and contains heel section in case of solid lockdown.

What makes adidas dame 4 unique from other versions?

Has mesh material and neoprene duo which others don’t have. The mesh material allows free circulation of air because it’s highly ventilated. This makes it to have distinguished feature from other versions. This material is not plastic like others. The neoprene due makes feel like it’s dropped straight from heaven. It gives a wonderful experience which other dame shoes don’t have.

Upper feel is much improved than dame 3.the feels on the upper is so much improved. There is no break in time and you will be loaded with lots of comfort with adidas dame 4.

More comfortable due to webbed wire within the mesh. The implemented web straight into the mesh gives best comfort unlike using kobes 11’s flyknit and wire tooling. If you wore other versions you will feel different foot containment.

Benefits from adidas dame 4 shoes

It has a thicker upper providing a combination of padding and flex that forms to your foot and makes you feel feel like foot extension. It has guaranteed cushion bounciness leaving you with wonderful experiences. Best for guards looking for a responsive shoe and want to go low on ground.

It is an underrated shoe that can work best for quick guards. The shoe does not give aggressive feel in stops but don’t slip or slid when playing therefore you can play with confidence.

Challenges from adidas dame 4 shoes

The traction pattern may require more hours for break in order to improve and requires often wiping. It’s quite painful to get in through the ankle collar because it is neoprene but with practice it stretches and becomes easy to fit on.

If in dusty environment beefy grip pattern may be stressful as requires frequent wiping


Adidas dame 4 shoes gives similar experiences when performing but there is an evolution between dame 3 and 4 after playing in them. Major difference is that dame 3 is heavy, clunky and bulky compared to dame 4. Cushions are bit better in dame 3 forefoot but bounce can still be experienced in dame 4 if thinned abit.

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It is the fourth generation of adidas shoes in the line, very stable and best improving signature line for adidas. Adidas dame 4 has been characterized to have beautiful material duo to give you a nice fit and stable foot. It has bounce midsole with tractions that give robust grip and stable walking.

ALL TIME GREAT? Adidas Dame 4 Review and Insights

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