Adidas Alphabounce Review 2018 [VIDEO] Naked Truth

Did you know this? With Adidas Alphabounce‘ comfortable, flexible design, you’ll find your flow in these men’s shoes. Plus, they are comfortable for a run. For more features and a more detailed review on this running shoe, check this video below…

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

Click here to check price or buy it from Amazon

This is a running shoe and I’m not really a runner but I did try running in these, I actually wore this almost every single day, testing them out casually and also, I also ran it with it in the gym and I tried to do some training stuff, workout in it, so I’ll give you my review and what I felt with this shoe.

The traction is just a regular regular traction, it’s just circles and there’s like some little notches or little grip things right here and on the outsole, where the circles are and actually the traction is really nice and I’ve been walking around everywhere in these.

These little nubs don’t seem to be wearing out so, I think the durability will actually be pretty good. The rubbers are hard, it’s just like not super thick, so I’m not sure how their ability would be, the rubber is hard, but it’s not super thick.

Adidas Alphabounce reviewThe traction is very grippy and yeah, there’s really no problem with them, so the traction is good to go. For a runner, I think the durability of the traction is the most important, so durability wise I think traction it’s actually pretty good.

Moving on to the midsole / cushioning system, it’s just unbounce, Adidas bounce cushioning, it’s amazing, it’s really nice. I think what bouncing is, just it’s just an EVA midsole, but they just added like a little bit of rubber to it.

I think that’s what it is, so it gets a little bit bouncy and then the heel to toe transition is really nice; you can definitely feel the bounce cushioning and heel, if you guys have ever tried Boost, Boost is really soft and mushy, right? This feels a little kind of a firmer kind of boost. This definitely does does give but not as much as Boost and it also rebounds a lot faster than Boost, so if you don’t like that mushiness of Boost, then Bounce would definitely be a good option if you want more of a responsive cushion.

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In the forefoot, you can’t really feel the bounce cushioning that much, it just feels like super responsive and there’s a good amount of impact protection, but there’s really no bounce at all in the forefoot, it’s more of in the heel and the heel toe toe transition is really nice. On the cushioning, I really liked it.

I think as a runner this is a good setup because I don’t think you would want a lot of cushion in the forefoot, but if I could, I would definitely add a little bit more cushion or something in the forefoot, because I like to have that bounce in the forefoot.

Here’s the insole, it’s not super thick, but it’s not super thin, and doesn’t really feel like memory foam or anything, that’s nothing compared to like micro G or anything like that, it does its job.

Moving on to the upper / materials, it’s what they called forged mesh, so it’s basically like a mesh upper, it’s kind of hard to see with this pattern, but there’s like these little folds right here, and what that does is, it helps to not stretch in the area to where you don’t really want the the material to stretch at all, and right here it’s really stretchy in the toe area, because you don’t really need support on the toe area that much.

It’s actually really soft, it kind of feels like a jacquard a little bit, but it’s a little bit more giving, a jacquard / performance woven doesn’t stretch as much, but it feels like a performance woven, but it’s a little stretch here than that, you know and a little softer. So it’s really comfortable, I really enjoyed the material on this.

Moving on to fit, you have to go down half the size, it does fit a half-size big, so go down half the size if you can. If you have a wide foot though, I don’t know about these shoes because these shoes fit. I’m pretty narrow on my foot, so when I first got these, these fit really tight width wise and also right here, I can feel my toes like being constricted because the material is just going down, but then after a few days it’s stretched out, so if it feels tight at first, it’s fine, it should be okay, it does stretch out.

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If you have a wide foot, probably go up half a size because it does fit narrow.

The material is very supportive when you’re running with it, it feels like you’re not really wearing anything, besides a little bounce in the heel, the heel to toe transition is very nice and it just feels like the shoe is one with your foot. It feels very comfortable and it’s super responsive, there’s no dead play, and you just want to focus on running.

You don’t really even have to tie down the laces, it’s a really really nice fit because it’s kind of like a one ___ up or even though it still has a tongue, which I really like how Adidas is doing that, Nike is just doing no tongue at all. Adidas is kind of doing this one booty upper but it’s still kind of connected with the tongue and it feels really nice.

In the heel, there’s really no heel slippage or anything like that and my heel felt contained, my four foot felt contained besides when I was doing like cuts and stuff, but that’s not what the shoe is designed for.

Aesthetically, also I think these are dope, especially this colorway; the other colorways it doesn’t look as good, the design of it, I think there are more focused on performance rather than the aesthetics, even though it still looks kind of good but doesn’t look as good as like the ___ or like the ultraboost.

Durability wise, I think these would actually will actually last a long time, besides the rubber, if you’re running on concrete really hard and I think it would wear out pretty quickly, but other than that, I think these will last a bit a good amount of time.

Overall the price is $100, it’s a really really cheap shoe. Just $100 and you can’t go wrong with these, you know. If you try the ultra boost and the primary is really stretchy and doesn’t feel very supportive, then this is a very good go-to and just casually too – it’s really comfortable and I can walk around all day in these and training also. If you’re working out doing squats and boost, it’s really unstable, but the balance cushion is actually a lot more stable, so working out in it it was actually not a problem right.

For 100 bucks you should definitely go cop these, if you’re a runner. I’m not really a runner, so I’m not really qualified to give this review as a running review, but I did run in these, so I’m just telling you guys it did feel good while I was running in it, casually it’s very comfortable too, so for $100 you should go cop this.

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  • They are for running and to also wear casually
  • The size runs a little big
  • Be careful on wet surfaces

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