How To Measure Kids Feet For Shoes

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Check best prices for kids shoes on Amazon

What we’ll do here is … pen texture, pencil, whatever you like to use at home, just from own personal experience, using a permanent texture is a nightmare when you have to wash it off their feet, so maybe grab a pen or a pencil. As we’re coming around, doing the left foot first and ​we’re not doing a Picasso, so it doesn’t need to look amazing, and however as long as you’ve got the most furthest point of their forefoot and the most farthest base of their heel and essentially that’s what we’ll be looking for, what we’ll be measuring so.

How To Measure Kids Feet For Shoes

We’ll see what we’ve got. So what we’ve got here is obviously Louie’s left and right foot after my tracing efforts, so I’ve already just chopped the head and done the next face, so what we need to do is you need to put a dot at the most furthest point of the heel, ​as you can see here on the right foot and then over here, in the left foot, and then Louie happens to have his big toe being is longer, so now don’t be alarmed if your child at home has a second, maybe third toe it’s a little bit longer, that’s okay, so Louie being his first toe being his longest, as I’ve just done a dot here and here at the top there and what we do is, get your ruler at home and you literally measure from the back dot all the way up to the most furthest point.

As you can see here we’ve got a measurement of 19 centimeters and I just come across here to Louie’s other foot . Now, as you can see, this is on a slight angle, but that’s okay – this is how Louie was standing at the time – his his left foot was slightly turned in, so the measurements still going to be the same. So we’ve got zero centimeters here at the base of the heel and as you come up to his toe, a little bit under 19 centimeters. From a fitting perspective and obviously kids they grow, and we want to look at potentially jumping up to a shoe that would give us a 20 centimeter or 19 and a half to 20 centimeter measurement.

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kids shoe size measurement

So there you have it, that’s the tracing of the foot and that’s to measure how long your child’s food is. I’ve just finished measuring Louie’s foot and we’ve got 19 centimeters in length, so just coming across to the right hand side here, we’ve got a view size chart. I’ll just click on that and that’ll open …

… up a separate tab. So from here looking down we’ll come down to nineteen point five and twenty centimeters, so there is no specific 20 centimeter apart, I mean 19 centimeter measurement, so we’re looking at a nineteen point five or a twenty centimeters so that in theory will take us across to a US 13 k 13 for the nineteen point five and then a US one for the twenty centimeters, that’ll be the two sizes we’d be looking at for Louie.

Next phase of the fitting process is to try some shoes on. Now, going on Louie’s measurement and with the piece of paper we had a nineteen centimeter and length foot, both left and right, so therefore we’ve got a nineteen point five centimeter and a twenty centimetres shoe here to try on.

So what’s the goal overall when trying shoes on, you have to wear? Socks... because no one likes blisters. That was completely unplanned but thank you. Always wear socks.

So many kids at home, there’s a little trick with trying on shoes and seeing the measurement, so get into standing up nice and tall. Now when they put their foot and they usually slide forward a little bit from the back of the heel, so Louie if you can do me a favor and go tap tap with the heel, and the other one too. So what that does is, it just pulls the heel in the back of the shoe, where it should be

kids shoe sizes by age

… and then, from there, we have a look and see where the toe space is, so if you can wiggle your toes for me. Let’s see, so in terms of where Louis toe is, we’re just behind the stitching seen here and then on the right foot, do the same here – there we go – I would say, look, if Louie was an adult and he wasn’t going to grow any more, I’d say that’s a good fit, because it’s nice and secure, so therefore we need a bit more space so what we’re going to do is, when the take that shoe off that be the 19.5 and then withdraw the 20 centimeter one.

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